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It's June, and it's hot dog time, at the annual Placer County Fair, and if you're in the mood for hot dogs, and you're at the fair, it's time to go Hot Doggin'!

Photo:  Sunday, June 22, 2014, and it's time to go hot doggin' a the Placer County fair at Hot Doggin'.  The menu choices are displayed above the order counter.  I chose to order simply their "Hot Dog," for $5.50 by itself; if you ordered a "combo" with a soft drink and a bag of chips, it would have set me back $10.00.  Yikes!

Photo:  Yes, Hot Doggin' sells more than hot dogs, as advertised by the plates of rather stale food they set out, in the hot June sun.  Gee, checking this photo, I guess I didn't need to publish credits at the end of this article, as it all is in the photo.  But with a name like Hot Doggin' who would want to order anything else?  Hot dogs and a county fair go together well...

Photo:  After you get your dog, the condiment station is to the right.  It's rather basic, and includes relish, onion, catsup and mustard.

Photo:  Mr. "Hot Dog" counter guy delivers my hot dog within seconds after I'd ponied-up my $5.50 for the dog, which by county fair prices, was very reasonable.  Check out the sign... I'm glad I had a few bucks in my pocket. No, I didn't leave a tip in the jar...

Photo:  It's a hot Sunday afternoon in late June, and I pose with my quarter-pound hot dog, ready to munch-down and enjoy.  

Photo:  My basic quarter-pound "Hot Dog" for a reasonable, "county fair price" of $5.50, which is at least a couple of bucks cheaper that you'd pay at the California State Fair.  I ordered the dog with everything, which included diced tomato, jalapeno slices, guacamole and mayonnaise.  After the fact, I went to the condiment station and added mustard and relish.  Such a delicious hot dog!

Hot dogs and more!  Great dogs, friendly people, and a fun place to enjoy a great 'dog at the Placer County Fair.

Hot Doggin'
4005 Valley High Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 470-5152

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