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Yes, it's a bit out of my character, but on Saturday, December 28, 2013, I enjoyed a dinner with my wife, mother-in-law,  step-daughters and grandson.  Great food, wonderful service, but noisy, and crowded atmosphere...

Photo:  Such a lovely Saturday evening in Roseville!  The Cheesecake Factory is located in the Roseville Galleria mall, and is a popular place on this clear Saturday evening in late December.

Photo:  On this early Saturday evening, the restaurant was packed, crowded and noisy, with the televisions at the bar turned to sporting events.

Photo:  Our waiter, Hank, takes Casey's order.  The restaurant was very busy, but the service was friendly and efficient.  Our food arrived in a timely manner.  Great service and delicious food, but a bit noisy and "upscale" for my tastes.

Photo:  You can look into the kitchen without getting in the way of the staff, which is always a nice touch.  This kitchen is GIANT, and is one of the largest restaurant kitchens I've seen in Roseville.  I certainly would like to know how they are able to keep track of every order, and prepare the orders to taste.  The Cheesecake Factory knows that they are doing!

Photo:  Sharlene's order of pizza included a side dish, and she chose a fresh, tossed-green salad.  The Romaine lettuce certainly adds a classy touch!

Photo:  Sharlene ordered a small, "Tomato, Basil and Cheese" pizza, and took half of it home in a box.  She loved it, but couldn't eat it all.  For some reason, only known to The Cheesecake Factory, "personal size" pizzas are only offered for lunch.

Photo:  My "Old Fashioned Burger" arrived open-faced, which is always good for photography.  I ordered it cooked medium, and that was the way it was cooked, TO PERFECTION!  Refer to my comment under the kitchen photo... how do they do it?  This was a quality, delicious, and very filling burger, and a "class act" in all respects. I normally order a salad, but since this was my first visit to The Cheesecake Factory, I had to go with the fries, as fries are a good way to judge the quality of a restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory passed the muster!

Photo:  Tonight's gathering of family, from left to right, Donna Fontes, Jacquie Bower, Casey Pelfrey, Paris Marklovich, Sharlene Rench and Eric Rench.

Noisy and crowded on a early Saturday evening... not my "scene."  But, the service was friendly, and the burger was delicious... but at $10.95, I definitely PAID for the burger.  Oh yes... $3.95 for the beer, and since I'm a "gentleman," I added a 15% gratuity to the check, for the wonderful service.  Like I said, the burger was good, the service was friendly, but "Cheesecake" is just not my kind of restaurant.  Sorry...

The Cheesecake Factory
1127 Galleria Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 781-3399

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