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I have nothing but good things to say, when I describe BJ's Restaurant and Brewerey!  It is quite a place!  The food is good, I mean, GOOD! TO DIE FOR!, the people are friendly, the place is fun, the menu is varied, and it's a great place to "hang" with friends and family.  

Photo:  BJ's Restaurant and Brewery, is located in a clean, ultra-modern, strip mall, across the street from the Roseville Galleria, which is the largest, and most upscale mall in the greater Sacramento area.  BJ's offers plenty of convenient parking.

Photo:  Our dinner reservation was for Saturday, May 18, 2013, at 1700 in the afternoon, and, as usual, BJ's was packed.  Since we were having a larger than normal group, we made reservations several weeks in advance, and we were seated promptly at 1700.  Our friendly waiter, Richard, offers appetizer suggestions.

Photo:  Robert checks his email, as a plate of "Avocado Egg Roll" appetisers with dip, and a plate of "Crispy Calamari" appetisers arrived.  Each of us had a little plate, so we just mixed and matched, so all of us got to sample everything.  Teri loved the calamari so much, that she and I ordered a plate of it, and split it between the two of us.

Photo:  As far as the appetisers went, this was the main attraction, as it features a little bit of everything from BJ's appetiser menu. This creation is known as "Best BeginningsTM Appetiser Combo."

Photo:  BJ's Restaurant and Brewery combines the best of a micro brewery, a sports bar, a restaurant, and a pizza parlor.  Check out their web site for the many craft beers the menu offers.  BJ's is a fun place to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially when AT&T is picking up the tab!

Photo:  Our friendly waiter, Richard, brings my small "BJ's Classic Combo" pizza to our table.  Richard was very attentive, friendly and efficient.  As far as waiters go, I'd give him an "A."  Quite a guy!

Photo:  Teri ordered "BJ's Brewhouse Blonde Fish 'N Chips," which included some of the best tartar sauce that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.  Yes, I enjoyed a sample...

Photo:  I ordered a small, "BJ's Classic Combo" pizza, which featured pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms.  The menu claims this is the most popular pizza, and all I can say is that it is truly delicious!  Like Teri, I'd enjoyed a large amount of appetizers, and several glasses of beer, so most of this pizza went home with us in a box.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner ensemble, from left to right:  David DeMario, Bonnie Wilson, Eric Rench, Teri McCloud, Greg Wilson, Sharlene Rench, Robert Kipperman, and Kelly.  Our special guest, Jennifer Andrade, hadn't arrived when this photo was taken.  If you're a follower of the adventures of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, you'll recognize many faces....

Photo:  I'm giving my former boss, Jennifer Andrade a hug, after she arrived.  The whole purpose of tonight's dinner was to celebrate the fact that I retired from AT&T, after enjoying 31 good years, and 7 fantastic months as an employee.  I have had many great supervisors, and Jennifer is among the best that I've had the pleasure to be my team leader.  When you retire, AT&T gives you a generous $500.00 to spend on your retirement dinner, so the idea is to spend as close to that amount as possible, as this is your last fling as a former employee.  We originally invited 12 people, but due to last minute issues, there were only 9 of us, so we had a lot of money to spend, and everybody went home with something in a box.  We made sure there was plenty of money left over to give to our fantastic server, Richard, to reward him for a job well done.

Photo:  Jennifer toasts my retirement, and our friendship, and I was happy to enjoy her company, and have her as the AT&T company representative at my retirement dinner.  I insisted that Jennifer order a large pizza to take home to her two teenage sons, which she gladly did.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery has all the bases covered, including outstanding food, efficient service, a wide array of menu selections, reasonable prices, and a fun, friendly place to hold a memorable occasion, such as my retirement dinner, after 31 years, 7 months, working for AT&T.  I highly recommend BJ's Restaurant and Brewery in Roseville!

BJ's Restaurant and Brewery
1200 Roseville Pkwy.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 580-2100

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