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Bruci's Cheesesteaks and Subs is a small chain of owner-franchised restaurants, seeming to have branched out from the Pacific Northwest, with two locations in the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville, CA.  Bruchi's is noted for specializing in amazing east-coast style cheesesteaks, but when it comes to burgers, you won't find a better burger anywhere in Roseville.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Bruchi's Cheesesteak and Subs is located in the TJ Maxx Center, on busy Douglas Blvd., in Roseville, CA. This suburban shopping center offers lots of convenient, safe and free parking, and is home to several other restaurant including Taqueria El Burrito, where I've enjoyed their fine Mexican cuisine several times.  

It's a little past the 10:30 in the morning opening time, Saturday, June 18, 2022, and I have burgers on my mind on this late morning in mid-June.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, there is a low partition that directs you to the order counter.  The dining room is quite spacious, and the furniture is mostly tables, with a few tall "bar tables" with matching tall chairs, and a few booth lining the walls.  There are several television monitors which, during today's visit, were tuned to baseball.  The dining room exhibits a definite "sports bar" feel, and is modern, squeaky-clean, and inviting.

I "opened up" the restaurant on this late Saturday morning, and for a few minutes, I had the entire restaurant to myself, which makes for great photo taking.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the counter, and if also available online, on the restaurant's web site - listed at the end of this article - and also on a printed brochure, to make it easy for "to-go" orders.

I've posted the complete menu, which you can enjoy by clicking on the image, or clicking on this link.  No worries, as you'll be quickly transported back to the main article.

Bruchi's operates on what I call the "taqueria format" in that you choose your selection from the overhead menu, pay for it at the counter, and in return, you'll receive a receipt with your name on it.  You choose any table that your heart desires, and when your order is ready, it will be brought to your table by one of the cheerful staff.

My friendly hostess, Meagan takes my order, and rings me up.  Daily specials are posted on an "old school" chalk board on the wall, but today the only special was "Bruchi Beer" for $3.00 a pint, which is truly "special" in my "book."  How many restaurant in mid-2022 offer a pint of beer, from the tap, in a frosted glass for $3.00?

Notice the beer taps, that offer several varieties of beer, for your enjoyment.

Photo:  Besides the all-you-can-drink and serve-yourself soda fountain, there is a condiment table, with small packages of mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.  Self-serve "Bruchi Sauce," along with ketchup are in large pump containers, with little plastic cups with matching lids to pump it into, to bring to your table, or take a little home with you.  There are two squeeze bottles with barbecue sauce, and a tower holding all-you-can-grab napkins.  In my case, as I enjoyed my "Triple Buchi Burger," I went through lots of napkins!

Photo:  Meet friendly Johnny, the talented chef who's master of the kitchen, as he grills my three burger patties and toasts the buns.  Johnny is a nice guy and has talent in the kitchen. The kitchen is open, so you can watch Johnny create your amazing food.

Photo:  Johnny put the finishing touches on my burger, as he "plates" it, and gives it to Meagan, who will shortly be delivering this fine burger to my table.  Note the "burger dome" which knowledgeable burger chefs use to evenly melt cheese, and seal in the steamy juiciness of a great burger patty.

Photo:  Jumping forward just a bit, Chef Maria came in around 11:00 and went to work with Johnny, creating amazing cheesesteaks.

Photo:  Meet Meagan, my amazingly friendly hostess, who brought my lunch to me with a smile.  During the wonderful hour or so I spent at this fine restaurant, Meagan offered great service and treated me like family.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I smile as I get ready to enjoy my amazing lunch at Bruchi's Cheesesteaks and Subs, located in the TJ Maxx Center, in Roseville, CA.  Yes, I ate all of this amazing lunch, and it kept me going for the rest of the day.

Photo:  My lunch of a "Triple Buchi Burger," large order of "Crinkle Cut Fries," a "Buchi Beer," along with "Buchi Sauce" and ketchup.  The "Triple Buchi Burger" isn't on the menu, as it's a "Double Burger" - which is on the menu - with an extra patty of beef, for only $2.00 extra.  It's not on the menu, so if you're in the mood for a "triple," or maybe even a "quad," just ask your server and they'll be glad to accommodate your needs.

Yes, to the astonishment of both Meagan and Johnny, I ate every bit of this fine lunch.  My mom taught me to clean up my plate, and by the time I was finished with this fine lunch, there was nothing left.

Photo:  There is nothing better in this world than a perfectly cooked burger, and I went with a "Double Burger," but I added an extra meat patty, to make this a "Triple Buchi Burger," along with two slices of pepper jack cheese.

Each beef patty was LARGE, one-third of a pound, of tender, premium beef, with the perfect amount of beef-to-fat ration.  Note that you MUST have SOME fat - I prefer about 20% fat - for flavor, otherwise your meat will be dry and tasteless.  Do the math and you'll see my "Triple Buchi Burger" had a whopping ONE POUND of delicious, ground beef.  Chef Johnny has talent in the kitchen, as each meat patty was juicy, tender, flavorful and cooked perfectly, to medium.  Johnny used a hamburger dome to melt the pepper jack cheese perfectly on each meat patty.

The meat was placed on a large, lightly buttered and toasted to a golden brown, fresh brioche bun, which was soft inside, firm on the outside, with just a little bit of "crunch."  Perfect!  Veggies for the cheeseburger included romaine lettuce, dill pickle slices, tomato slices, along with red onion.  The burger was dressed with house "Bruchi Sauce" which is basically a cousin of "Thousand Island" dressing, but with a definite "tang" to it.  Mustard, mayonnaise, and... heaven forbid... ketchup are available, but this burger was "stand alone" delicious, and didn't need any help from additional condiments.  As an aside, the meat-to-bun ratio was perfect, which is crucial to a superior burger.

One characteristic that sets a "top shelf" burger apart from the burger crowd is the ability of the chef to deliver the burger with the meat, cheese and bun warm, and the veggies and condiments cold, and Chef Johnny did the magic, and delivered this burger in the perfect hot/cold form.

This is a two-handed, juicy "old school" burger that will delight all burger connoisseurs who delight in a quality, premium burger,  Don't forget to stock up on plenty of napkins, as you'll be needing them as you enjoy this delicious burger!

One bite - which was truly a mouthful - into this amazing burger made a believer out of me, as I was immediately transported to "burger nirvana." The burger was fresh, juicy, delicious, the hot/cold ingredients were spot-on, and the meat-to-bun ratio was perfect.  Bruchi's gives you an amazing burger!

Photo:  Along with my "Bruchi Triple Burger," I went with a large order of "Crinkle Cut Fries," as a burger just isn't the same without an order of fries.  From the condiment station, I grabbed a cup of "Bruchi Sauce," along with a cup of ketchup, as the "kid" in me loves to dip my fries in ketchup, or "Bruchi Sauce."

The fries were on the thin/medium side, and cut with a "crinkle" so more of the fry is exposed to the oil during deep frying, and it also gives the fries a little more "crunch" and makes them look pretty.  These fries were beautiful to look at, as they were deep fried to a light golden brown on the outside, and tender white inside, and when you bit into them, you were rewarded with the taste sensation that only top-shelf fries can give you, plus a rewarding crunch.  These fries were simply delicious!

The house "Bruchi Sauce" is basically a clone of "Thousand Island" salad dressing, but with a little "tang" to it, and lots more that I couldn't put my finger on.  Who cares, as it was simply delicious, and made for a great sauce to dip my fries into.

Photo:  I cut my "Buchi Triple Burger" in half so I could see all the layers of goodness this fine burger has to offer.  

I simply LOVED my "Buchi Triple Burger," along with the large order of "Crinkle Cut Fries," as the burger and fries were some of the best that I've enjoyed during my 25 years as a Placer County resident.  Simply amazing!  Not to mention pints of "Buchi Beer," served in a frosted glass for only $3.00!  You can't beat the food and beer in quality, quantity or price!  The service is fast, friendly and top notch!  

Bruchi's Cheesesteaks and Subs may be noted for their cheesesteaks, but when it comes to burgers, their burger is as good as any burger can get, and they serve one of the best burgers in the area, at a price that will make all connoisseurs of fine burgers smile.  Come for the cheesesteaks, but stay for the burgers!

Bruchi's Cheesesteaks and Subs
1850 Douglas Blvd. #914
Roseville, CA 95661
916 742-4263

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