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Country Gables Cafe, is a Roseville icon, and has been voted in the local newspaper as the "Best Breakfast in Roseville" many times over.  I set out to see for my myself if Country Gables really serves the best breakfast in Roseville...

As with all of my restaurant reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 09:10 in the morning, September 29, 2002, and I've arrived at Country Gables Cafe, located in Roseville, Ca to enjoy a great breakfast from the specials posted outside the restaurant.

Photo:  The "early day" menu is posted outside the restaurant, and lists a breakfast of "Ham and Eggs" for $6.99. How could I resist?  However... the menu... when you are inside the restaurant, lists a different option.

I think the outside menu posts 2016 prices, not the prices reflected in September, 2022.  Country Gables Cafe is posting prices outside, that the actual menu inside, will make you wish the date was September 29, 2016.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted to a friendly "welcome" sign and a friendly staff member who will seat you.

Photo:  The "Breakfast Specials" selections differ from the banners posted outside the restaurant by a lot... $4.00 or so?  Alright... why do the banners advertise 2016 prices, while the date is 2022?

I don't see the $6.99 "Ham and Eggs" breakfast, as listed outside on the banner, on the menu.  When I questioned my hostess, Sara about this, she seemed to be nonplussed... and most likely deferred the issue to management.

I suppose I could really make an "issue" out of this, but I can spare a few bucks, so I'll just "pass" on any commentary or judgment.

Photo:  Yes... Country Gables Cafe has achieved a reputation among Roseville residents, and Placer County "foodies" as a breakfast destination, and the decor is pure country, any way you want to look at it.

Photo:  The main dining room features a mixture of tables and chairs, and as no matter where you're dining, and enjoying your meal, there's a television monitor on the wall, tuned to your favorite sports or local news program.  

Country Gables Cafe is a favorite of Rosevillians, and all "foodies" who enjoy a great breakfast.  The main dining room is inviting and comfortable, and has television monitors posted everywhere, so you'll never miss your news, or your favorite spots.

Photo:  At the counter, you'll enjoy dining with local Roseville "foodies" and you'll get a peek into the kitchen.

Photo:  Meet Sara, my amazingly friendly hostess, who brought my breakfast to me with a smile.  She, along with her co-staff member Sam, treated me like royalty.

Photo:  Ham and eggs is for breakfast, and I'm all smiles, and I'm "in business" for breakfast, as Sara took my photo.  Thanks!

Photo:  From the "Breakfast Specials" menu, I went with "Ham, 2 eggs, potatoes and toast," which is served weekdays from when the restaurant opens, until 11:00 in the morning.  

My ham slice arrived thinly sliced - about quarter of a pound - just the correct portion for breakfast, and perfectly and attractively grilled, complete with criss-cross grill marks.  How could you ever hope to find a better "show stopper" for your breakfast than a slice of ham... perfectly grilled?

The large side of hash brown potatoes were cooked to a perfect golden brown on the outside... crispy... and tender, and juicy inside, just like the way perfect hash brown potatoes are supposed to be cooked.  Oh yeah... along with my ham and hash browns... I enjoyed two eggs, fried "sunnyside up," just the way I ordered.  My choice of toast was sourdough, so I enjoyed sourdough toast, toasted, and perfectly buttered.

I ordered an optional side of gravy, which was an "extra charge," but I was given my side of gravy, on the house. Sweet!!  Thank you to the management of Country Gables Cafe for giving my this treat, au gratis. Thanks!!!

I love breakfast, and Country Gables Cafe serves one of the premiere breakfasts in Roseville.  So, if you're a "foodie," and you like breakfast... you'll simply love Country Gables Cafe.

Over the past 20+ years, Country Gables Cafe has competed in the "best breakfast in Roseville" competition, and they have always been on top, and my dining today has cemented the fact that Country Gables Cafe serves an excellent breakfast.  

Photo:  Here it is... from the From the "Breakfast Specials" menu, I went with ham and eggs, hash brown potatoes, sourdough toast, along with an optional side of gravy.  Such a delicious breakfast at Country Gables Cafe!  

You'll love the grilled ham, complete with grill marks and the amazing sausage gravy!

This fine restaurant has been a favorite of mine, since I moved to Roseville, back in 1998.  During the early "2000's," we had a group of friends we dubbed the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as every other Friday, we'd hit a different breakfast restaurant, in the greater Sacramento area, for breakfast, and Country Gables Cafe was our choice on many occasions.  Friday morning, August 03, 2007 was the first time that I enjoyed breakfast at this amazing restaurant, and took photos.  Check out the link!

Lets go back to Monday, April 03, 2016, when Sharlene and I enjoyed a delicious brunch at Country Gables Cafe, in Roseville, CA.

Photo:  Late Monday morning, April 03, 2016, and we're set to enjoy a great breakfast... or lunch?  Note the patio dining shown near the center of the photo.  Although the day was sunny and the temperature was in the mid-60's, we chose to dine indoors, as it was quite breezy outside.

Photo:  The view of the counter, and the window to the kitchen, to the extreme right, as you enter the restaurant. The main dining room is actually around the corner, behind the partition, where we were actually seated.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Lola, brings our order to the table.  Since it was about 10:30 on this late Monday morning, do we order breakfast or lunch?  No worries at Country Gables Cafe, as any item is available anytime the restaurant is open.  The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only, so that makes things very easy.  Sharlene chose breakfast, and I chose to order lunch, as I'd never enjoyed a burger at Country Gables Cafe, and I was eager to take one of their burgers for a test drive.

Photo:  Thanks, Lola, for snapping our photo, as we get ready to enjoy a delicious brunch on this late Monday morning.

Photo:  Sharlene ordered the "California Benedict," which includes avocado, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. She had the choice between hash browns, or country potatoes, and she chose country potatoes.  She loved her breakfast, and I cleaned it up after she ate her fill, and I can tell you it was delicious.

Photo:  I really, really wanted breakfast, but every time I had come into this wonderful restaurant, I'd always eaten breakfast, and I just couldn't get a burger out of my mind.  So, I asked our server, Lola, if I could order a burger, and the answer was a resounding "Yes!"  So, I ordered the most basic burger on the menu, a "Cheeseburger," which is a good place to start.

The cheeseburger comes cooked medium, unless you specify otherwise, and it includes cheese - duh - onion, pickle slices, lettuce, tomato and 1000 island dressing.  As far as sides, you get to choose between fries, coleslaw, a small salad, or a cup of soup.  When I'm choosing a side for the first time, I always choose fries, as fries are a good benchmark of a restaurant. I chose fries, and boy I'm glad I did!  I had no idea the fries were STEAK FRIES!!!  Today, I it the jackpot.

This is an "old school" burger and it reminds me of the kind of burger that I enjoyed back as a kid in the 1960's.  It's a two-handed affair to eat, as it takes both hands to hold everything in.  If you're not inclined to use both hands, it comes speared with a knife - not shown in the photo - so you could cut it up into manageable pieces.  It's a "four-napkin" burger, as it's moist and juicy, just the way I love it.

Photo:  Close-up of all this burger goodness!  Everything about this burger was perfect, including the fresh lettuce, onion, tomato, the perfectly cooked 1/3 pound beef patty, the fresh bun, and the amazingly delicious steak fries. This all adds up to make a winning combination!

Meanwhile, back early Monday morning, June 06, 2016, I paid a previous visit to Country Gables Cafe...

Photo:  It's 0615 on Monday morning, June 06, 2016, and I've hiked 4+ miles to enjoy a great breakfast at Country Gables Cafe in Roseville.  Gables is open from 0600 in the morning, until 4 o'clock in the afternoon.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered, but at 3 o'clock, is that a very late lunch or a very early dinner? The local newspaper has conducted polls among the subscribers, and Country Cables Cafe has been voted "Best Breakfast in Roseville" several times.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll note the furniture is a mixture of booths, tables, and a counter.  The dining room is "L-shaped," as it extends to the left, in an area not shown in the photo.  Initially, I sat at the counter, but since the temperature was a balmy 70 degrees at 06:15 in the morning, I moved outside to the covered patio, to enjoy the beautiful morning.

Photo:  Weekday mornings, the menu offers a number of breakfast specials.  There are breakfast specials painted on the windows, and a banner hung above the patio, that I didn't notice until I'd already placed my order, and moved outside.  One of the specials on the banner was ham and eggs, complete with home fries and toast for $5.95.  I would have probably gone with that, had I noticed it before ordering.  Today, from the breakfast special menu, I ordered New York Steak and eggs for $8.99, which is a great deal.

Photo:  Close shot of the breakfast counter, and the window to the kitchen, as Rhonda, who was performing server duties on this early Monday morning, stands near the window.  Note the "country" decor - there is a sign above the kitchen window that reads "Country Kitchen" - and the television monitor that is tuned to my favorite morning news/magazine show, "Good Day Sacramento."

Photo:  My breakfast was ready less than 15 minutes after placing my order, and my friendly server, Rhonda, kept my coffee cup full.  She wasn't thrilled when I took her photo, but she was a good sport about it.  

Photo:  I'm all smiles a this early hour, as Rhonda snaps my photo, as I know that I'm going to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  I'm sitting outdoors, on the shaded patio, with Washington Blvd. in the background.

Photo:  Today, I enjoyed a 6-oz New York Steak, two eggs over easy, hash brown potatoes, and a side of biscuits and gravy.  The menu said "toast," and I was prepared to order sourdough, but when Rhonda gave me the option of ordering biscuits and gravy, I went that direction.  

Such a delicious breakfast, cooked to order!  I ordered my eggs fried over easy, and as the photo shows, they arrived perfectly cooked.  I ordered my steak cooked medium, and it arrived, as ordered.  The hash brown potatoes were golden brown on both sides, and tender in the middle, which is just the way I like them.  The gravy and the biscuit were made from scratch, in-house, and were delicious.  Country Gables Cafe serves a delicious breakfast, worthy of any breakfast lover in Roseville.

After enjoying an amazing breakfast, I don't know that I would vote for Country Gables Cafe, or any other restaurant in Roseville, for serving THE BEST breakfast in Roseville.  But, as per my description in the last photo in this article, Country Gables serves a delicious breakfast.  If you love breakfast as much as I do, Country Gables Cafe deserves your breakfast attention.

Country Gables Cafe
699 Washington Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 797-0669

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