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Picure this in your mind:  On Superbowl Sunday morning, February 6, 2011, I was walking my usual Sunday morning route, trying to get some exercise before the big game, so I could enjoy lots of beer, and even more junk food.   So I'm walking at the corner of Church Street and Atkinson Street at around 10 o'clock on Superbowl Sunday morning - this is the swap meet corner of NorCal, as it's located adjacent to Denio's - I go by this corner practically every Sunday morning - and ... voil!!! not only does a brand new taco stand appear, but it's a taco cart. I turn around and do a double-take... I don't believe what I'm seeing... Is it fantasy or reality?   Reality check:  Am I in Roseville or Tijuana?  I can't believe my eyes.... but it's true..

Photo:  Wow!!  Out of the blue... Tacos de Guisados has risen like a phoenix from the ashes... located across the street from busy Denio's ....  Check out the hand-written sign... low-tech at best.  The sign advertises that you get drinks for free when you order tacos... and I found out for myself that the statement is true.  Tacos de Guisados is a bargain in Roseville

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I stumbled upon a taco cart, as they're few and far between in the U.S.  I assume Placer County, like the rest of the health police, have deemed taco carts a menace to the health of la gente... but it doesn't seem to pose a problem in Mexico, as I've eaten at countless taco carts in Mexico without a problem.  

Well, I wasn't dreaming, as I'd stumbled on to Tacos de Guisados, which is a small, taco cart, one-girl operation that would seem to be more at home on the streets of Tijuana, rather than Roseville.  Wow!  Had I hit "El Clielo?" Or was I just lucky in Roseville?

Whatever the case, Tacos de Guisados is a one-cart, one-girl operation.  I approached the shy girl operating the taco cart, and whipped out my cell phone to take photos - I prefer to use a "real" camera, but this taco cart was a new experience to me - but the girl was very shy and didn't seem to want her photo taken.  OK, I can undertand that and I respect the privacy of others, to a point... HEY... I'm a journalist!

Photo:  My three tacos de chorizio are waiting for me.  Each taco has two CD-sized corn tortillas, filled with a couple of tablespoons each, in my case, of chorizo filling.  You garnish your tacos from the bins of condiments offered, which are somewhat limited, but at a dollar a taco?  No problema!!!  The taco gal was really shy, and didn't seem to want her photo taken, so I respected her privacy... well... sort of!  

You choose your entre from the following items offered on the hand-printed menu:  Lomo, Chorizo, Picadillo or chicharrn.  Darn... so many choices... but since I handn't eaten breakfast, I ordered three tacos de chorizo for a dollar each, which are the sort of prices that you'd expect to pay in Mexico, no Roseville.

But at a dollar each, the tacos can't be beat.  Each taco is served on two corn tortillas, with each corn tortilla about the size of a CD.  You get a couple of tablespoons of chorizo on each tortilla, and you get unlimited access to the condiment bar.  The condiment selection was quite limited, as you can choose from shredded cabbage, diced onions, whole radishes, and salsa verde or salsa roja.  Whole radishes?  Do you pop them into your mouth or put them on your taco, so it will sort of stand out as you attmept to eat it?  I found the whole radishes quite amusing, but at a dollar a taco, I find Tacos de Guisados an outstanding bargain.

Photo:  My three tacos de chorizo, after I garnished them with shredded cabbage and red onions.  I really didn't think putting whole radishes on the tacos was a good thing - I found it curious that whole radishes were offered as a condiment - but at a dollar a taco, you can't beat Tacos de Guisados at any price!

At Tacos de Guisados, English doesn't happen, so bring along your Spanish person, but you only need to have a few dollars in your pocket to enjoy delicious tacos.  When you walk up to the taco cart, you'll forget that you're in Roseville, as you'll be instantly be transported to Tijuana, or somewhere else in Baja California.  The food is good, the price is unbeliveable and the experience is priceless.  Tacos de Guisados is highly recommended!

Tacos de Guisados
Corner of Church St. and Atkinson St.
Roseville, CA 95747

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