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The Tahoe Truckee Air Show is a fun, family-friendly event, and, quite literally, a free gift to the community from the Tahoe Truckee Airport District.  The event is free, parking is free, and food, drink, and vendor merchandise is very reasonably priced.  You get to witness airplanes, air show events, military vehicles, local and regional public service agencies, and a lot more.  Oh, did I mention food?

Photo:  Every year, at the Tahoe Truckee Air Show, the Truckee Optimist Club maintains a complex that includes a restaurant, and a beer stand.  The staff is friendly, the food is great, and the prices are very reasonable.  Since parking and admission are free at the air show, why not support a local club, and enjoy a delicious grilled bratwurst or a burger?

Photo:  On this late Saturday morning, July 11, 2015, the crew at is busy, behind the booth, grilling bratwurst, hot dogs, hot links and burgers.

Photo:  Close photo of meat cooking on the giant grill.  From the previous photo, you can see this grill is Texas-sized! The pit masters used charcoal, which helped give the food a very smoky taste.  Corn is cooking in the large pots, and when the corn is cooked, it's seared on the grill.

Photo:  The restaurant included a very well-stocked condiment bar, complete with a volunteer to assist when needed.  Condiments include two varieties of mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, sliced tomato, diced onion, melted cheese, relish, butter, mayonnaise and sauerkraut.  Sauerkraut!!  Oh boy!

Photo:  At 1130 in the morning, the restaurant was very busy.  I'm at the order counter, and staff is in the foreground assembling burgers and dogs, and staff is in the rear of the photo working the grill.  The whole event was very efficient and well organized, and despite the lines of hungry diners, I was treated to my delicious lunch only about 5 minutes after enter the end of one of the three lines leading to the restaurant.

Photo:  The "Corn Girl" holds up my ear of corn, after I requested to snap her photo.  Thanks, darling!

Photo:  Just for this article, and posterity, I had to return the favor and get my photo snapped, as I hold my ear of corn.

Photo:  For today's lunch, I ordered a grilled bratwurst, and an ear of corn.  The bag of potato chips was a "freebie," which was a nice touch.  The lunch cost $8.00, which is very reasonable considering the fact that I was attending an air show.  I chose to keep my bratwurst simple, as I only applied mustard, relish and sauerkraut.  

Truckee Optimist Club cooks great bratwurst and corn, and their condiment bar is among the best that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy at an air show.  The staff is very friendly, the food is delicious, the service is speedy and efficient, and the price is very reasonable.  When you visit the Tahoe Truckee Air Show, head over to the Truckee Optimist Club set-up to enjoy a great grilled dog, corn, or a burger.  You'll love it!

Truckee Optimist Club
Tahoe Truckee Air Show
10356 Airport Rd.
Truckee, CA 96161

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