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One of my major missions in life is spotting hot dog stands, carts and small restaurants that specialize in hot dogs. During the summer of 2011, I had noticed Hot Dog King taking shape, but due to my heavy work schedule and their erratic - at first - hours of operation, it wasn't until Wednesday, November 9, 2011 that I was able to pay a visit to Hot Dog King.  The visit was worth the wait!


Photo:  I'd been watching the progress of Hot Dog King taking shape nearly all summer, but they finally didn't open until just after Labor Day, but the wait was worth it, as the restaurant is only about a mile from my house, and they serve delicious hot dogs.


Photo:  Hot Dog King is located in a small suite in a strip mall on Baseline Road, across the street from the Bel Air shopping center.  The dining room is quite compact, but it does feature several booths and a couple of tables.  The restaurant is very clean and modern.


Photo:  Alma, the friendly counter gal, writes down my order of a Chili Cheese Dog, with a big Angus beef, and an order of fries.  You place your order from the menu, located behind the counter, pay for it at the register, and wait until your number is called.  Besides a wide variety of hot dogs, the menu features burgers, sandwiches, and of course drinks.  I had heard about the legendary Chili Cheese Dog served at Hot Dog King, so I figured if I was going to write a review on the restaurant, that would be a good choice to order.  I wasn't disappointed!


Photo:  I asked Alma to snap my photo, with my order in front of me.  The ketchup is for the fries, not the hot dog! Photo gives a good idea of the size of the small dining room.


Photo:  My order of a Chili Cheese Dog, featuring a big Angus beef dog, served on a large, fresh bun, with lots of cheese, diced onions, mustard and chili.  The dog was delicious, and along with the regular order of fries, made a satisfying lunch.

Hot Dog King is open daily, beginning at 11:00, six days a week, an only closed on Tuesday.  The hot dogs are delicious, the price is right, and the staff is friendly.  As a hot dog enthusiast, I recommend Hot Dog King!

Hot Dog King
1251 Baseline Rd.
Suite 130
Roseville, CA 95747
916 781-0127

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