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Capriotti's Sandwich Shop is a national chain of restaurants, specializing in subs, sandwiches and salads, that opened a location in Roseville, last July.  Capriotti's is a change in Placer County cuisine, as the restaurant offers a very definite "east coast slant" to their fine lineup of sandwiches, subs and more.  Since I'm always interested in exploring new cuisine, Capriotti's Sandwich Shop was a "natural" for me, on this late Monday morning in mid April.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's just a little past 11:00 in the morning, on Monday, April 18, 2022, and I've arrived at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, located in the Granite Bay area of Roseville, CA to enjoy a delicious lunch, with an "east coast" flair.

Capriotti's started out as a simple "mom and pop" sandwich shop in Wilmington, DE, back in the mid-1970's, and during the next couple decades, expanded to many states, and all the way to the west coast.  The Roseville location of Capriotti's opened back in late June, 2021.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the order counter, with the video menu located on the wall.  The friendly staff will greet you, and if you have any questions about the menu, will be more than happy to help explain.

Sandwiches are available in four sizes:  Half, small, medium and large.  So... how do you choose?  There are examples on the counter, so it's easy to see which size to choose, depending upon your appetite.

The restaurant operates on what I call the "taqueria format," in that you choose your selection from the overhead menu, pay for your order, and give your name to the friendly cashier.  Then... you pick the table of your choice, and wait for your order.  When your order is ready, your name will be called and you pick it up from the friendly cashier, with a smile.

Photo:  Near the order counter, there is a display of sandwich rolls, condiments, and an add from the menu, highlighting the "Flat Fries" the restaurant offers.

Photo:  The menu is posted on a well-lighted video monitor, behind the kitchen, and offers cheese steaks, sandwiches, "America Wagyu," classics, and more, all in the style of Delaware, and the east coast.  Capriotti's Sandwich Shop is a great addition to the Roseville dining scene!

There aren't any printed menus, and besides he video display, the menu is advertised online, on the restaurant's website, where online orders, and deliveries are available and encourage.  

Photo:  The dining room is long and narrow, with the serve-yourself soda machine in the rear.  There is a long bench lining the wall for seating, with tables and chairs, making for very informal dining.  The dining room is small, but it's comfortable and compact.  

If you prefer to dine outside, there are a couple of tables located outside the restaurant.  During my meal, I noticed that most orders were "to-go," which seems to be the trend in dining, in mid-April, 2022, especially among younger diners.

Photo;  I noticed a sign in the dining room that promotes the cellphone and website application the restaurant offers.  I didn't try out the application, as I was dining in person, but the information is listed at the end of this article.

Photo:  The restaurant features an open kitchen, so you can watch the talented chefs prepare your order.  Today, I'm watching my "Capriotti's Classic Cheese Steak" cooking on their grill.

Photo:  Meet Adriana, my friendly hostess, who brought my lunch to me with a smile.  All orders actually arrive in the "to-go" fashion, as that seems to be the preferred mode of delivery.  My delicious sandwich and fries were prepared as I watched, and ready in about 10 minutes after I placed my order.  Fast service!!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I take my lunch of "Capriotti's Classic Cheesesteak," and"Naked Fries." out of the bag, as Adriana snaps my photo.  I'm smiling, as I know I'll be enjoying a great lunch!  The service was very fast, as I delicious lunch arrived about 10 minutes after I placed my order.

Photo:  Since it was a lovely spring day in mid-April, I decided to relocate my dining outside to a table, in front of the restaurant.  Thanks to a friendly passerby who snapped my photo, on my request.

Photo:  From the "top" of the menu, in the leading "Cheese Steaks" section, I went with "Capriotti's Classic Cheesesteak," along with a side of "Naked Fries."  Cheese steaks come in four sizes, from half-size to large, and I went with the "medium" which is a hearty 8" sandwich.  This is a classic, "philly cheesesteak" sandwich, that the menu describes as, "Grilled choice steak, mushrooms, onions, white American cheese, and your choice of hot or sweet peppers." I went BOTH the optional sweet and hot peppers, as I always LOVE to add something extra to any meal that I enjoy.

The eight-inch sandwich was based on a classic roll, which was fresh, hearty, and slightly on the sweet side, and very lightly toasted.  Thinly sliced, seasoned, marinated, and perfectly grilled steak, in the style of Philadelphia, made for outstanding meat to, as the menu reads, "feed your soul."  The sandwich was coated with lots of white, melted American cheese, which added a rich, gooey, delicious texture to the sandwich.  Diced onion, sliced mushrooms, and the diced hot and sweet peppers added "philly flavor" to this delicious sandwich.  East coast meets west coast at Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, in Roseville!

The side of "Naked Fries" was definitely "east coast," as the fries were something very different than you see in Placer County, or anywhere in California, and were definitely "philly" fries.  The fries were large slices of potato, thinly sliced, deep fried and lightly salted.  The fries were delicious, and had a definite "crunch" to them, but were tender, chewy and delicious.  "Naked Fries" made for a great side to your sandwich!

The combination of a "Capriotti' Classic Cheesesteak" with a side of "Naked Fries" made for a simply delicious, and very filling lunch!  The sandwich was simply delicious, and the talented chef "nailed" the correct balance of meat, bread, veggies and cheese, to make for a perfect sandwich.  The fries added to the meal, to make today's lunch a truly enjoyable occasion, and a lunch to remember.

This is "east coast" style "philly cheese steak" any way you look at it, and Capriotti's Sandwich Shop takes their Delaware roots, and serves a cheese steak sandwich like you won't find anywhere else in the greater Sacramento area.  Love it!

Photo:  My sandwich was cut in half, so I took it apart so I could admire the goodness it had to offer.  If you're a lover of a "philly cheese steak," you'll love this fine restaurant.  The sandwich and fries made for a delicious "east coast" style lunch, which makes for a welcome change of pace.

The sandwiches are skillfully prepared, as you watch the friendly staff in action, thanks to the open kitchen.  The food is delicious, the portion is ample, the service is fast and friendly, and the ambiance is pure "east coast."  

When you're in the mood for a delicious sandwich, with a "east coast" flair, think of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, located in the Granite Bay area of Roseville, CA.  You'll enjoy the cuisine of Philadelphia, and service with a smile!

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop
4060 Douglas Blvd.
Granite Bay, CA 95746
916 742-7688

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