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On this beautiful Wednesday morning, I got up early, WAY TOO EARLY, to meet a friend, and do a bit of target practice at a local pistol range.  Shooting pistols definitely makes a man hungry, so after murdering a number of paper targets, and taking proper care of our guns, what could be better than enjoying a couple of delicious tacos at Taqueria La Morenita?  Delicious tacos in Marysville...

Photo:  Wednesday, December 30, 2015, and it's just a little past the opening time at 10 in the morning at Taqueria La Morenita.  The restaurant features lots of shaded, outdoor dining, in keeping with it's roots as a burger drive-in restaurant, but on this chilly, 35-degree December morning, dining outside doesn't really seem like a very good option.

Photo:  Like most taquerias, you walk up to the counter, choose what you want to eat, pay at the counter, and then your order will be brought to your table.  La Morenita features a rather compact, "L-shaped" dining room, but it's clean and very comfortable.  Today, it was a bit chilly, thanks to the chilly December weather.  

Photo:  The dining room is "L-shaped," and this photo shows the "top" of the "L," along with the beautiful mural, and a television monitor that is tuned to a Spanish language television station. As the restaurant had just opened for the day, I was the first, and only customer, so I had the staff, and the dining room to myself, so I could take all of the photos I wanted to, and chit-chat with the staff, unhindered, and free from outside worries.  

Photo:  At Taqueria La Morenita, the menu is drawn, by hand, on a glass partition that separates the kitchen from the dining room.  It is definitely a bit different, but it all fits in with the character of this fine Mexican restaurant.  As you can see, the menu features a wide variety of tacos, tortas and more.  Menudo and birria are featured on weekends... Oh boy!

Photo:  I rarely take outside photos of the back of a restaurant, but how could I resist this beautiful back side exterior? I love the colorful, painted murals, both inside and outside of La Morenita.  

Photo:  Immediately after placing my order, and paying for it, Cynthia placed a bowl of chips, and in-house-made salsa on my table, plus a bottle of my favorite Mexican beer, which happens to be Pacifico.  These chips weren't just "chips," as these chips were freshly made, warm, and absolutely delicious.  Ditto for the salsa verde.  If nothing else, come to Taqueria La Morenita for the chips and salsa, but if delicious tacos grab your interest, read on...

Photo:  Emilio and Cynthia prepare my delicious lunch in the kitchen, which is mostly open to the dining room.  At Taqueria La Morenita, you can watch the talented staff prepare your meal, which makes for great photos, and an awesome dining experience.

Photo:  Emilio places my order of two tacos de tripas on my table.  Oh yes!

Photo:  My lunch of two tacos de tripas, chips, salsa verde, and a icy-cold Pacifico beer.  

Photo:  Taqueria La Morenita serves "street tacos," which are a carbon-copy of the "street" tacos you will see on any Mexican city; Tijuana comes to my mind.  Each taco is served on two CD-sized corn tortillas, and then your choice of meat - my choice today was tripas - is placed on the tortillas, followed by garnishes.  I asked for everything, including guacamole, and I got what I ordered... EVERYTHING!

Close your eyes and picture yourself in downtown Tijuana... Maybe on Avenida 1-2-3?  I don't know... but these Mexican "street tacos" are as close to the tacos that I've enjoyed during my visits to Mexico as tacos can get.  Not to mentioned these delicious tacos are served with a smile from the friendly staff, and you can't beat the price, as they're only $1.50 each!  The beer cost more than the price of the two tacos combined.  These tacos are delicious, and the price is bargain-basement, and rival the prices of "street tacos" found in downtown Tijuana.  Delicious tacos at an excellent value!

Photo:  Thanks, Emilio, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a awesome lunch at Taqueria La Morenita, in Marysville, California.

Emilio is as friendly as a person can be, makes you feel like family, and is truly a gracious host.  If you've ever had the pleasure to enjoy tacos on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, all you have to visit Taqueria La Morenita, close your eyes, bite into one of delicious tacos, and you're instantly whisked away to Tijuana!  Friendly staff, delicious tacos, and rock bottom prices, make Taqueria La Morenita in Marysville a taqueria that you must visit.

Taqueria La Morenita
1632 North Beale Rd.
Marysville, CA 95901
530 845-9340

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