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I will assume that you're a resident of the beautiful city of Roseville, California, located in West Placer County, which is probably one of the most desirable place to live in the state of California, and I'll also assume that you love Mexican food, as can you name me a resident in California who doesn't love Mexican food?  OK, it's 4 in the morning, and "once more the dawning, just woke the want-to's in me..."  ... yes that line if from an old Faron Young country song that I still love... anyway,  you're in the mood for Mexican food.  But where can you find in Roseville at that weird hour?  Problem solved:  Carolina's Mexican Food, located on Douglas Blvd. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, for your Mexican dining needs.

Left:  Carolina's is attractive, and features outdoor dining, and lots of parking.  Right:  The menu is posted above the counter at the order station, and the kitchen is behind the counter.

Carolina's combines traditional Mexican cuisine with fast food, as they operate a very busy drive-through window, along with a traditional dining room, and they also offer a few outdoor tables, shaded from the Sacramento valley sun by umbrellas, which is a nice touch.  Their menu is posted above the ordering counter, but they also have small printed menus that you can order from, and take with you when you leave.  Their menu is all over the page, as far as California-style Mexican cuisine is concerned, as their menu features breakfast burritos, served any time of day, breakfast plates, daily specials, combination plates burritos, tacos, chimichangas, enchiladas, tostadas, tortas, nachos, and much more...  

Carolina's is a small chain of five restaurants that operates in the greater Sacramento area.  Like many "sort of" fast food, California-style Mexican restaurants, you walk in to the restaurant, and you ponder your choice of food from the large, lighted menu that placed above the kitchen/order window.  You make you choice to the friendly order taker/cashier, pay for your meal, and then you have a seat at the table of your choice.  As you're waiting for your order to be prepared, you can treat yourself to the chips and salsa bar, which is an institution in most restaurants in Carolina's genre.  Oh yes, you can speak either English or Spanish, as both languages are spoken fluently at Carolina's.

Left:  Darn!  I missed the Friday lunch special, posted on a white board, as I entered the restaurant.  Right:  This girl seems to busiest person in the restaurant, as she takes orders, and fills them from the drive-up window.

So I pondered their extensive menu, final settling on a fish taco, as I hadn't had a decent fish taco since my last visit to Mexico, in March. I ordered from the order counter, but noted that their kitchen was in back out the counter, and their drive through girl was very busy, as it seemed a good deal of their business was from the drive through crowd.  After paying $2.75 for one fish taco, I made my way over to the salsa bar, to grab some chips and salsa, at sit at a table while waiting for my order.  Surprise!  I had just began to enjoy my chips and salsa, when my order was called out by the friendly counter girl, in the format of "One fish taco!"  My order arrived in a styrafoam container, placed on a styrafoam plate.  No frills, but you don't need ammonites to enjoy good food.

The day was mild, with temperatures in the mid-70's, so I elected to enjoy my meal outside on one of their shaded tables, where you can enjoy your fine meal, and watch the endless parade of traffic, that flows down busy Douglas Blvd.  

Here's a plus, if you're a menudo lover:  They serve menudo on Saturday and Sundays.  I haven't had the pleasure to sample some of their menudo, but when I get the chance, I'll post a review on this web site.

Photo:  Oh boy!  This is one gigantic fish taco, served on two corn tortillas, garnished with diced tomatoes, white onions, cilantro, shredded cabbage, and topped with Baja-style mayonnaise.  Gee I forgot to mention that this taco contains two gigantic portions of fish, breaded  and deep fried, Baja California style.  Color this taco good!

Although somewhat overpriced, I noted that my fish taco consisted of two large pieces of battered fish, deep-fried in true Baja style, garnished with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, diced white onions, cilantro, topped with mayonnaise-based sauce, presented on two corn tortillas.  All in all, Carolina's serves a very delicious fish taco, which rivals some of the fish tacos that I've eaten in Ensenada, Baja California, and that pretty well describes how delicious a fish taco can be.  Combine Carolina's with fast food convenience, 24/7 access, reasonable prices, and delicious food, it's a place that you might want to frequent.  Again... and again...  We highly recommend Carolina's Mexican Food!

Carolina's Mexican Food
1012 Douglas Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 781-2022.

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