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India Market recently celebrated their grand opening, so in the interest of "science" I had to check them out.  I'm a sucker for chaat and samosas, and since that's the only cuisine the market serves, it made it easy for me to drop by and pay them a visit.

Photo:  India Market has been open only a couple of months, and still sports "grand opening" flags on this late Saturday morning, April 19, 2014.

Photo:  India Market is 95% grocery store, but they do have a small counter where they prepare food.  If you're in the mood for chaat, you're in luck, as chaat is all they server.  It's fresh, as you are able to watch your chaat made...

Photo:  Samosas are priced at $1.00 each, and are pre-made, and kept warm on the counter.

Photo:  Yep, that's what India Market offers in the way of food, a "Chaat Plate."  The market has posters which read "Pure Vegetarian Chaat Corner," so if you're a "veggie," this is your kind of place.

Photo:  Late Saturday morning, April 19th, I walked into an empty, and deserted store.  After milling around, and taking a few photos, I was greeted by my friendly hostess, Shinazz.  I promptly ordered an order of chaat, and a couple of samosas on the side, and she asked me if I wanted sauce.  Oh yes!  I gave her one of my business cards, and politely requested to take a few photos for this web site, and she agreed.  

Photo:  Shinazz prepares my chaat.  The components are already in stainless steel containers, and all Shinazz has to do is to assemble them, in the proper order, place them into a little container, and come out with a perfect chaat.  Shinazz graciously allowed me to take her photo, and seemed to actually enjoy it.  Of course, the pleasure is mine, as I LOVE taking photos of beautiful women.

Photo:  Shinazz delivers my order of chaat to my table, with a smile.  India Market is primarily a grocery store, but they have a small counter where chaat is prepared, and a warmer on the counter that contains samosas.  The store as three small tables for dining, so if you're planning to dine in-house, don't come with a large group. Shinazz told me most of their food order are take-outs...

Photo:  On my request, Shinazz graciously snapped my photo, along with my lunch.

Photo:  Oh baby!  A plate of chaat, with all the trimmings, including fresh cilantro!  I love Indian cuisine, but I'm not at all familiar with it, and the only ingredients in this chaat that I recognized were garbanzo beans and fresh cilantro.  But, who cares, as the chaat served at India Market is "to die for!"  It's delicious!  The samosas included beans, peppers and potatoes, and like the chaat, were delicious.  Unlike my barbacoa, and other foods that I eat, this food is pure "vegan," but, it's good, and I could live forever eating this kind of food.  India Market serves delicious food!  

The price of my delicious lunch came to only $4.99!  Even though the samosas were hot, India Market didn't charge sales tax - California charges sales tax on hot food, but not on cold food - which was a welcome surprise.  So, I just gave Shinazz $6.00, and told her to keep the change, as I'd rather tip her, than the State of California.

If you love chaat, in only one variety, and samosas, again in one variety, India Market is a great place to dine.  The food is delicious, the people are friendly, and you can't beat the price!  Lovin' it...

India Market
1265 Pleasant Grove Blvd. #100
Roseville, CA 95757
916 786-7666

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