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Al's Deli, or also known, according to a sign in the dining room, as Al's Place, is a small, obscure, off-the-wall deli that's mostly know to the folks at Sun City Roseville.  It's located at the east end of the Sierra Pines Golf Course Community Center, which is a multi-purpose building, that serves as a community center - complete with gas barbecue grills, tables and picnic facilities - which serves the Roseville Sun City community, PLUS the building houses a pro golf shop, and, the focus of this article, Al's Deli.  Hot dog!!!

Photo:  Al's Deli, or also known as Al's Place, is located in the community center, of the Sierra Pines Golf Course, in the Del Webb village, in west Roseville.  This little deli is really off the beaten track, as I've been living in the area since 1998, and I only recently found about them.  Al's Deli seems to be a well-kept secret.

Photo:  Al's Deli shares their space with the co-located golf Pro Shop, which is located to the right, not shown in this photo.  You walk up to the counter, choose your selection from the posted menu, pay for it, and the friendly staff member will have your order ready within a couple of minutes.  Al's Deli offers ample comfortable seating indoors, but on this hot June morning, Saturday, June 13, 2015, I elected to sit outside, under the shaded patio, which is shared with the community center.  By the way, the gal with the baby buggy in the photo didn't actually have a baby in the buggy, as she had a little dog, who, as she explained it to me, preferred to ride, rather than to walk.

Photo:  This is the menu... believe it or not, that's it!  You can say that Al's Deli has a very limited menu...

Photo:  Pam was the only worker at the restaurant, on my visit on this late Saturday morning.  She wasn't exactly thrilled with me taking her photo, but I "smozzed" her, and left my business card to tell her about this web site, and my Facebook page.  Pam was very friendly, and fixed me a great quarter-pound hot dog.

Photo:  The condiment bar is quite basic, as it includes diced onion, dill relish, graded cheese, mustard and ketchup.  With the exception of catsup - only children include ketchup on a hot dog - Al's has my favorite condiments nailed!  Not to mention that Al's Deli features a small selection of canned and bottled beer, but features Budweiser beer, and Bud Light on tap.  I love it!

Photo:  The "million dollar" view from Al's patio, overlooks the Sierra Pines Golf Course, in west Roseville.

Photo:  I ordered a Budweiser beer, on tap, and a quarter pound hot dog.  The dog was gilled in one of the typical, commercial, round hot dog grilling machines, and the bun was micro-waved.  Nothing special, BUT it worked, as the dog was juicy and the bun was amazingly fresh.  I piled on mustard, diced red onion, dill pickle relish and grated cheese, and this turned out to be a amazingly, delicious hot dog!

Al's Deli is a little-known restaurant, as it's tucked away in a corner of a golf course, that's mostly used by Roseville Sun City locals.  Don't let the obscure location fool you, as the food is good, the staff is friendly, the price is right, and the view is nothing but spectacular.  

Al's Deli
7600 Whistlestop Way
Roseville, CA 95747
916 774-7234

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