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As of this writing, Anchor's Fish and Chips is the only fish and chips restaurant in Roseville, but that will be changing soon, as I hear Crawfish Factory will be opening soon.  Anchor's has been located on Harding Blvd. for longer than I've been in Roseville; so why haven't I visited the restaurant before today?  Who knows, but after today's visit, I was simply blown away by the restaurant as everything about the place was fantastic.

Photo:  Thursday, June 12, 2014, and my wife, Sharlene, and I paid visit to Anchors Fish and Chips.  We've been wanting to visit this restaurant for a long time, as we both are lovers of fish and chips, but we just hadn't the opportunity until today.  We were out running errands, and Sharlene asked me if I'd like to go out to lunch, and where, and "Anchors" was the first word that came out of my mouth.  I'm glad we visited...

Photo:  I was surprised the dining room is as large as it is.  You'll note from this photo, and the previous, what the heritage is.  Whatever is was, the dining room is now clean, comfortable, and very family friendly.  Note clean, polished floors, which is always a good thing.

Photo:  The format is almost "fast food" like, as you choose from the menu from the lighted board above the counter, pay for your order, and when the food is cooked, it will be brought to your table.  No tips are expected, but they are appreciated, as there is a tip jar on the counter; we left a couple of bucks even before we received our order, as we knew the service would be superior.

Photo:  Why didn't I get the names of these lovely ladies?  The friendly co-owner of the restaurant, and our server gal.  The kitchen is in the background, and a gentleman can be seen cooking fish at the deep fryer.  Anchor's Fish and Chips is a great restaurant!

Photo:  Sharlene and I placed identical orders of a "Number 4" from the menu - more on our orders later - and I snap the photo as it's placed on our table.  We didn't receive a number, or any other form of identification, yet the gal knew who we were, and delivered our order correctly to us.  Amazing!  We also received a squeeze bottle of catsup, cocktail sauce and tarter sauce.  Malt vinegar and salt are always located on the table, if that's your thing for fish and chips.  I suppose the salt and vinegar helps to bring the British out of you, so to speak.

Photo:  Sharlene and I, ready to enjoy a delicious lunch of fish, prawns and chips at Anchors Fish and Chips. Thanks to our friendly server for taking the photo.

Photo:  Sharlene and I ordered identical lunches, from the "Lunch or Dinner" menu, which turned out to be a "Number Four."  Number Four is simple:  Fish, prawns and chips.  It has been YEARS since I've had fish and chips this good!  The food looks good in the photo, but it tasted even better.  My mind, and my taste buds have been blown away by Anchor's Fish and Chips, as the food is simply DELICIOUS!  The batter was light, crispy, tasty, and not oily, which made for perfectly fried fish and prawns.  Ditto for the chips.  They were lightly salted, but not excessively, like many other restaurants, and they were golden-brown crunchy on the outside, and juicy-tender inside.  The fish, prawns and chips were cooked perfectly.  Absolute perfection!  Anchor's just may be my new favorite restaurant in Roseville...

Photo:  October 17, 2014, on the way back from a trip out of town, we stopped by Anchor's Fish and Chips to bring take-out home, as we were tired.  We each ordered a combination plate - I forgot the "number" - of fried fish, prawns, clam strips, perched on a mountain of fries.  We ordered the fried zuchinni, as we'd heard Anchor's fried veggies were as good as it gets.  Check out the zuchinni, as Anchor's cuts it different, which I like, as it allows more batter.  Like our previous order, everything was cooked to absolute perfection and just plain DELICIOUS!  I received so much food, that I only ate half of it tonight, and finished it off the next day for lunch.  As a note, all of the condiments, including cocktail sauce, tartar sauch and ranch dressing come in small containers, and they're cold, just as they should be.  Anchor's Fish and Chips does an outstanding job!

If you're a lover of London-style fish and chips, set your sights on Anchor's Fish and Chips, as the food is fantastic, the portions are enormous, and the staff is very friendly.  Anchor's Fish and Chips is Five-star dining, in every way.

Anchor's Fish and Chips
116 Harding Blvd
Roseville, CA 94678
916 783-9595

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