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Are you on a budget?  Do you like authentic tacos?  Well, if you're in old Roseville, you should check out Taqueria El Charro, as their tacos feature the authentic taste of Mexico, at prices that won't break the family budget.


Photo:  Taqueria El Charro, on a rainy February morning in 2006, in Oldtown Roseville.

Roseville, Ca has really been promoting it's "old-town" district, as the part of downtown, west of  the railroad tracks has recently been promoted from skid-row to a new, somewhat "trendy" section of town, where specialty shops. boutiques, nightclubs and restaurants prevail.  Taqueria El Charro is located on the corner of Lincoln and Church Streets, so they're right in the center of "oldtown."  El Charro fits into this profile, as it is both a restaurant and a bakery, or more properly translated, in Spanish for bakery, panaderia.  However, the bakery items consist of a small, cooled display case, where only pastries resided.  Heck, I was expecting fresh tortillas and bolillos, so I was somewhat disappointed


Photo:  The friendly order taker taking my order, at the counter, clearly showing the spotless kitchen in the background.  I should say that the gentleman was friendly, until I produced my camera and started taking photos.

Food, like most other Mexican restaurants in our area, is ordered at the counter.  Above the counter, there is a large sign that displays their menu, both in English and Spanish.  As in other taquerias in the area, you can leave your English at the door.


Photo:  Taqueria El Charro's menu is quite extensive, and it's posted above the window to the kitchen, where orders are placed.  These dudes are watching me take photos, with a good deal of apprehension and suspicion.

They have an excellent selection of tacos; almost everything that you could ask for that's available in the U.S..  I ordered from their extensive menu a tripe taco and a fish taco, para llavar.   However, when it came time to take photographs, there were muchas problemas.  I was asked, very politely, to refrain from taking photographs, even after explaining to them my mission in life:  To publish an article on the Internet about their restaurant.  Muchas problemas.

However the total bill came to $2.25, including tax; a bargain in the U.S. and prices that can only be compared to Mexico.   Are Taqueria El Charro's tacos good?  Yes!  And a resounding, YES!!


Photo:  Taco de tripa on the left, and a fish taco on the right.  Despite the "no picture" taking policy of the restaurant, these tacos were great, but I doubt if I'll ever visit the restaurant again.

Their tacos are great and the service is excellent, however their "picture taking" policy left a bad taste in my mouth, even after eating their delicious-tasting  tacos   I doubt that I'll ever return to their restaurant, as my policy is "If I pay to eat your food, I'll take your picture, and I'll give you free publicity on my web site..."  Enough said.

Taqueria El Charro
348 Lincoln St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 780-7783

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