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Shame on me!  I've lived in Roseville for well over 10 years, and have been visiting Joseph's Auction Town for many weekends, and I've passed by Hong Kong Chinese Food many times during my weekend visits to Joseph's.  But, you know that timing is life, and on Saturday, December 10, 2011, the timing worked out, as I finally paid a visit to Hong Kong Chinese Food.


Photo:  Hong Kong Chinese Food is located in a well-used building... and the paint is so faded that you can hardly read the name of the restaurant.  


Photo:  The format is that you walk up to one of the three windows and place your order; no window seems to be designated as an order window or a pick-up window.  In my case I just stuck my head through a window, until I caught the eye of Bev, who is the gal in the extreme left of the photo, who was happy to take my order.  After placing my order, I dared to stick my iPhone inside the window to snap a shot inside of the kitchen:  Somewhat chaotic, but entirely loveable.


Photo:  The menu is posted at the front of the restaurant, so you look at the menu, decide what you want, then you stick your head through one of the four doors - "door number one, lol" - place your order, and pay for it.  In about 10 minutes your order is ready, and they'll call your name, or just say "your order is ready," and you pick it up from "door number whatever," and you sit down at your table, and enjoy.  The beauty of this system is no tip is needed, nor expected.  Cheap eats!!!


Photo:  Hong Kong Chinese Food is owned and operated by two sisters, and I asked one of the sisters, Bev, to take my photo with my order of fried chicken chow mein from inside of the restaurant.  She was happy to oblige, as per this photo.  Yep... that is me...


Photo:  My order of fried chicken, ham chow mein, and fried rice.  One of the sisters, Bev, pointed out to me that chow mein with sliced ham is difficult to find, but it is a specialty of their restaurant.  Well, I don't know about that but what I do know is that I received a GIGANTIC plate of food, which kept me filled for the rest of day.  Everything was delicious... and this lunch was as good as Chinese food gets... the chicken had a very distinct ginger flavor, and I complimented Bev on the ginger flavor, and she replied, "You can't make fried chicken without ginger..." How true...  Hong Kong Chinese Food serves killer Chinese food in Roseville...

This restaurant is definitely an undiscovered treasure in Roseville.  The sisters are friendly, the service is fast, as I only waited about 10 minutes for my order to arrive, the food is delicious... maybe some of the best Chinese food that I've enjoyed in Roseville.  My filling lunch was priced at only $5.50... and it kept me filled all day, and I only ate a salad for dinner.  Hong Kong Chinese Food  combines friendly service, great food, low prices, and makes a winning Roseville dining combination.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
100 Atkinson St.
Auction Town, Building "A"
Roseville, CA 95678

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