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Flour Dust Pizza is a catering truck that's been serving wood-fired pizza in the greater Sacramento area for the last several years.  This May, their web site announced they'd be opening their first brick and mortar store, and the location would be in Roseville.  Their opening has been much anticipated by myself, and every "foodie" in Roseville, who loves quality pizza.  

Last night Flour Dust's Facebook page announced their grand opening for today at 11:30 in the morning... so I made plans to "open up" the newest restaurant in Roseville, Flour Dust Pizza.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just before the 11:30 in the morning opening time, Friday, December 13, 2019, and I'm ready to enjoy the "Grand Opening" of Flour Dust Pizza.  I'd been watching this restaurant take shape over the past several months, and had been regularly updated on their progress, thanks to their Facebook page.

For the last couple of weeks, they had been hinting that they'd be opening soon, but it wasn't until last night that they announced their "Grand Opening" for this morning at 11:30.  All along I'd planned to "open up" the restaurant, so when they opened their doors at 11:30, I was in place, and ready to enjoy some delicious pizza.

Photo:  The dining room is absolutely beautiful!  It's tastefully decorated and features high tables, and a bar, with assorted varieties of beer, and ale, on tap.  There are television monitors tuned to news and sports... take your pick. Near the rear, center of the photo, you can see the wood fired pizza oven, which is the heart of the restaurant.

There is an outside patio, but on this chilly, rainy, late Friday morning, dining outside wasn't really an option.

Photo:  The menu is small and compact, to say the least, and is only in the beginning stages.  It is interesting to note that all pizza selections are offered in only one size, which happens to be 12" ... sort of halfway between "personal" and small..." ....which is a great size for one hungry person, or two "regular" diners.  I neglected to ask if additional sizes are planned to be added to the menu.

Photo:  The beer and wine menu, with most of the beer is served from the tap.  Prices aren't mentioned, but each offering is $7.00, which isn't exactly cheap, but won't break the bank.

Photo:  The owner of the restaurant, Mano, on the left, and my friendly server/bartender, Allen, strike a pose after Allen served me a "Sumpin' Easy Pale Ale," from the tap.  Flour Dust Pizza offers generous complimentary samples of their brews on tap.  I sampled a "Brown Sugga Ale," with 10% alcohol - geeeezzzz!!! - and loved it, but at $7.00 a glass, this may be my last taste of "Brown Sugga..."

I can't help to think about that Rolling Stones rock 'n roll song from the 1960's, "Brown Sugar..." So today, I guess I got my first taste of "brown sugar."

Photo:  All of the action in the kitchen centers around the wood-fired pizza oven.  The staff actually invited me behind the counter to check out the oven, and offered me a job in the kitchen, lol.  It's "opening day," and the staff is enjoying the moment, and having a good time.

Photo:  Mano and crew are busy making my pizza, along with a few others.  All ingredients are fresh, and purchased locally.  The dough is made from scratch and is made in small batches, on an as-needed basis.  

Photo:  I was invited into the kitchen, so I managed to take a peek into the wood-fired pizza oven, where my "Pepperoni Pizza," along with a "Helena 18" pizza is cooking.  Flour Dust Pizza uses oak for wood, as oak grows locally, and has the same smoky flavor as hickory.  

On this chilly December morning, the warmth of the pizza oven was welcome.

Photo:  I'm sitting at the counter and watching the staff in action.  It's just a little before noon, on the opening day of the restaurant, and the dining room is busy, and so are the staff.

Photo:  Mano gets ready to take my pizza, and the pizza from another order, out of the wood-fired pizza oven, which leaves a wonderful mark, and taste, on the pizza.  Mano is "old school" and makes his pizzas the "Italian way."  

Photo:  Meet Allen, my friendly server and bar tender, who brings my "Pepperoni Pizza" to me with a smile.  Allen offered great conversation during my visit, and was happy to pour generous complimentary samples of beer and ale from the taps.

Photo:  Thanks, Allen, for snapping my photo, as I get ready to enjoy my wonderful "Pepperoni Pizza," and a pint of beer.  

Photo:  From the "Pizza" section of the menu, I ordered a "Pepperoni Pizza," which is always a good place to start when visiting a new restaurant.  The menu describes the pizza as, "San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan."  That's a simple description of such an elegant pizza!

I have eaten many pizzas over the years, but this "Pepperoni Pizza" was like no other pizza that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  For starters, the pie was baked in a the wood-fired oven, using oak wood, which is native to our area, which adds an amazing taste to the pizza, and leaves attractive "burn" marks on the crust.  This pizza crust was soft, tender, fluffy and moist.  When you'd pick up a slice, the crust would bend, which is different than the "cardboard-like" crusts found in many other pizzas.  The pizza dough is made in-house, on an as-needed basis, so this isn't your dough just unloaded from the Sysco truck.

On top of the crush is the "San Marzano" tomato sauce, which is tangy and delicious.  I was surprised to see sheet mozzerella cheese, melted on top of the tomato sauce. The slices of pepperoni were fresh, delicious, and each was sprinkled with shredded, melted mozzerella cheese.  Fresh basil was used as garnish, and added to the attractive presentation.

This pizza was fresh, flavorful and simply delicious.  All of the fresh ingredients worked together to make an excellent pizza, and makes the taste both amazing and delicious.  The pizza is light, flavorful, and according to Mano, the owner of the restaurant, made the way pizza is made in Italy.  When word gets around Roseville of this unique, authentic Italian pizza, Flour Dust Pizza will definitely be carving an Italian "niche" in the pizza world of Roseville.

Photo:  Close up of one slice of "Pepperoni Pizza," showing the "burn marks" from the oak fired oven.  The pizza looks delicious, but it tastes even better.

Photo:  As I was sitting at the counter, enjoying my pizza and chatting with Allen, friendly AnnaLee brought a slice of "Helena 18" pizza to me, with a smile, and with the compliments of the house.

Photo:  My complimentary slice of "Helena 18" pizza.  Like the "Pepperoni Pizza" I ordered, this amazing pizza it is light, flavorful, and simply delicious.  

Amazing Italian-style pizza served by friendly staff in one of the most attractive pizza restaurant's that I've ever seen!  Flour Dust Pizza serves amazing pizza, and their pizza is "unique," as there is no other pizza like this served anywhere else in Roseville.  Flour Dust Pizza is a welcome addition to the Roseville dining scene!

Flour Dust Pizza
5080 Foothills Blvd. Ste. #5
Roseville, CA 95747
916 773-5080

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