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Fat Dawg is a little hot dog stand, located in front of Home Depot, on Fairway Drive, in Roseville.  I've passed them by countless times on home improvement shopping expeditions, but on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 all of that changed, as I enjoyed a deliicous lunch at Fat Dawg.

Photo:  Fat Dawg is located in front of the Home Depot store on Fairway Drive, in north Roseville.  As seen in the photo, it offers patio-style dining, protected from the rain, or the hot Roseville sun.  You can munch on hot dogs, and comtenplate purchasing a nearby John Deer garden tractor.

Photo:  Fat Dawg has their menu posted next to the order window, and offers several varieties of hot dogs.  Check out their "Daily Specials," as they sell Street Tacos, which I'll have to try one of these days, after I've sampled every version of their hot dogs.  

Photo:  Fat Dawg is a one-trick pony, as the owner himself, Mr. Craig Johnsen, was the only person working the restaurant today.  Craig's back is turned toward me, as he prepares my "Cajun Dog."  Later, he asked me the usual question that many people ask, "Why are you taking pictures?," so I provided him with an explanation and a business card.

Photo:  My "Cajun Dog," consisted of a grilled - in a rotary hot dog grill - quarter pound spicy dog, diced white onion, pickled jalapeņo pepper slices - by my request - mustard and ketchup.  The ketchup really surprised me, as in my opinion, it has no place on a hot dog, if you're over about 10 years old.  If I would have known, I would have implored, "Hold the ketchup!"  But, how was I to know, so I ate it anyway.  Now, I know...

Photo:  My lunch of a "Cajun Dog Combo," which included the dog, my choice of a small bag of chips - today, I chose Doritos - and a small drink, in my case, a Coca Cola that was perfectly mixed.  At $5.00 and change, this lunch represented a good value.  The only real drawback was the ketchup, but I'll know to shout "Hold the ketchup" during my next visit.

Photo:  March 17, 2014 I was back again for a "Regular Dog" with everything.  "Everything" includes mustard, ketchup, diced onion and pickled jalapeņo pepper slices. Like my previous visit, I forgot to tell Craig to "hold" the ketchp.  Maybe next time...  At $2.00 plus tax, the "Regular Dog" represents a good value.

Shopping for home improvement items is a hungry business, and Fat Dawg offers a great source of nourishment, at a fair price. If you love hot dogs, and other "finger food," stop by the next time you visit the Fairway Drive Home Depot.

Fat Dawg
10001 Fairway Dr.
Roseville, CA. 95678
916 254-6677

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