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Roseville, located in western Placer County, offers a small town feeling, yet with big city amenities, and is and ideal place to live if you're a "foodie."  This sections covers our dining adventures in Roseville, and all of Western Placer County.

Mi Pueblito Taqueria:  Small mom and pop taqueria in downtown Lincoln, that serves fresh, in-house made Mexican food, with a smile.

DT Noodle:  Features a wide array of authentic, delicious Vietnamese items.  Includes sandwiches, pho, vermicelli and much more.  Comfortable dining and friendly staff in West Roseville.

Bunz Sports Pub & Grub:  Great beer on tap, fantastic pub grub, breakfast on weekends, friendly staff, all in the largest sports bar in Roseville.

Taqueria El Burrito:  Amazing restaurant!  Features fantastic food, large, comfortable dining, a vast array of menu choices, and friendly staff.  

P & A Deli/Cafe Asian Express:  Small mom and pop deli that specializes in Asian cuisine, but also has "comfort food" on the menu.  Delicious food and comfortable dining in west Roseville.

Pickles 'n Brew:  Family-owned and operated sandwich shop which serves fresh, delicious sandwiches, made to order, by friendly staff, who enjoy their jobs.

Umai Savory Hot Dogs:  Unbelievable menu of hot dogs, many with Asian influences.  Amazing delicious hot dogs, served in a comfortable dining room, by super friendly staff, who actually love what their doing.

Kabob & Gyro Grill:  Delicious Mediterranean cusine in west Roseville, featuring fast and friendly service.  Offers gyros, Medeterranean platters, kabobs, Phillies, and much more...

Porters House of Draft:  Over 30 craft beers on tap, along with a vast array of bottled beer.  Delicious pub food, comfortable bar and dining room, and friendly staff who know and love good food and drink.

Al's Deli:  Small, "mom and pop" deli located at Sierra Pines Golf Course community center.  Serves hot dogs, sandwiches, soup, chili with beer on tap!  Service with a smile...

Guy's For Lunch:  Delicious food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices.  Owned by Guy and Kathy, and staffed by their three daughters, and a few other friendly folks.  You'll feel like family in this wonderful deli.

Chando's Tacos:  Are we in Roseville or Tijuana?  Authentic tacos, which remind me of tacos that I've enjoyed on the streets of Tijuana, and other Mexican cities.

Mercado Loco:  Mexican market, bakery and butcher shop that includes a deli counter which includes all of your favorite Mexican take-out food.

Carl's Jr:  Located in Crocker Ranch shopping center, this Carl's location serves great food, in a modern, clean, and friendly dining room.  Naturally, they serve "Thickburgers!"

L&L Hawaiian BBQ:  Delicious barbecue with a Hawaiian twist, friendly service, friendly staff, and GIGANTIC portions.  Great place to enjoy lunch or dinner...

Campelli's Pizza:  Pizza to live for, or die for, along with the friendliest service that you could ever imagine.  One of my favorite pizza restaurants in Roseville.

No Name Food Vendor:  Small food vender at 2015 Strawberry Festival, who serves a great Polish dog, wrapped in bacon, along with Thai food, and other goodies.

Trademark Pizza Company:  Personal size pizzas, built to order, with unlimited toppings for only $7.99!  Amazing pizza, lightning-fast delivery, and the friendliest staff in Roseville.  This restaurant is AMAZING!

Taj Oven:  Family owned and operated restaurant, that features delicious Indian cuisine, and a all-you-can-eat buffet, seven days a week.

Teriyaki Domo:  Small, family owned and operated restaurant, serves delicious teriyaki, tempura, and other wonderful Japanese favorites.

Awful Annie's Restaurant:  Historic Old Town Auburn atmosphere.  A local favorite, Annie's offers fantastic breakfast and lunch, served by friendly and attentive staff.

Crawfish Factory:  I am the fist paying customer on their "soft opening, and enjoy delicious fish and chips, clam chowder, and friendly service.

Waffle Square:  Weekday bargain breakfasts, served by friendly staff, in a comfortable dining room.  Bargain priced, but outstanding food!

Anchor's Fish and Chips:  Fish, chips, prawns, chicken, fried vegetables, it's all good at Anchors!  Delicious food, great service, and super friendly staff!

Original Mel's Diner:  Great food, chrome trim, nostalgic decor, Wolfman Jack posters, comfortable dining, along with fast and friendly service.

Vernon Street Grill and Deli:  Features burgers, sandwiches and more.  Open for breakfast.  Food is mediocre, the atmosphere is hostile, and this dive is on my "places-to-avoid" list.

Hot Doggin':  Gigantic hot dogs and more, served at the Placer Country Fair.  It's a June treat for all to enjoy!

Fat Dawg:  Small hot dog stand located in front of Home Depot, on Fairway Drive.  Serves several varities of hot dogs, street tacos, quesadillas, and a wide assortment of drinks.

LJ Caf:  Serves several varieties of hot dogs, including a not-so-authentic "Chicago Dog."  Located in front of Home Depot, on North Sunrise Ave.

No Name Hot Dogs:  Located at Joseph's Auction Yard, this new restaurant doesn't have a name, but they serve delicious hot dogs and hamburgers and the staff is super friendly.  CLOSED.

Lou La Bonte's:  Open for breakfast on weekends, Lou La Bonte's offers elegant 5, family-friendly dining, and a full-service bar.  CLOSED.

Mas Mexican Restaurant:  Central Mexican cuisine, friendly staff, and very comfortable dining.  The food is absolutely delicious!

Lorenzo's Mexican Restaurant:  The fastest service of any Mexican restaurant that I've ever seen!  Features delicious food, friendly people, and great service.

Owl Club:  Friendly staff, friendly patrons, safe, and a lot of fun, with 21 beers on tap, and lots more in bottles! Features delicious food at a very reasonable price.  Open again, under new management.

Nela's Mexican Restaurant:  Fresh, thick chips, delicious salsa, friendly people, and the food is as good as it gets. Located in downtown Roseville, east of the railroad tracks.

Adalberto's Mexican Food:  Vast menu selection, fastest service that I've seen, and good, but very basic food. Nearly "fast" Mexican food in Rocklin.

The Boxing Donkey:  Irish pub that features Irish pub grub, and more, Irish beer on tap, delicious food, and friendly service.

Diamond Plate Bar and Grill:  Sports bar that serves great food, and cold beer at a very reasonable price.  Offers friendly service and lots of television monitors.  

Bar 101 Eats and Drinks:  Sports bar atmosphere, located in the entertainment district of Roseville, offers good food, and a fun place to eat, drink, be merry, and meet friends.

Taqueria La Familia:  Family owned and staffed by friendly people, who treat you like family.  Delicious, authentic Mexican food.  Menudo on weekends!  Muy Sabroso...

La Bamba Tamales:  They left Joseph's Auction Town and relocated to Atkinson Street, so I just had to check out their new location.  Same friendly people, low prices, and delicious tamales!

Carmelita's Restaurant:  Features delicious, mainstream, Mexican 5, with all of the classics.  Full-service bar, and great service.

Tacos Corriendo:  Parked at same location every weekend, on Vineyard, near Denio's.  Serves tacos, tortas and tostadas.  Family owned and operated, and serves great food at rock-bottom prices.

Jack In The Box:  Yes, it's Jack's, and it's good, inexpensive, clean, and just like any other Jack's.  As seen on television, I enjoy a Soudough Cheesesteak Melt burger.

The Cheesecake Factory:  Noisy, busy and very crowded, but offers friendly, efficient service and delicious food.

McDonald's:  I spend a whopping $2.15 for breakfast!  Open at 0500 every day, and a perfect spot to grab a dollar cup of delicious coffee.

Foothills Doughnuts:  Small family owned and operated doughnut shop that serves delicious doughnuts and is staffed by friendly people

RC Willey:  During promotions, this big box store offers free, albeit basic, hot dogs.  You can't beat the price!

Dave's Dawgs:  Dave sets up his hot dog stand for special events, including parades, celebrations and catered events.  Offers delicious hot links, bratwurst, quarter pound dogs, and more...

Smokin' Hot Dog:  Small hot dog restaurant in Old town Roseville caters to the taste of the night clubbers, and features three varieties of big, juicy, delicious dogs, with lots of condiments.  CLOSED.

Hot Dog King:  Small hot dog restaurant in a west Roseville strip mall that specializes in a wide variety of hot dogs, including their famous Chili Cheese Dog, using a large Angus beef dog.  CLOSED.

Roseville Tortilla Factory:  They serve food!  But it's also a grocery store, and a taqueria, where they make fresh, in-house made tortillas from scratch.  Serves menudo on weekends...  CLOSED.

Plaza Jalisco:  Great food... family-friendly dining... great people... Plaza Jalisco offers outstanding Mexican food!

La Morentita Market and Taqueria:  Combines a Mexican grocery store and a taqueria, with a friendly staff that's happy to please... they'll prepare custom orders!  I enjoy a breakfast of great menudo...

El Parian Taqueria and Cantina:  One of the newer taquerias in Roseville, El Parian serves delicious, authentic, Mexican food in a spacious, family-friendly dining room.

Knucklehead Hot Dog Diner:  As seen on "Man vs. Food," Kucklehead offers outstanding hot dogs, and gives you the chance to become a knucklehead.  CLOSED.

Parker's Hot Dogs:  After a shutdown in the west Roseville location, they're back, under new owners, and feature a revamped menu of hot dogs that offers something for every hot dog lover.  CLOSED.

Papa Murphy's:  In anticipation of Superbowl Sunday, I order a "Papa Murphy's Favorite" pizza the day before the big game.  Great pizza, made fresh, in-house, and no state sales tax!

El Peol:  Serves authentic Mexican diner style 5, and is open only on weekends.  You don't have to travel south of the border to enjoy a loncheria style breakfast!  CLOSED.

El Azteca Taqueria:  Located in west Roseville, El Azteca is about as close as you can get to Mexico in Roseville in cuisine and deour.  One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in West Roseville.

Jalisco Grill:  Delicious Mexican 5, served by friendly people in a very upscale, comfortable restaurant.  When you walk into the door, you can leave your English behind, as this restaurant is a slice of Mexico.

Tacos de Guisados:   Am I really in Roseville, or am I in Roseville?  This place is authentic, down to the taco cart, the limited menu, and the girl who doesn't speak English.

El Abajeo Tacos: Once upon a time this restaurant was a busy taco truck, but as of 2008, all had changed, as now it's a sit-down restaurant.  The low prices and the delicious, authentic food haven't changed...

Milo's Cheesesteaks and Gyros:  Small restaurant that serves cheesesteaks, gyros, hamburgers and salads.  Great food, reasonable prices, and friendly staff.

Roundhouse Deli:  Great train watching, as the deli is located just across the street from Union Pacific's busy main line, and the Roseville engine service facility, and offers trackside dining, wonderful deli 5, and much more...

Beach Hut Deli:  Friendly staff, beach, "palapa" decor, and they serve one of the best deli sandwiches in Roseville, and it's a lot of fun to enjoy a sandwich at Beach Hut Deli...

Better Foods Deli:  They've been catering to Oakland Raiders football fans, and everybody else since 1970... and they offer delicious sandwiches, deli favorites and more... served by friendly people.

Taqueria Maria:  Great food, great salsa bar, large portions, outstanding for everything, and it offers a bonus, as the restaurant is located between a nail salon and a hair salon.  The bonus?  Scenery!!!

Taquera Los Altos:  Serves the widest variety of tacos that I've seen in Roseville, including tripas, sesos, buches, and more.  Friendly people, reasonable prices, patio dining and more...

Taqueria El Tapatio #9:  Good, authentic Mexican food, served by friendly people.  The dining room isn't fancy, but :you come to Taqueria El Tapatio for the food!

Onyx Club:  The beer is cold, the patrons are friendly, and my favorite bartendress, Heather, is always fun to talk to.  Today, I enjoy a wonderful snack and this great club!

Legends and Heroes Sports Bar:  Family friendly, with a "Cheers" atmosphere, Legends serves delicious food and lots of cold beer...

West House Bar and Nightclub:  Combine cold beer, friendly people, an awesome bar, and a great train-watching location, West House Bar and Nightclub is one of my favorite places to enjoy a cold beer.

Maron's Mexican Restaurant:  Maron's features authentic Mexican cuisine, delicious food, great prices and friendly people.  Open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... the place to go in Roseville for great Mexican food!

Jimboy's Tacos:  A favorite of the Roseville locals, this small restaurant serves bargain-priced tacos, with the corn tortillas dipped in parmesan cheese, which seems to be their trademark.

Kris' All American Korn Dogs:  Corn dogs, hot dogs, chili dogs and more, Kris features delicious dogs, reasonable prices and friendly people.  CLOSED.

French Quarters BBQ:  Unique, one-of-a-kind operation that dishes up delicious hot dogs, barbecue and a whole lot more.  CLOSED.

Woody's Chicago Style Hot Dogs:  Woody's serves Chicago-style hot dogs in front of many Lowe's stores, and I pay a visit to their Roseville location and enjoy a delicious hot dog, served with great condiments.  CLOSED.

Java Queen:  Located in a nondescript medical building in Roseville, Java Queen serves delicious hot dogs, polish dogs, and all sorts of coffee, iced drinks and smoothies.  CLOSED.

Chick-fil-A:  Forget your religious and political views, as Chick-fil-A serves delicious chicken in a family-friendly dining room, by staff members who actually care, and who will make you feel at home.

Susie's Country Oaks Caf:  The Granite Bay location features delicious food, great service, a "Cheers" atmosphere, and represents an outstanding dining value for your dollar...

Brookfield's Restaurant:  Family friendly dining, a menu that offers something for every taste, not to mention friendly service and great value... we love Brookfield's!

Denny's Restaurant:  We enjoy a wonderful breakfast at, the time of this writing, Denny's Restaurant's newest outlet.

Los Cabos Grill:  This taqueria is located in a new, upscale shopping center, yet it serves delicious, authentic Mexican 5 in elegant surroundings, at a low price that will astound you.

Taco Del Mar:  Del Mar is the closest to Mazatlan that a person can get while enjoying authentic Mexican beach 5 in Roseville.  Features fresh food made right before your eyes.  CLOSED.

Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant:  Considered by many locals to be one of the best Mexican restaurant in Roseville, Las Cazuelas is only open on weekends, and is located within Joseph's Auction Town.  CLOSED.

El Abajeo Tacos:  This busy taco truck sets up shop every weekend, on a vacant lot near Denio's Farmers Market, and serves delicious tacos non-stop all day long, for only $1.25 each!

Kazoku Teriyaki & More:  Small mom and pop restaurant, that features Japanese cuisine, served by friendly staff. Offers teriyaki, sukiyaki, tempura, and much more...

Matsuyama Japanese Fusion:  Delicious Japanese cuisine, with influences from other cultures, with a beautiful presentation, served by friendly people, in a comfortable dining room.

Philippine Cuisine:  Seasonal restaurant that operates during the Placer County Fair, this small restaurant serves great food, served by friendly staff.

Khobkoon Thai Cuisine:  Locally owned and operated, features delicious Thai cuisine, in a relaxed, family-friendly dining room.  Separate lunch and dinner menus.

Squeeze Inn:  Considered by many to produce the best burger in the greater Sacramento area, Squeeze Inn produces a delicious burger, surrounded by a "skirt" of fried cheese.

Mr. Subs:  Serves a decent, but very forgetable burger that's way overpriced, and features some of the worst customer service that I've experienced in a long time.  Unless you want to be insulted, avoid this dump...

Taco Tonayense:  This restaurant operates out of a taco truck, and operates on a vacant lot near the east end of Denio's Farmer's Market, and serves some of the best tacos that you'll eat north of Tijuana.  CLOSED.

Taquera Lacosta:  Features delicious tacos in a spotless dining room, located in an up-scale strip mall.  Outdoor dining as well, under shady oak trees.  CLOSED.  

Mariscos Colima:  This mom and pop restaurant specialzes in mariscos, yet they feature tacos, combination plates, and much more, and they're located next to famous Denio's flea market.  CLOSED.

Caf Delicias:  A favorite of the Roseville locals, this restaurant features authentic Mexican food, served in gorgeous surroundings, and is the perfect restaurant for family dining.

Mochas and More:  The word "more" means hot dogs, because this place dishes out more than mocas, they serve very fine hot dogs and Polish dogs, with all of the condiments.  CLOSED.

Caf Amore:  Located in in West Placer Business Park, in Roseville, CA, this hot dog restaurant is a hot dog lover's paradise, as owner Jandi serves hot dogs that will transport you to hot dog nirvana.  CLOSED.

Carolina's Mexican Food:  If you love delicious California-style Mexican food, Carolina's will keep you happy any time, any hour of the day, as they serve delicious Mexican food 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

Taqueria El Charro:  Do you like dollar tacos with authentic Mexican flavor?  Then Taqueria El Charro, in old town Roseville is the place to be, but leave your camera at home, as they don't care for photos...

Taqueria San Jose:  Authentic Mexican cuisine served everyday, they even serve menudo on weekends, which adds many points in my book.  CLOSED.

Leo's Kitchen:  Relaxed, family-friendly restaurant, which features an amazing menu of the most choices of Chinese food that I've ever seen.

India Market:  Small restaurant located inside of an Indian grocery store, India Market serves chaat and samosas, with a friendly smile.

CJF Chinese Fine Cuisine:  Delicious food, comfortable dining, great prices, and "Chef Edward" is one of the friendliest chef in Roseville.

ZS Indian Market:  Located inside a grocery store, ZS serves chaat, samosas, and more...

Denny's Caf:  Located in historic downtown Roseville, this mom-and-pop restaurant serves American and Chinese food, in retro surroundings.

Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que:  If you're looking for delicous barbecue, look no further than Lucille's for delicious barbecue, in a fun, family-friendly atnosphere.

Susie's Country Oaks Caf:  Open for breakfast and lunch only, Susie's Cirby Blvd. location features homestyle cooking, delicious food, and some of the friendliest staff that you'll ever have the pleasure to meet.

Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse:   Tahoe Joe's has it all:  Outstanding food, huge portions, friendly and efficient service, rustic, yet elegant decor, and unbelievably low prices.

Timbers Restaurant:  Elegant dining in Sun City, next to the golf course, Timbers features fine dining, a full service bar, weekend entertainment, and a wonderful view of the golf course and the Sierra Nevada Mountains...

Pho Vietnam Noodle Restaurant:  Sit-down, family-friendly, with delicious food, and super-friendly staff...   

P.F. Chang's China Bistro:  It's large, it's a chain, and it's noisy and crowded on weekends, but the food is good, and the atmosphere is fun, and it's a great place to dine with the family.

Bollywood Chaats and Sweets:  Small chaat and Indian bakery.  Unfortunately, it's now CLOSED.

Hong Kong Chinese Food:  Located at the "other" auction yard in Roseville, Hong Kong dishes out fantastic Chinese cuisine on weekends.  CLOSED, as of January, 2011.

Panda Restaurant:  Family owned and operated, we've been enjoying dine-in, and take-out food from this fine restaurant since we moved to Roseville, over 15 years ago.  Great food and great people.

Original Pete's Pizza_Pasta_Grill:  Features delicious pizza, pasta, salads, burgers and more, served in a sports bar-like atmosphere, by super friendly people.  Wide array of beer on tap for beer lovers!

Placer Pizza Company:  Upscale, comfortable dining, including a gorgous patio, but the price of their delicious pizza is the lowest in town.  Not to mention, their pizza is delicious!

Fast Freddie's Pizzz and Pasta:  Located in historic, oldtown Roseville, Freddie's serves a wide variety of pizza, pasta, with lots of cold beer on tap.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery:  We celebrate my retirement from AT&T at BJ's, enjoying great food, quality micro brew, and great company.

The Riverside Pizzeria:  Local, one-of-a-kind pizzeria, which serves delicious pizza, and staffed by very friendly people.

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