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Are you looking for a true. authentic "Chicago style" hot dog?  If you're a connoisseur of hot dogs, you know a Chicago dog is the finest hot dog ever created, and a REAL Chicago dog is hard to find.  There are many restaurants to claim to make an "authentic Chicago hot dog," but most outlets deliver empty promises.  If you're looking for a hot dog that's as "Chicago" as the Chicago Cubs baseball team, along with the ever-present wind from Lake Michigan, and you're in Roseville, head over to Art's Craft Beer Palace, for an authentic "Chicago dog," a great dining experience, and a host of amazing craft beers on tap.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Art's Craft Beer Palace is located the Vinyard Pointe Plaza, which is a smll shopping center in west Roseville.  Check out the message on the window that reads, "Home of the authentic Chicago style hot dog."  That's a true statement, as Art's serves an authentic "Chicago style" hot dog.

It's mid-afternoon on Saturday, August 03, 2019, and I've come to Art's for a "Chicago Dog," along with a craft beer or two.

Art's has been in Roseville for a little over a year, and I'm wondering why it took me so long to pay my first visit?

Photo:  Outside the front door, a sign advertises tonight is a karaoke night, and there are "hot" August specials.  It seems there was a raffle happening today, as one of today's special events.

Photo:  As you walk in the door, you'll notice the open floor plan, and the attractive bar in the rear of the restaurant. If you're a fan of professional sports, Art's is your kind of restaurant, as the dining room is decorated with sports gear - note the football helmets decorating the rear wall - and sports memorabilia.  There are several large video monitors tuned to sports; today, the monitors were tuned to a boxing match.

During major sports events, such as professional baseball or football games, all monitors are tuned to the sports action.

Photo:  The draft beer menu features just about every variety of beer you could wish for.  Major brand lagers are available on tap as well, for beer lovers who are less adventuresome.

Photo:  There are over two dozen different beers on tap!  If you love beer, you've arrived at the right place.

Photo:  These sports fans relax at the bar, eat hot dogs, drink beer, while watching the boxing in progress.  Such a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Art's is definitely a "sports bar," and you must be 21 years or older to enter, as beer is the major emphasis.

Photo:  Meet Missy, the very friendly bartender and server, who brings a pint of Deschuttes "Fresh Haze" IPA to me with a smile.

Photo:  After I was served my pint of beer, I had a chance to look over the menu, which is simple, as it offers nachos, hot links, and most importantly, several varieties of hot dogs.  I already knew that I was going to order a "Chicago Dog," since it's my favorite variety of hot dogs, and Art's "signature" hot dog.  A "signature" hot dog is always a good place to start when you're visiting a new restaurant.

Photo:  After placing my order for a "Chicago Dog," with Missy, I had a chance to mingle with staff and customers. Meet Jordan, the friendly karaoke guy, who's setting up his equipment for tonight's karaoke session.

Photo:  Christina and Missy chat with several customers at the bar, who are enjoying the boxing match, along with hot dogs and beer.  Art's is a friendly, neighborhood sports bar, that caters to Roseville locals, with a "Cheers-like," friendly atmosphere.

Photo:  Meet my charming hostess Christina, who brought my "Chicago Dog" and a bag of potato chips to me with a friendly smile.

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I a delicious "Fresh Haze" IPA, an amazing "Chicago Dog," and a bag of classic potato chips.  The best part is... I don't have to drive, as I'll be leaving my truck at Art's and taking a ride share home!

Photo:  My amazing lunch today, of a "Chicago Dog," a bag of potato chips, and a craft beer, specifically a Deschuttes "Fresh Haze."  All dogs at Art's come with a bag of chips, either regular or barbecue.  The funny thing is that I've never acquired a taste for barbecue chips, so when today's choice was with Lay's, I went for a bag of "Classic" chips, which always work for me.

Art's creates a premier, authentic "Chicago Dog," but Roseville is blessed with Rosati's Pizza of Roseville, which specializes in pizza, but also offers "Chicago style" hot dogs, but they're not on the menu, so you'll have to ask.

Photo:  My delicious, authentic "Chicago Dog" that I enjoyed this Saturday afternoon at Art's Craft Beer Palace. Isn't the beautiful presentation magnificent, which part of the allure of this wonderful variation of the common hot dog? The presentation was so beautiful that I actually finished my beer, along with my bag of chips, before I took my first bite, as I was simply happy just to look at the sheer beauty, and think about the goodness that was to follow when I took my first bite.

An authentic "Chicago Dog" is like no other hot dot in the world.  The dog is composed of several must-have ingredients, and everything must be EXACT, in every detail, or your dog isn't authentic.  If you look at the components separately, it all seems unlikely that they'd work together, but if you put your dog together correctly, you have the most beautiful and tasteful creation on earth.  By the way, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you NEVER, EVER put ketchup on a "Chicago Dog," as that is both a desecration and an insult.  In addition to must-have components, everything MUST BE applied in a certain order.  

The dog starts with... the dog, of course, which in Art's case, is a quarter-pound dog, with natural casing, so it "snaps" when you bite into it.  Art's dog is steamed, which is the way a "Chicago Dog" is meant to be cooked, but they can be grilled, but steaming is the preferred method of cooking.

Arts dog is placed on a large, soft, stadium POPPY-SEED bun, which most likely separates real "Chicago style" dogs from low-class imitators.  Yes, the poppy-seed bun is both authentic and mandatory, and Art's dog's come on the real deal.  After the dog is placed on the bun, the following condiments are added to the package, in the given order.  True to a "Chicago Dog," Art's dressed the DOG, not the BUN.

Condiments are added in this order to Art's, and every REAL "Chicago Dog:"

*  Yellow mustard drizzled on the dog
*  Neon green sweet relish
*  Diced white onion
*  Tomato, sliced in thin wedges
*  Kosher dill pickles.  The pickles aren't the ones found in the aisle, as they're found in the refrigerated section,     as "snap" is mandatory.  Mushy pickles from a jar don't work for Art, or any other "Chicago Dog."
*  Sport peppers
*  Celery salt is lightly sprinkled over the dog, and the condiments

The presentation is a big part of the joy and amazement of a "Chicago style" hot dog, and Art's has the presentation nailed to an authentic Chicago tee, as the dog definitely LOOKS the part of a "Chicago Dog," and one bite into will tell you that it TASTES the part as well.

Art's Craft Beer Palace makes a delicious, authentic, Chicago-style hot dog!  At $8.95 per dog, the price may seem on the steep side, but when you consider the quality of the dog that "snaps" when you bite into it, the fresh, poppy-seed bun, along with the other unique components, some of which are hard to find on the west coast, the fact that each dog is lovingly prepared, by hand, in Art's kitchen... you have a heckuva hot dog, and an authentic "Chicago style" hot dog, when you visit Art's.

Photo:  I opt for a final craft beer, and Christina brings my Strike beer, from the "Hazy IPA" section of the beer menu, a cold, delicious, "Opening Haze," with her beautiful smile.  Since I wasn't driving, I treated myself to a second beer.  Good times!

Chicago meets Roseville at Art's Craft Brew Palace, where you can enjoy an authentic Chicago hot dog, sip a cold craft beer, chat with the friendly staff and fellow beer-dog lovers, and catch a game or two on the many television monitors.  

When you're in the mood for a true "Chicago style" hot dog, head over to Art's Craft Brew Palace, located in Roseville, CA.

Art's Craft Brew Palace
3031 Foothills Blvd. #105
Roseville, CA 95747
916 297-7305

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