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Every weekend is a special occasion at CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill, located in Rocklin, CA, as breakfast is served beginning at 08:00 every Saturday and Sunday morning!  There is no better way get your weekend "jump started" than to enjoy a delicious breakfast in a spacious dining room, or at the full-service bar as you chat with the friendly staff, and watch the chefs perform their magic in the open kitchen.  Weekends are truly a grand occasion for "foodies" and all those who appreciate a "top shelf" breakfast.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Weekends are special at CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill, located in Rocklin, CA, as breakfast is served between the hours of 08:00 in the morning until 13:00 in the afternoon.  The restaurant opens at noon on weekdays for lunch and dinner, and as the name of the business implies, there is lots of pizza on the menu, along with burgers, salads, calzones, sandwiches and much more.

I've arrived shortly after 09:00 on Saturday morning, April 09, 2022 to enjoy my first breakfast at CJ's.

CJ's has been under the current ownership since 2019, and has become a favorite breakfast restaurant for Rocklin locals, and "foodies" who enjoy a great breakfast at a reasonable price.

Photo:  Outside, there is a welcoming sign that lets you know that breakfast is featured on weekends.  I'm always ready to enjoy football, but it's April...

Photo:  As you walk in the restaurant, the full service bar will greet you, as it's the centerpiece of the restaurant.  A friendly staff member will greet you, and invite you to sit any place of your choosing.  On this mid-Saturday morning, I was surprised to the bar seated, but the bar was comfortable and the company of the staff and fellow diners was friendly and welcoming.

CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill is locally owned and operated, and is NOT a chain restaurant, and is a true reflection of the core values embraced by western Placer County residents.  Everyone is welcome and treated like family, but if you want to wear  your "gang colors" don't bother to come inside, as you will find this is not "your" kind of restaurant, and does not cater to your habits.  There is even a place at the bar for man's best friend!

Photo:  The showcase of the dining is the large, "u-shaped" bar, with ample seating, and a great view of the open kitchen on the far side.  If you choose not to seat at the bar, there are many tables, which can be rearranged to accommodate large groups, along with tall bar tables, with matching chairs.

The restaurant definitely hosts a "sports bar" atmosphere, as there are countless television monitors tuned to sporting events, or the local news.  When major sports events are broadcast, the monitors are tuned to every game, so when you enjoy a great meal at CJ's, you won't miss any of the action.  The dining room is large, comfortable and very friendly.

The gentleman seated at the bar, at the far right is the owner of the restaurant, Chris, while the gentleman to the extreme left of the photo, watching the blue television monitor is Mike.  Chris welcomed my camera, along with my questions, and Mike, who is a regular customer, came over to chat with me, and welcome me to the restaurant. This fine restaurant exhibits Rocklin local hospitality!

Photo:  Rocklin is located on the extreme eastern edge of the Sacramento Valley in the lower Sierra Nevada foothills, and game hunting, including mule deer, upland game and waterfowl is a popular pastime among hunting enthusiasts.  The decor of CJ's features many beer signs, posters, mirrors, and countless television monitors, but after you've been informed of the score of your favorite game that's on the monitors, your eyes may wander to the many mounted game trophies, including a mule deer that's wearing a hat.

The mounted trophies add to the "rustic," yet "sports bar" atmosphere, and reflect the core values of most residents of western Placer County.  However, the mounted animals could offend some diners,  especially those who are native to, and are accustomed to living in a large, urban environment. Rocklin may be only two hours from San Francisco, but it's world's apart in every core value.

Photo:  Outside the main dining room, there is a large patio, protected from the elements, that is lighted, and heated by propane heaters.  Your friendly dog is welcome to enjoy the patio with you, as there are bowls provided to help "Fido" enjoy the good times with you.

Photo:  Breakfast is offered weekends, and the menu lists all of your breakfast favorites.  The entire menu grabbed my interest, especially the leading item, "Steak and Eggs," but I ended up taking a slightly more conservative path, as today was my first day enjoying breakfast at this fine restaurant.

Photo:  Shortly after placing my order of "CJ's Special," a box of condiments was placed at my seat at the bar for me to enjoy with my breakfast.  My breakfast was simply amazing, and didn't require additional enhancements, but a dash or two of Cholula is always welcome on eggs or hash brown potatoes.

Photo:  I simply adore an open kitchen, so I can watch the talented chefs at work.  Both chefs on this Saturday morning seem to relish my photo taking.

Photo:  I sit at the bar as I enjoy the fine atmosphere, friendly hospitality and fine company at CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill.  CJ's is a favorite "hangout" of Rocklin locals, and has achieved a reputation as a "go-to" restaurant to enjoy amazing food and friendly company.

Photo:  My breakfast was ready, lightning fast, in about fifteen minutes after I'd placed my order.  The chefs placed my completed plate on the kitchen window, and rang an "old school" bell, "ding dong" style, to let my friendly server, Cory, know my order was ready.  The chefs at CJ's have culinary talent, and you will enjoy your amazing meal, prepared with skill and thoughtfulness.

Photo:  Meet Cory, my amazingly friendly host, who delivered my delicious breakfast to me with a smile.  I was taken away by the fast service, as my breakfast was ready for me to enjoy in only 15 minutes or so after I placed my order.

Photo:  I'm all smiles as I prepare to enjoy my delicious breakfast at CJ's, even as "photobombing" happened, which simply added to the fun, character and friendly atmosphere this amazing restaurant promotes.

Photo:  From the "CJ's Signature Breakfasts" section of the weekend breakfast menu, I went with "CJ's Special," as since today was my first day to enjoy breakfast at CJ's, the "special" seemed like a great place to begin.

The menu describes this delicious breakfast as, "Two eggs, any style with a side of ham, bacon or sausage, country potatoes or hash browns, and your choice of toast (white, wheat, sourdough, rye, or English muffin.)  So many choices... so many difficult decisions!  I chose my eggs to be fried sunnyside up, hash browns, a side of ham, and an option cup of gravy, from the "Breakfast Sides" of the menu.  How could anybody resist adding a cup of gravy to such a fine breakfast?

The side of ham turned out to be a thick, half slice, tender, juicy and perfectly fried.  When I say tender, I mean "fork tender" as the knife was simply "window dressing" as the slice of ham was easily cut to size using my fork.  It was simply delicious!

Hash browns can be tricky to create perfectly, as there is a very fine line between being "mushy" or "dry," but the chef knows his trade, as the hash brown potatoes were fried to perfection, crispy, slightly crunchy golden brown on the outside, and white, moist and tender inside, just the way superior hash browns are supposed to be.  My sunnyside eggs arrived perfectly as ordered - sunnyside up - which, albeit is the easiest way to prepare a fried egg. Like the hash browns, the eggs were perfect.

How can you rave about toast?  In the case of CJ's, it's easy to rave, as my two slices of sourdough toast were perfectly toasted and covered with melted butter, with added flavor, along with soft texture inside, which contrasted perfectly with the toasted texture on the outside.  Yes, I can rave about the toast!

And then there was the optional side of gravy... Yes, it was an extra $2.50, but if you even "like" breakfast gravy, you simply MUST order a side of CJ's gravy!  It was thick, sausage gravy, seasoned perfectly, cooked to perfection, and the taste was simply phenomenal!  This was some of the best breakfast gravy that I have enjoyed in my many years of dining in western Placer County, and you simply can't pass up a side of gravy at CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill, for your weekend breakfast enjoyment!

Friends, acquaintances and strangers have commented on the delicious breakfast that CJ's serves, and I agree, as the breakfast I enjoyed today was simply delicious!  The quality was outstanding, the portion size was up to par, and the "breakfast experience" was, shall we say...? ... priceless.  

At CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill, known among the Rocklin locals as "CJ's," you'll enjoy an amazing breakfast, served by friendly staff in a sports bar atmosphere.  The breakfast is as good as it gets, the staff and fellow diners are super friendly and welcoming, and it's a great restaurant to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, among good company.  And then there's the gravy...

Start you weekend with a "kick" and enjoy a delicious breakfast at Cj's Pizza Bar and Grill, located in Rocklin, CA.]

CJ's Pizza Bar and Grill
3221 Stanford Ranch Rd. Suite #200
Rocklin, CA 95765
916 436-3663

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