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No matter what destination my travels take me to, I keep an eagle eye open for hot dog stands, especially if it's around lunch time, or for that matter, any time of the day.  During a visit on May 18, 2007 to Hanson McClain, the firm that manages our money, I noticed Café Amore, located in the lobby of the building, and I noted that their menu included hot dogs.  So after an appointment with our money manager, I just had to visit Café Amore and sample one of their hot dogs.

Left:  The entrence to the building where Café Amore is located is impressive, and is perfectly landscaped.  Right: I wait my turn, as a patron chats with Jandi.  Note the board to the right of the photo that posts their menu, and hold many packages of chips to tempt their clients.

Café Amore is located inside the lobby located at 1380 Lead Hill Blvd., in Roseville's shady, trendy and affluent South Placer Business Park.  Naturally, their core customers are the folks who work in the business park, as there are several multi-story buildings located at the business park.  Café Amore is open from 6:30 AM until 14:30 PM, Mondays through Thursday, to cater to the breakfast, snacks and lunch needs of their core clientele, the tenants of the business park.  They close at 2 in the afternoon on Fridays, as most of the business park customers empty out early on Friday.  You can dine inside the lobby at a couple of tables, take your food back to your work, or sit on the grassy hill, underneath a shade tree, just outside the entrance to the building.  The dining choice is up to you, but no matter where you eat their food, Café Amore provides excellent cuisine.

Of course my primary interest was hot dogs, but Café Amore doesn't cater just to hot dog lovers, as they sell many varieties of regualr and fancy coffee, mochas, smoothies, soft drinks, bottled water, and lots of other drinks.  If you're in the mood for a "Po' Boy" sandwich, or a "Reuben Sandwich," they can accommodate you as well, plus send you on your way with a smile and just about any kind of pretzel or bagged snack that you can imagine.  

Photo:  Jandi loads my dog with condiments from her dispenser.

Friendly Jandi owns and operates the business, and provided me with lots of information in response to my probing questions, which compose much of this article.  I ordered a hot dog from her, with all of the trimmings.  My dog was a big boy, probably a quarter of a pound, perfectly grilled in one of those electric grilling machines that many hot dog stands use when in-house electricity is readily available.  The dog was served on a large, French hot dog bun, which allowed Jandi to apply lots of mayonnaise, shredded cheese, mustard and hot dog relish.  For the price of $3.75, I enjoyed a delicious hot dog, which is a meal in itself, and an ice-cold Pepsi cola.  Such a delicious lunch for so little!

Left:  You can't miss Café Amore, when you enter the lobby of 1380 Lead Hill Blvd.  Right:  Jandi's delicious dog, dressed in all of her fine condiments.  This girls knows how to prepare a delicious hot dog.

Update July 15, 2010:  Café Amore is gone, and the space in the lobby where the restaurant once occupied is now bare.  Café Amore is now a part of Roseville history.  Rest In Peace, we loved you, Café Amore...

A trip to Café Amore to me seems manditory if you're visiting the South Placer Business Park, and it's worth your effort to go out of your way to pay a visit to friendly Jandi, and Café Amore.  Jandi's smile and hot dots are worth the price of admission, any day of the week.  Highly recommended!

Café Amore
1380 Lead Hill Blvd., located inside the lobby of the building
Roseville, CA 95678

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