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Foresthill, CA, located in Placer County, is a friendly, off-the-beaten-track mountain community, located 20 miles east of Auburn, the county seat.  Mountain recreational opportunities are endless, but fine dining is limited, but that is not a problem, as the small town is blessed to enjoy a "hidden gem," Everybody's Inn, owned and operated by Cynthia, the amazingly friendly proprietor.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's about 4 o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, June 19, 2021, and we've arrived at Everybody's Inn to enjoy an early dinner, after spending a day of hiking in the nearby Tahoe National Forest.  

The building is as rustic as it gets, and features a patio, with a wood burning fireplace, with oak wood for the fire.  

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the large bar, which takes up most of the dining room.  The owner and operator of the restaurant/bar calls the bar the "Tacky Bar."  The atmosphere is as rustic as it gets, as the bar/restaurant sports a wood burning stove for warmth, soda coolers, along with wooden floors.  Don't look for computerized ordering or uniformed staff, as... what's that?  You're in rural Foresthill!!  That's Cynthia behind the bar, as she serves a couple of Foresthill locals who are enjoying a cold beer.  

At the rear of the dining room is what the owner refers to as the "Country Kitchen," as it's set up as a rustic dining room, like what you'd see in a 1950's western movie, offering tables and chairs for your dining pleasure.  

Everybody's Inn is "dog friendly," as your well-behaved dog is welcome to join you inside the restaurant, as you enjoy the amazing mountain cuisine.  

Photo:  One of two very friendly dogs who frequent the restaurant, as they're pets of the owner, who is a lover of dogs.  This guy was very friendly, and loved to be petted, even though we awakened from his afternoon nap.

Everybody's Inn is totally "old school," and does not enjoy air conditioning, so today proved to be a lazy late afternoon for this fine fellow. The "Country Kitchen" section of the restaurant/bar is in the background, and it features dining away from the bar, which makes the restaurant very family friendly.

Thanks to my "foodie" friend and dining companion, Claudia Saeturn, for allowing me to post this photo.

Photo:  Claudia socializes with the two friendly dogs, as Cynthia looks on.  Photo was taken from the "Country Kitchen" and looks to the "Tacky Bar," with the wood-fired stove in the background.  You can see in the photo all of the rustic charm that Everybody's Inn has to offer...

Photo:  Everybody's Inn offers a wide variety of bottled beer, and all beers are priced at $5.00 a bottle.  A small selection of wine is offered as well, and the vintage varies, according to what the staff has on hand.

This is the beer "menu," as there is no printed menu, so you simply choose what you want from the selections on the shelf, and if the restaurant has your choice in stock, you'll be served your cold beer, in a frosted mug.

Photo:  Claudia chit-chats with owner/operator Cynthia over a beer.  Claudia and I have been friends for 9+ years or so, and we share many interests, including all things "food."  I'm taking photos, but I'm certain she and Cynthia are talking "food."

Photo:  On weekends, Everybody's Inn serves breakfast from 08:00 in the morning until noon, and features a printed menu, that lists all of your breakfast favorites.

The menu posts "Ask about Thursday's dinner," as every Thursday, Cynthia prepares a different dinner, which varies and offers a different selection each week.  The dinner offerings vary widely from week to week, so Foresthill locals are always able to enjoy varied cuisine.  The selections vary from "Chicken Fried Steak" to "Yankee Pot Roast," with everything in between, so Thursdays are always special at Everybody's Inn.

Just like many small restaurants that I've visited during my many travels to Mexico, Everybody's Inn does not have a menu, and you just have to ask what Cynthia can offer you.  As in many small restaurants in Mexico, the proprietor will prepare you anything you request, with the limitations of what she supplies are currently in stock.  Tacos and hamburgers are the two selections that the restaurant is noted for, but during our visit, the restaurant was out of meat and lettuce, so no burgers or tacos were offered on this late Saturday afternoon.

The owner shops at a local grocery for ingredients, every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, just like your mom used do for your family, when you were a kid.  She checks locally to see what's on sale, and what kind of "deal" the local grocer has to offer, purchases whatever is on hand and reasonable, and that's what will be on the menu for the coming week.  Just like in Mexico...

We requested hamburgers, but since she was out of hamburger and lettuce, hamburgers it looked like we weren't going to be enjoying a burger.  After asking her what she had on hand, and assuring her were are "foodies," she said, "I'll make you two different types of sandwiches," and that worked perfectly with us.  When she mentioned the restaurant features fresh, in-house-made onion rings, that "sealed the deal" for us.

How many restaurants in California, or for that matter the United States, operate without a menu, and prepare meals from whatever ingredients are on hand?  Not many... Everybody's Inn is unique, and that adds to the atmosphere, the charm, and to the amazing "rustic" cuisine...

Photo:  As we sat at the bar, we looked up the ceiling, and noticed the entire ceiling of the restaurant was "wallpapered" with dollar bills, with many of them signed, autographed, or covered with graffiti.  Such character!

Photo:  As you look over the bar, you'll get a peek into the kitchen, through the open door.

Photo:  Meet Cynthia, the owner, hostess, bartender, chef and "chief cook and bottlewasher" at Everybody's Inn. This busy lady runs the restaurant and bar and does everything, ALL BY HERSELF, seven days a week, for 26 years! Cynthia is simply amazing, as she's friendly, and made lots of time to chit-chat with us, over mutual beers and an amazing early dinner..

You must give this fine lady credit, as she runs the restaurant/bar all by herself, and does everything, every day of the week.  She's as friendly as it gets, and treated us like family.  Not to mention, she has talent when it comes to preparing fine, mountain cuisine.

Photo:  Claudia and I are seated at the bar, and ready to enjoy our amazing dinner.  Thanks, Cynthia, for taking our photo.

Photo:  'Ham and Cheese" on the left, and "Pastrami and Cheese" on the left, with both plates featuring delicious made-from-scratch onion rings.  My "foodie" friend and I like to share, so we "mixed and match" sandwich halves, but since onion rings were identical, no sharing was needed.

Each custom-made "plate" was priced at $10.00, tax included, which, considering the quality, quantity and the amazing atmosphere and super-friendly service, made each plate a bargain.  Our dinner arrived about 20 minutes after placing our order, and when you think about it... with one lady doing it all, including preparing and deep frying the onion rings... the service was fast, not to mention amazingly friendly.

Photo:  Claudia and I love to "mix and match" when we dine together, so each of us enjoyed an identical plate of a half "Pastrami and Cheese" sandwich, and half of a "Ham and Cheese" sandwich.  Each plate included Cynthia's amazing homemade onion rings, which always works with us.

The amazing cuisine served at Everybody's Inn is "comfort food," home cookin', grandma's cookin', or whatever you want to call it.  Yes, it's just like your mom used to make, and the food is delicious, and as "old school" as it gets!

Each sandwich was built on a large, fresh hoagie roll, lightly toasted, which made the perfect foundation for these amazing sandwiches.  Each sandwich began with a generous portion of pastrami or ham, and the meat was fresh and flavorful.  Tomato slices were cut on the thick side, along with the avocado slices which graced the "Ham and Cheese" sandwich.

The "Ham and Cheese" sandwich featured a couple slices of American cheese, melted just right, and on the "gooey" side, wrapping around the ham, cheese, tomato and avocado.  Delicious!

The "Pastrami and Cheese" sandwich started with several thick slices of pastrami, enhanced by tomato slices, and featured several slices of Swiss cheese, slightly melted, which made for the perfect sandwich.

It's great to dine with a "foodie" friend like Claudia, as we "mix and match" our sandwiches, so each of us is able to enjoy all of the goodness that Everybody's Inn has to offer.  Both sandwiches were simply amazing, and we couldn't choose which one was our favorite!

Cynthia let us know her onion rings are made from "scratch" and cooked after you place your order, and never pre-made.  Although the thought crossed our minds to suggest that we enjoy a half order of fries, and half of onion rings, the thought quickly disappeared when Cynthia described her home-made onion rings.

Each onion ring started with a fresh, white onion, and was coated with a season batter, with the perfect onion-to-batter ratio.  The onion rings were deep fried to a perfect, golden brown, and had just the right amount of "crunch" when you bit into them, and the onion itself was tender, juicy, and made the perfect "carrier" for the batter. Cynthia, at Everybody's Inn, posses talent when it comes to deep frying the perfect onion ring!

So... could this be the perfect dinner?  It just could be, as the sandwiches were simply wonderful, the onion rings were as good as it gets, the beer was cold, and the company was wonderful.  Now you know that Everybody's Inn is the perfect bar and diner, in Foresthill...

Photo:  The "Ham Sandwich" plate, complete with onion rings, shows all of the goodness this fine diner has to offer, when it comes to fine, mountain cuisine.  This is the amazing "Ham" plate, before we split it up.

Photo:  The "Pastrami and Cheese" plate, as it arrived to our place at the bar.  Notice the slightly melted Swiss cheese, along with the fresh tomato slices.  Like the "Ham and Cheese" sandwich, this sandwich was so delicious that no condiments were needed.

Photo:  Here's a close-up of the amazing "Ham and Cheese" sandwich, showing the juicy goodness of the generous portion of ham, sliced avocado, sliced tomato, with lots of perfectly melted American cheese.

Photo:  My half of the "Pastrami and Cheese" sandwich, shows the thick cut pastrami, Swiss cheese, and lots of fresh tomato slices.  Delicious!

When you're in the mood for amazing food, along with a "cold one" or two, mountain dining, along with friendly company, in an "old school" bar and restaurant, be sure to visit Everybody's Inn, located in Foresthill, CA.  Bring your friendly dog, as this fine restaurant is a paradise for dog lovers, and "foodies" alike...

Everybody's Inn
19420 Foresthill Rd.
Foresthill, CA 95631
530 367-3324

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