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Saturday, October 20, 2007, a group of us, who call ourselves the Sacramento Breakfast Club, decided to take a decidedly different approach to breakfast, and visit Caf Delicias in Roseville, for a south-of-the-border style breakfast.

Photo:  CafDelicias is located at 211 Harding Blvd., in a very attractive and functional building, on the east side of Roseville, Ca.  

Caf Delicias is a small chain of five restaurants, located in western Placer County, that has been serving Mexican-style cuisine to locals for many years.  The restaurant is a favorite of locals, as the food served reflects the taste of local residents, is composed of fresh ingredients, and is a good dining value.  If you're looking for truly authentic Mexican cuisine, you'd better head south to Tijuana, as the cuisine served at Caf Delicious has a definite California slant to it.  That isn't meant to say that the food isn't delicious, it's just not the type of food you'd be served in a fine restaurant in Tijuana or Mexicali.  Caf Delicias fits right in with breakfast plans, as they open every day at 0900, except Tuesday, when they're closed all day.  Caf Delicias is very well know in the greater Sacramento area, as they advertise on local radio and television, and enjoy a great word-of-mouth reputation among western Placer County local residents.

Photo:  Janet brings main dishes to our table.  Note the attractive tile, the faux plants, and the attractive lattice.

We arrived shortly after the restaurant opened, and were promptly seated at a large table by Janet, our charming and friendly hostess.  During our visit, just after opening time on a Saturday morning, the restaurant wasn't busy, so Janet was acting as both hostess and waitress, and she did a very good job at each.  Immediately after we were seated, she brought ice water and menus, and took our drink orders...  coffee!  The decor of Caf Delicious is very Californian, with an almost Mediterranean feel, including tiled floor, potted plants, paneled walls, and stained, lattice partitions.  The decor is comfortable, relaxing and very conducive to the enjoyment of a delicious meal.

In California, Mexican-style restaurants aren't known for their breakfasts, and Caf Delicious is no exception, as their menu features a full-selection of lunch and dinner entr้es, but is pretty light on breakfast selections.  As I mentioned before, that's not a bad thing, as it's a very common thing in California and on the west coast in general.  A slight disappointment was noted in that menudo or posole isn't included on their menu, even on weekends, but they have other breakfast goodies such as eggs, chorizo, rice, beans and tortillas!  Another very positive note is that you can order any item from the menu at any time.  

Photo:  Janet sets Bev's meal on the table, as Bruce looks on, approvingly.

Shortly after placing our orders, our coffee arrived, along with fresh, warm tortilla chips, and delicious, in-house made salsa.  Caf Delicias has a reputation for delicious food, but their coffee is some of the best coffee that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  When I commented to Janet, our waitress, about the coffee, she said that the restaurant prides itself on the coffee they serve, and part of their reputation is build around their delicious coffee.  I can't argue with that, as their coffee is truly delicious, and your coffee mug will never be empty. We loved the fresh, delicious salsa, and since I'm considered an expert on salsa, so of course I was "volunteered" to tell the group what ingredients were contained in the salsa.  Actually, the salsa seems to be pretty basic, as it seems to consist of basic salsa ingredients, cooked over an un-greased griddle, and then whirled together in a blender, Mexican style.  I've replicated salsa of this nature many times at home, but the other members of our club haven't, so the result is that they were dazzled and amazed at Caf Delicias's salsa.  Don't get me wrong, the salsa is delicious...

Photo:  My meal of chorizo and eggs, rice and refried beans.  In a word, simply delicious!

Surprise... surprise!  Your meal includes a small salad, with your choice of dressing, as an appetizer, which makes for a complete meal.  After what seemed like only a few minutes, our orders were brought to our table, but since there were six of us, it took two trips for Janet to bring everything to us.  Caf Delicias has built their reputation around serving delicious meals featuring fresh, ingredients, and an artful presentation, and our breakfast choices reflected the values that comprise their fine reputation.  We were served attractive entr้es, composed of fresh ingredients, served by a friendly, efficient waitress, in a comfortable, squeaky-clean dining room.  Nobody went away hungry, as the meals feature ample portions.  During the customary after-the-fact quarterback session in the parking lot, all members agreed that we'd scored a touchdown in our choice of breakfast at Caf Delicias.

Photo:  Our dining group this Saturday morning, from left to right:  The author and webmaster, Eric Rench, Bev MacLeod, Dan MacLeod, David DeMario, Jeff Brown, and Bruce Coulter.  

If you're a fan of breakfast, be sure to visit the advenutres of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, as we review restaurants that specialize in breakfast, in the greater Sacramento area.

Presentation, freshness, quality of meal, combined with excellent service, fueled by delicious coffee makes Caf Delicias a winner.  If you're in the mood to dine at a comfortable, sit-down restaurant, and enjoy delicious Mexican food, Caf้ Delicias will be top choice on your list of Roseville Mexican Restaurants.

Caf Delicias
211 Harding Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95768
916 782-4004

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