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Back in the day, Tuesday used to be a ho-hum day, as it was only the second day of the work week, with three full days to go drudge along until the weekend.  The past few years, Tuesday has taken on a whole new meaning, as after you get Monday out of the way, you have Tuesday to look forward to, which means "Taco Tuesday."  In Roseville, Brickyard Kitchen and Bar defines "Taco Tuesday," with some of the best Mexican "street tacos" to be found in western Placer County.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo: Brickyard Kitchen and Bar is located in a small, upscale strip mall on Eureka Road, in Roseville CA.  The large and attractive patio is shared with the next door Mexican restaurant Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill, which I have yet to review.

Photo:  It's at the 11:30 in the morning opening time, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, and I've arrived at Brickyard Kitchen and Grill to enjoy a lunch of tacos, from their "Taco Tuesday" menu.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you can't miss the well-equipped bar, which features many beers on tap, and will mix any drink of your choice.  You'll be greeted by a cheerful member of the staff, who will seat you, and give you a menu.

Photo:  The dining room is quite large, with attractive wood paneled walls, and lots of windows to allow for natural lighting.  The furniture is a mixture of booths and tables, with high tables and matching chairs in the section of the dining room near the bar.  There are several television monitors which lend a "sports bar like" feel to the restaurant. Despite the fact the dining room is very comfortable and looked very inviting, I chose to dine on the patio, as today was a sunny day, with temperatures in the mid-50's, which made for perfect patio dining.

Since I had just "opened up" the restaurant on this late Tuesday morning, the dining room was very lightly seated, but quickly filled up.

Photo:  Looking back toward the bar, and the front of the dining room.  The dining room is large, comfortable, spacious and very attractive.

Brickyard Kitchen and Bar occasionally holds special events, and at the end of next month, they will holding  what their web site describes as "New Years Eve Party, 2022."  The party is being billed as Brickyard “Glitz & Glam Let Freedom Shine New Year’s Eve Party!," which will be featuring bottle service, live music, food, drinks and lots more. It's interesting to note the billing for this event includes the statement, "If you know us at Brickyard you know you can expect no masks, no vax cards, and no BS. Just come celebrate freedom with us."  Well said!

Photo:  If your favorite beer isn't on tap at the bar, there is a cooler that most likely will have the beer that you're looking for.

Photo:  The cuisine featured at Brickyard could be best described as "California cuisine," and features something for every taste.  The fourth page of the menu highlights tacos, sandwiches and more.  Since today was Tuesday, I went with "street tacos" from the "Taco Tuesday" section of the menu.  You can check out all four pages of the complete menu by clicking on THIS LINK.  

Photo:  The large, attractive patio has always been a fixture of the restaurant, but since COVID-19 swept through Placer County last year, the patio dining options have been gradually expanded, and large tents have been erected. I was surprised to see the tents still in place, since the virus is winding down, but since Roseville's rainy season is upon us, the tents should be welcome to those who choose to enjoy a fine meal on the patio.

Photo:  Meet my friendly server Kessi, who brings my lunch of "Street Tacos" to me with a smile. She provided outstanding service, and treated me like family.  My order arrived at my table about 20 minutes after I placed it.

Photo:  I'm all smiles, as I'm ready to enjoy my amazing lunch on the patio at Brickyard Kitchen and Bar.  Thanks, Kessi, for taking my photo.

Photo:  From the "Taco Tuesday" section of the menu, I ordered three "Street Tacos," and  upgraded my plate to include optional rice and beans, to complete my lunch.  Meat choices included pulled pork, shredded chicken or carne asada, and I went with the carne asada.

Each taco started with a thick, soft, corn tortilla, steamed to be soft and pliable, yet not to crumble, and hold all of the filling together.  The tortillas were about the size of a DVD, which is the size of tacos sold on the streets of every Mexican city or town, hence the name, "Street Tacos."  My choice of filling was carne asada, which was seasoned, marinated, chopped into thin, bite size pieces, and grilled to perfection.  Toppings were simply diced cilantro, and each taco was drizzled with guacamole crema.  Slices of lime were used to enhance the amazing flavor, along with the attractive presentation.

One bite into my first taco instantly transported me to the streets of Mexico, as the carne asada was delicious, simply authentic, and tasted exactly like a Mexican street taco!  With each bite of the carne asada, I was rewarded with a smoky, vinegar, "earthy" taste, just like the countless tacos I've enjoyed during my many visits to Mexico.  The taste is truly authentic!  The diced cilantro was great, but I missed diced onion, which is almost added to tacos, served at small taco stands on the streets of Mexico.  The guacamole crema added a cool, refreshing touch to each taco.  I was pleasantly surprised that each taco held together with a single tortilla, as most "street tacos" usually include two tortillas.

Brickyard Kitchen and Bar isn't a Mexican restaurant, and it isn't known for serving Mexican cuisine, but the talented chef "nailed" the taste of Mexican "street tacos" with the tacos I enjoyed.  I requested to my server, Kessi, to pass my compliments along to the chef, to thank him/her for the skill in creating such delicious tacos.

The side of beans turned out to be black beans, lightly seasoned and perfectly cooked.  I noticed a slightly "nutty" taste to the beans, most likely from cumin seasoning, which I enjoyed.  The rice was good, but not particularly noteworthy, but made a good, solid addition to my lunch.

When it comes to "street tacos," Brickyard Kitchen and Grill serves simply amazing tacos!  Their tacos are certainly a great way to get you through a Tuesday, and transform it into a spectacular day.

Photo:  Each tacos was loaded with lots of perfectly seasoned and grilled carne asada, and the delicious meat simply melted in my mouth!  The single corn tortilla held the taco together.  These tacos were simply delicious!

The carne asada "street tacos" I enjoyed at Brickyard are some of the best that I've enjoyed north of the border, and some of the best tacos ever, in western Placer County.  If you love authentic Mexican "street tacos," which taste like the tacos you'll enjoy on the streets of any Mexican city or town, visit Brickyard Kitchen and Bar on Tuesday, so you can enjoy their "Taco Tuesday" special.  Muy sabroso!

Brickyard Kitchen and Bar
1475 Eureka Rd. #120
Roseville, CA 95661
916 836-8406

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