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Rumors about new restaurants tend to spread quickly around Roseville, mostly by social media... it's no 2016, and who doesn't utilize social media?  I first heard about Cheese Louise in December of last year, and I eagerly watched for them to open.  They opened in March, but were only serving coffee, smoothies and pastries, which didn't attract my interest.  I checked back with them a couple of times, and each time, the manager told me the owner was "working on the sandwich menu."  I "friended" them on Facebook, and a couple of months ago, they posted that sandwiches had arrived, and now it was my time to visit Cheese Lousie in downtown Roseville.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Cheese Louise is located in the heart of downtown Roseville, across the street from Roseville's Civic Center, the New Town Square, and near the historic Tower Theater.  This fine restaurant features comfortable indoor and sidewalk dining, and it's a fine place to sip a soft drink, or coffee, and people watch the action in downtown Roseville.  If you're familiar with Roseville, you may recall this was the site of the former Extreme Java Jungle Café, which shut it's doors three years ago.  As an aside, rumors had it that Cheese Louise and Extreme Java Jungle Café were going to share the restaurant, but it never happened, and now Cheese Louise is in the location by themselves.

Photo:  View of the restaurant from the front door.  It's 10 o'clock on Saturday morning, July 09, 2016, and the restaurant is quite busy, as the weekly Farmer's Market is happening at the Civic Center, across the street.  Note the gas-fired stove that dominates the center of the room.  Since Cheese Louise offers free, fast WiFi, and comfortable couches, I was a bit mystified that the couches weren't centered around the stove.  However, on this warm July morning, the stove wasn't lit.  I can't call this a dining room, as it definitely has café ambience and atmosphere, and despite the large size of the room, it's quite cozy.

Photo:  Brady, a very friendly guy, took my order, and takes care of the counter.  There are three menu boards placed above the counter.  Coffee/tea drinks on the left, sandwiches in the center, and the right board was blank. Some of the pastry counter can be seen to the left of the photo - I have no interest in pastries - and the hand-printed smoothies menu can be seen in the center of the photo.  A basket of individual size potato chips and a basket of fruit are on the counter, if that strikes your fancy.  Note the soft drink cup on the counter - Cheese Louise serves Coca Cola products - you purchase the cup, and your drinks are free, which is the way I like it.

Like a taqueria, you walk up to the counter, make your choice from the menu, pay for your order, and when it's ready, your order will be brought to your table.  Tips aren't mandatory, nor are they expected, but they're appreciated, and there is a tip jar on the table.  I put a couple of bucks in the jar in appreciation to the friendly service, and the willingness of the staff answering my many questions, and allowing me to take photos.

It was interesting to note that the staff was mostly young men, and only one lady, about my age, working the restaurant today.

Photo:  Today's sandwich menu, written chalk, on an "old school" blackboard.  It looks like changes to the menu would be easy, as all the staff would have to do is erase a selection, and write in a new one. It works for me... Actually, Cheese Louise is very "old school" as the only nod to the 21st Century that I noted is the digital cash register, and the fact that orders are processed on iPads.

Photo:  The kitchen is semi-open, as there is a table that looks directly into the kitchen, so you can watch the staff at work.

Photo:  Cheese Louise offers a variety of seating, including counter, sofa, table, stage seating, and high, barrista-style tables.  I like to "get up in the world," so I chose to seat at one of the high tables, so I could enjoy my surroundings, and watch the café-style action.  If I could pan the photo to the right, you'd be able to see the action happening on Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville.

Photo:  If you're into people-watching, and viewing the goings-on in downtown Roseville, Cheese Lousie is your kind of place, as there are large windows that look out on the street, and many tables and counters that offer panoramic views of all the action.  On this Saturday morning, the weekly Farmer's Market is happening at the Civic Center, across the street, and you can view all of the action from Cheese Louise.  There is no hurry, as you can linger over your coffee or soft drink as long as the mood lasts...

Photo:  After paying for my order, the wait time was only about five minutes, and I barely had time to take photos before my order arrived.  Great service!

Photo:  On my request, the gal who brought my order snapped my photo.  Thanks!

Photo:  From the menu posted on the blackboard, I ordered the "Real Reuben" sandwich, and for the additional $3.00, I decided to "make it a combo" in order to add fries, and unlimited refills of Coca Cola products, in my case, classic Coca Cola.

The sandwich was cooked panini style, as you can see from the classic grill marks.  The rye bread was buttered, and the sandwich included beef pastrami, Swiss and American cheese.  There was a good portion of pastrami, and a very good portion of melted cheese.  The fries were cooked perfectly, and seasoned with the right amount of salt. The portion was ample, and the meal was delicious.  I was happy with my meal, and felt it was a good value. However, I do have a few minor "nits" to pick...

*  Reuben sandwiches are supposed to have sauerkraut.  Where was the sauerkraut?
*  Classic Reuben sandwiches use corned beef.
*  Where was the Russian dressing?

There are many variations of a Reuben sandwich, so I suppose this is Cheese Louise's version of the classic sandwich, so perhaps I'm being overly critical.  I enjoyed my meal, and I enjoyed my dining experience at this fine restaurant in downtown Roseville.

Dining at Cheese Louise is a delightful experience!  I enjoyed my Reuben sandwich, and it was a lot of fun to look out the large windows, and watch the "action" in downtown Roseville, especially on this Saturday morning when the downtown Farmer's Market was in full-swing across the street.  If you're looking for a great sandwich, and a pleasant place to sip a soft drink, or coffee, mocha or tea in downtown Roseville, stop by Cheese Louise.

Cheese Louise
400 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 412-9374

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