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For the last couple of months, during my daily walks, I've been watching this restaurant take shape, and grow from an empty shell of a former sandwich shop, to a much-desired seafood outlet in West Roseville.  Finally... October 29, 2014 came along with the "soft opening" of Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant, and, naturally, I was there, at opening time, and I was honored to be the first paying customer to "open" the brand new restaurant!

Photo:  Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 1445 in the afternoon.  The "NOW OPEN" banner is posted, and the neon "open" sign is lit, so I take a photo before I walk in.  Today was the "soft" opening of the restaurant, which was supposed to happen at 1500, but since the "open" sign was lit, and the door was open, I walked in, to be greeted by the friendly staff.

Photo:  After being an "outsider" looking in for the last several weeks - see the photos I took and posted during the restaurant's construction - this was the first photo I took, as an "insider" as I walked into the mostly-empty dining room, fifteen minutes before the restaurant's mostly unadvertised "soft" opening.

Photo:  One of the friendly wait staff Hailey took me aside and proudly pointed out the mural pained on the wall of the second dining room.  At first she was a tad camera shy, but I asked her to point out the mural for me, for the sake of "human interest" and she agreed, in the "intrest" of science and photography.  I can't resist taking photos of beautiful women!

Photo:  Chris was helpful, friendly and always the "go-to" guy, as I snap a photo of him dusting off lint from his black tee shirt.  

Photo:  I peeked through the swingin' door and took a photo of the kitchen.  I am a total sucker for kitchen shots of various restaurants that I visit.

Photo:  Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant is decorated with many interesting sculptures, including this quite provocative mermaid, which piqued my interest.

Photo:  Co-owner of the restaurant, Kit, came over to chat with me, and told me that I was the first paying customer, so I toasted him, and the new restaurant, with a Stella Artois beer.  Actually, I had planned on being the first paying customer since I found out about the "soft" opening of the restaurant, so this wasn't a big surprise to me.  Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant is only a tad over a mile from my place, so I walked both ways, so I didn't have to worry about enjoying a beer... or four!

Photo:  Since I just happened to be the first paying customer - by my design - co-owner Kit asked me if I'd consent to have my photo taken with a few staff members.  Not a problem for me, as this is a classic "beast" photo taken with beauty, and, naturally, I'm the "beast," as the others in the photo are truly beautiful.  Oh, how I love my photo to taken with beautiful women!  Due to the fact the World Series in baseball was going in on, the staff asked me my preference, and of course, I said "San Francisco Giants," rather than the Royals.  In baseball, later after my visit, the Giants went on to win the World Series.  Roseville is a very "Giants-friendly" area...

Photo:  My photo is snapped with co-owner Kit.  I told him that since he asked to snap my photo, as the first paying customer, that I'd like a photo snap in return.  Kit and all of the staff are super-friendly people, and at the "soft" opening of this wonderful restaurant, are eager to please.

Photo:  "Clam Chowder" is listed first on the "Get Started" section of the menu.  So, after ordering a beer, I ordered a bowl of clam chowder.  I must digress, as normally, since I was planning on a basket of fish and chips, I would rarely order clam chowder as an appetizer, as normally an order of fish and chips will keep me happy for HOURS. But today was special, as I was "opening" a new restaurant, to today was a "pig-out" occasion.  So I ordered a bowl of clam chowder as an appetizer... Mmmm... The chowder was delicious, thick, packed with clams, flavor and ... chowder!  I love the cilantro garnish!  Gee, this chowder is as good as it gets, and as "inland" as Roseville is, what the heck, as this chowder is delicious.  As a side note, with every beer you order, you get a frosted glass, which is a very nice touch.

Photo:  Family-friendly dining atmosphere, at Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant, in Roseville, Ca...

Photo:  From my seat at the bar, I can check out the big screen television action, and watch the wait staff at work. Yes, the dining room of Crawfish Factory has a definite "sports bar" feel, but it's a truly family-friendly dining atmosphere.

Photo:  Co-owner Kit poses behind the bar.  Unlike many restaurants that post "market value" for their wares, Crawfish Factory posts the price of their "market value" on a board behind the menu, so your "market" price isn't a secret, and you don't get an unwelcome surprise when you pay your bill.  Yes, I truly realize that seafood, and other commodities change prices on a daily basis, and I commend Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant for being honest , and timely about the price they charge for "market value" items on their menu.

Photo:  From my view at the counter, I photo a skillet of ... seafood? ... Menu items are prepared in the kitchen, and placed at a window, where the wait staff picks up the item to deliver to the dining room.  During my conversation with co-owner Kit, he told me the fish, veggies and other items on the menu are prepared from fresh, ingredients.  Yes, Roseville isn't near the ocean, but considering it's the year 2014 and our transport system is highly developed, it doesn't mean that seafood can't be fresh!  Oh yes, at Crawfish Factory, the seafood is fresh!

Photo:  An hour after the "soft" opening, the restaurant's main dining room is quite full.  

Photo:  My order, from the "Off The Factory" section of the menu arrives, which is Fish and Chips.  How can you go to a fish restaurant and not enjoy fish and chips?  

Photo:  "Me," complete with my third beer, the bowl of clam chowder, and my basket of fish and chips.

Photo:  I was still enjoying my clam chowder when the main portion of my dinner, the fish and chips - fries - arrived. Photo shows it all... delicious!!!

Photo:  From the "Off The Factory" side of the menu, a basket of fish and chips is priced at $12.00, as of this writing, October 29, 2014.  You get three pieces of fish, and a HUGE portion of fries.  The fish is cooked perfectly, as it's battered and fried to a golden brown, but inside, the meat is juicy and tender.  The same can be said for the fries.  The fish and chips from the "Off The Factory" menu can best be described as... DELICIOUS!  Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant scores!!!

What an honor to be able to "softly" open a brand-new seafood restaurant!  Especially since I've been able to watch and photograph the restaurant grow, and become the wonderful restaurant that it is.  The staff is friendly, and will welcome you, and treat you like family, the dining room is comfortable, beautiful, and decidedly "upscale," and the food is something to rave about.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant!

Click on this link to see photos that I've taken over the last couple of months of Crawfish Factory in various stages of construction. Quite interesting!

Crawfish Factory Seafood Restaurant
1251 Baseline Rd. Suite #100
Roseville, CA 95747
916 784-2729

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