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Fahrenheit 250 opened their doors in Roseville this February with little fanfare, after closing their Sacramento location, packing their bags, and completely moving the whole operation to Roseville.  Sacramento lost an excellent barbecue restaurant, and Roseville gained what I think is the best barbecue I've ever enjoyed during the 20+ years that I've lived in Roseville!

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 12:45 in the afternoon, Sunday, August 30, 2020, and my friend and dining companion, Kathy and I have arrived at Fahrenheit 250 to enjoy some of the best barbecue in western Placer County.

Note the imposing 2-story building and the large patio., which makes for an impressive operation.  Due to the ongoing virus crisis, dining has been restricted to the patio, but for my friend and I, there were no worries, as we prefer to dine outdoors, as delicious barbecue always seems to taste even better when enjoyed outdoors, on a patio.

Photo:  I'm not sure if this vintage catering truck is simply a "mascot," or is actually in use, but whatever the case, it's parked in the parking lot in front of the restaurant.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be "greeted and seated," but during the current virus crisis, you'll be seated on the patio, and you'll walk through an empty dining room.  As per current state requirements, masks are required to enter the restaurant, but when you're seated on the patio, you're allowed remove your mask.

Photo:  I noticed this attractive display of pickled vegetables next to the "meet and seat" stand, as you enter the restaurant.  I should have asked whether they're simply for decoration, or for sale.

Photo:  The dining room is empty, expect for employees, thanks to the state mandate, in place at the time of this writing.  The centerpiece is a beer and wine bar - cocktails are on the horizon - along with television monitors, and lots of comfortable seating.  The dining room is really beautiful, and the friendly owner of the restaurant, Ray, has done a wonderful job of decorating the fine dining room.

Note the second story dining, around the perimeter of the dining room.  I had the pleasure to meet the owner of the restaurant, Ray,  and I posed the question to him if he's ever heard of the Big Texan Steak Ranch, located in Amarillo, TX, that I had the pleasure to visit two years ago, as the layout and decor of the dining room reminded me of scaled-down version of the Texas restaurant.  He'd never heard of Big Texan...

Photo:  This rather interesting mounted trophy is on display at the top of the stairs.  I've never seen anything like this before... Here's a riddle:  What is the cross between a doll and a pheasant?  Answer:  A "pheamaid." Now you know...

Photo:  Looking down into the empty dining room, and the deserted bar, from the second story dining area.  I suspect when COVID-19 is gone, this fine dining are will be packed with satisfied diners.

Photo:  The patio is spacious, comfortable, shaded against the hot Roseville sun, and features comfortable, "social distance" compatible dining.  The large square in the center of the patio will be a gas-fed outdoor fireplace, which will be completed in time for cold weather dining, as cold, rainy weather will arrive in three months.

Photo:  The "main" menu features appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, non-alcoholic drinks, and a curious entry labeled as "not BBQ."  Note the motto of the restaurant, which reads "Authentic Low and Slow Wood-Smoked Barbecue," which is a true statement.

Photo:  The second page is pure "California" style barbecue, and offers many bbq favorites.  Since the restaurant specializes in "California" style barbecue, I was puzzled that tri tip wasn't on the menu.

Photo:  One page of the beer and wine menu features "More Beer," "Bottles," "Wine," and a small "Happy Hour" section.  We went for a $5.00 bottle of Lone Star beer, which is a fine lager beer, brewed in San Antonio, Texas.

Photo:  Kathy checks the menu, as our friendly server, Joy, brings our hors 'd oeuvres to our table... two bottles of Lone Star beer and two frosted glasses, for our appetiser pleasure.

Photo:  It's a rare treat to enjoy a bottle of Lone Star beer in Roseville, and the beer tastes even better when enjoyed on the comfortable patio, in a frosted glass.  The only missing element was traditional country music from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.  The patio featured country music, but it was of the "2000 variety" which is a far-cry from traditional country music.

Photo:  We got a laugh out of this sign, which is posted on the patio.  No lie!

Photo:  Fahrenheit 250 offers some of the best patio dining in western Placer County.  The patio is large, tables are well-spaced, and it does a great job to shelter diners from the hot Roseville sun, and the rain to come in a few months.  I look forward to the day when the outdoor fireplace is completed.

Photo:  Meet Joy C., our amazingly friendly server, as she brings out our "The Trough" plate of amazing barbecue, and a sampler plate with all of the in-house made barbecue sauces the restaurant offers.  Joy provided us with friendly and efficient service and regularly checked on us to see how were doing, and to inquire if we desired anything else.

Besides great service and delicious bbq, Fahrenheit 250 offers LIGHTNING FAST service, as our complete order arrived about five minutes - yes FIVE minutes - after placing our order!  Forget "fast food" restaurants if you're in a hurry... when it comes to speed, I've never seen a restaurant serve lunch as FAST as Fahrenheit 250!

Photo:  Thanks, Joy, for taking a photo of my friend and dining companion, Kathy, as we smile, as we know we're going to enjoy a delicious bbq lunch.  We ordered "The Trough," which a meal meant to be shared by 2 or 3 people, and each of us took home with a box of leftovers for dinner tonight.  You get a LOT of delicious barbecue at Fahrenheit 250!

Photo:  From the "BBQ Feasts" section of the menu, we went with "The Trough," which could best be described as a delicious sampler of the various cuts of meat Fahrenheit 250 offers on their amazing menu.  The menu describes the meal as, "Perfect for the BBQ enthusiast with a large appetite, includes:  Ribs (3 bones,) one half chicken, quarter pound brisket, one sausage, AND two small sides of your choice.  Served with white bread, house made pickles and onions."  The menu advertises this meal will 2 or 3 hungry diners, but we each took home food in a box for later enjoyment.  You get a lot of food with "The Trough!"

The menu offers no less than ten options for sides, I asked Kathy to pick her favorite, but she deferred to me, so I chose coleslaw and fries.  To me, those make perfect sides for barbecue!

We were amazed when Joy brought our meal to us in a metal pan, which enhances the informal nature of barbecue. The presentation was simply amazing, but the meal was even better than the presentation!

So... what was my opinion about each entree?  Here goes...

*  The half chicken was quite a bird, as it arrived with perfectly cooked skin - I'm normally not a "fan" of chicken      skin - but the skin was seasoned, tasty and delicious to eat.  The white meat was cooked to perfection, white,      juicy, moist, tender, which just a hint of smoke, which enhanced the delicate flavor of the bird. Great chicken!

*  Pulled pork seems to be the "signature" entree at this amazing restaurant, and it didn't disappoint, as it was      well seasoned, flavorful, moist, and shredded perfectly.  Of course there was the wonderful taste of smoke, but it      didn't overpower the pork.  The pulled pork was especially delicious when dipped into the spicy barbecue sauce.

*  I'm not sure of the origin of the sausage, but it was large, flavorful, juicy and tender, just the way a perfectly     barbecued sausage should be.  When you bit into it, you were rewarded with a "snap," thanks to the natural     casing and an absolute "rush" of juicy flavor.  I'm a fan of barbecued sausage, and Fahrenheit 250 knows how to     barbecue an amazing sausage!

*  With "The Trough" you are treated to three rib bones, which are pork ribs - the restaurant is noted for pork -     perfectly smoked, with just the right ratio of deliciously cooked rib meat, bone, and just a little bit of fat to add to     the flavor.  Delicious!

*  Hands down the star of the meal was the beef brisket.  Smoking perfect brisket is more of an "art" than  a     "science" and I give my compliments to the chef, as he or she definitely knows the trade, as they "nailed" this     amazing brisket.  The brisket was moist, juicy, tender, and featured a perfect smoke ring.  If you're looking for the     best brisket in Roseville - at least from what I've sampled - you need to check out the brisket barbecued at     Fahernheit 250.

"The Trough" includes two small sides, and in our case, we chose fries and coleslaw, but the menu offers eight other choices of sides.  The fries were thinly cut, seasoned, and included potato skin.  Yeah!  These are real potatoes, cut in the kitchen for fries, not the kind you find at 'fast food" restaurants.  The fries were perfectly deep fried, and simply delicious, and made a great side to our lunch.  Our server provided ranch dressing, on our request, which made a perfect dipping sauce for the fries.

Our second side, coleslaw arrived in a small bowl with the meal.  The cabbage, shredded carrot, onion and seasoning were fresh, delicious, but this was simply... shall we say... coleslaw, which is nothing spectacular.  I have never met a coleslaw that I didn't love, so in addition to the fries, the coleslaw made an amazing side dish.

Topping off the meal were four in-house made pickle slices, along with diced white onion, which added "zest" to our wonderful lunch.

Combine the "sampler" of fine meats, cooked to perfection, and a couple of delicious side dishes... it makes "The Trough" an amazing dish, which makes the meal well worth the $43.00 "price of admission."  You'll bring home food to enjoy for a later meal or two...

Photo:  When we placed our order, our friendly server asked us what variety of sauce we preferred.  My friend and I kind of looked at each other, and I asked what varieties were offered.  Joy, our server, recited all four varieties, and then offered to serve us all four, in small cups.  Great Idea!

Fahrenheit 250 offers four in-house made barbecue sauces:  F250 "Signature," F250 "Spicy," "Kentucky Mustard," and "Carolina Vinegar."  So many choices... so many delicious sauces, but it was SO kind of our server to offer us a choice of all varieties of bbq sauce on the menu.

Clockwise, starting at the top of the photo is the F250 "Spicy," the F250 "Signature," "Kentucky Mustard," and the "Carolina Vinegar."

I sampled all of the sauces and I loved every one of them, but the sauce I rated as my favorite was the F250 "Spicy" BBQ sauce, as it had a rich, tangy, bold flavor with just a little "kick" to it.  

Photo:  My plate of food from "The Trough," with a cup of F250 "Spicy" BBQ sauce, fries, coleslaw, pork rib, sausage, brisket and pulled pork.  Next to my plate is a glass of Lone Star beer.  Such an amazing meal!

If you're looking to enjoy some of the best "California style" barbecue in Placer County, head over to Fahrenheit 250. You'll love their authentic barbecue, you'll love the friendly service, and you'll love the comfortable patio dining.  I can't wait until the get the patio fireplace operational for comfortable fall and winter dining!  Fahrenheit 250 serves absolutely amazing barbecue in Roseville, CA...

Fahrenheit 250
390 N. Sunrise Ave.
Roseville, CA 95661
916 865-4084

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