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Silver Dollar Saloon is located inside a historical brick building that dates back to the California Gold Rush days, in the mid-1800's, and is one of the oldest buildings in Marysville, CA.  It's located at 1st and D Streets in Marysville, just over the levee protecting the city from the Feather River in times of flooding.  First Street is beautiful, as it's lined with stately poplar trees and historical buildings, many, like Silver Dollar Saloon, dating back to the God Rush days.  History aside... Silver Dollar Saloon serves amazing food, and the staff and your fellow diners are as friendly as it gets!

As with all reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 1:00 in the afternoon on Friday, May 15, 2020, and I've arrived at Silver Dollar Saloon, in historic downtown Marysville, CA.  The building dates back to the mid 1800's during the gold rush days. Marysville was a jumping off point for the 49'ers to head to the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, in search of gold.

First Street backs up to a tall levee, which protects Marysville from the rampages of the Feather River.  If you'll recall your history, the city was nearly wiped out by a disastrous flood back in 1954.

The restaurant was very busy, and the three gentlemen outside are waiting to be seated.  I enjoyed quite a friendly chat with them.

Photo:  The daily special is placed outside the restaurant, and it tempted me, as the menu offered clam chowder as the "soup of the day."

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a "Please Wait to be Seated" sign, along with friendly "meeter/greater" Dawn.  On this early Friday afternoon, the restaurant was completely seated, with not a table to spare.  No worries, as Dawn took names down, and when a table was ready, you'd be seated.

Like all the staff, Dawn wore a mask, in keeping with orders from Yuba County, during these days of the COVID-19 virus.  However, diners weren't required to wear a mask, and I didn't see anyone, except staff, wearing one.

In my case it was easy, as I was by myself - "social distancing?" - and I requested to sit outside, on the lovely patio, so my wait time was only about 5 minutes.

Photo:  "Mr. Mule Deer" is mounted on the wall, above the entrance to the restaurant.  Mule deer are native to the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, and are much bigger than whitetail deer.  There are lots of deer in the mountains, and many are legally harvested each hunting season.

Photo:  As you walk in the saloon, you'll notice the large bar, which dates from the gold rush days.  Unfortunately due to the "social distancing" requirements in May, 2020, the bar is devoid of barstools and doesn't seat thirsty patrons.  However, the virus doesn't prevent the staff from offering bar service, including mixed drinks!  

Yuba County was one of the first counties in California to "open," and allow restaurants to resume business "almost" as usual.  In keeping tp the COVID-19 guidelines imposed by the state, the major changes in the way Silver Dollar Saloon greets guests are:
*  Staff members wear masks
*  Salad bar is gone
*  Printed, "disposable" menus are used
*  Barstools are removed, and bar is not seated

Other than those small restrictions, you can enjoy great food, beer, wine and mixed drinks!  Guests were not required to wear masks, and nobody did.

Photo:  The large dining room is a friendly place to enjoy a great meal.  The dining room is large, and features a bar - not seated during these "virus days" - lots of tables, and a raised section against the wall that is furnished with booths.  The dining room may be of the mid-1800's vintage, but there are television monitors tuned to sports in progress.

Photo:  The decor of the large dining room is both rustic and western, and offers comfortable seating.  Note that the tables have been placed far apart to allow for "social distancing," which Yuba County requires on the day in mid-May, 2020, thanks to the coronavirus.

Photo:  One of the many displays that add to the gold rush atmosphere, along with period charm.  Vintage rifles, along with a mounted bison - "buffalo" - add to the western decor.

Photo:  The entrance to the kitchen, where you can catch a glimpse of the busy staff at work.  On this early Friday afternoon, the restaurant was fully seated, and the staff was very busy.  Not only does Silver Dollar Saloon serve outstanding food, but the restaurant maintains an excellent reputation, and after being re-opened for only a few days, I think all Marysville locals were hungry to enjoy their outstanding cuisine.

Photo:  The dining room is comfortable, and decorated with period and western artifacts, and offers "gold rush" charm and atmosphere.  The building dates back to the mid-1800's, and is charming and historical.  The only downside is to the photographer, as the lighting is difficult, and flash is not an option in a busy dining room.

Photo:  Just outside the dining room, the restaurant has a comfortable and spacious patio.  When possible, I prefer to dine outside, as I love the fresh air, the informality, and natural light makes for better photos.  

When I put my name down on the "wait list" with Dawn, I requested a seat at the patio, and since I was solo, and a "foodie" with simple needs, I was seated in only about five minutes on the patio.

Photo:  My server, Mikee, takes order from a nearby table.  Politically, Marysville, along with Yuba County is as "red" as Kansas, so many guests wore ball caps, cowboy hats, along with cowboy boots.

Photo:  After I was seated, my masked server, Mikee, brought me a Coors beer and a frosted glass, along with the menu, as per my request.  She was "straight" with me, as I placed my order, and let me know there would be a delay of 30 minutes or so, since the restaurant was so busy.  No worries, as I shrugged my shoulders and told her that I'd simply order a second beer...

From the "BURGERS" menu, I ordered the "Large Silver Dollar Burger."  As a nice touch, Mikee asked me how I wanted my meat cooked, if I wanted mayonnaise on my burger, and if all of the "fixin's" the menu offers were right with me.  That's SERVICE!

Photo:  The "Appetizers" and "Entrees" are on one side of the menu.  In keeping with county guidelines, the menus are thrown away after every use.

Photo:  The "flip" side of the menu grabbed my interest, as besides other choices, it offers "BURGERS," which is where my heart lies.

Photo:  After placing my order, and being told there would be a delay, I had the time to wander around the restaurant, and admire some of the interest decor.  Isn't this display a true slice of "Americana?"  Norman Rockwell would be proud.

Photo:  In a nook near the kitchen, tacked to the ceiling are framed photos of many country music artists, some of whom have enjoyed meals at Silver Dollar Saloon.  Some of the photos are autographed, including an autographed photo of Willie Nelson, who has actually visited the restaurant.

Photo:  Super friendly server Mario, who was also serving guests on the patio, takes an order from a couple of nearby diners.  Although Mario wasn't my server, he and I did manage to exchange pleasantries.

Photo:  Shortly before my lunch arrived, Mikee brought a basket of condiments, including steak sauce, Tabasco sauce, ketchup, mustard, along with salt and pepper.  My burger was so "stand-alone" delicious that I ignored condiments, but I did squeeze ketchup on my fries.

Photo:  Meet Mikee, my super friendly server, who, behind the mask, brings my "Silver Dollar Burger," along with a side of "Home Fries" to me, with a smile.  The restaurant was super busy, but she, along with fellow server Mario, took the time to welcome me, and treat me like family.

Photo:  I'm all smiles, as Mikee takes my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy a delicious lunch at Silver Dollar Saloon.  By saying I'm ready... I was READY, as due to the state-imposed "lockdown" of California, I hadn't enjoyed a burger at a restaurant in nearly two months.  That's an eternity for a "foodie" to endure...

Note that the photos taken on the patio are on the "warm" side, thanks to the red umbrellas that shade the tables.

Photo:  From the "BURGERS" section of the menu, I went with the "Silver Dollar Burger."  The menu describes the burger as, "Best handmade burger for taste buds," and I couldn't agree more.  The burger comes in two sizes, "Medium" or "Large," - the difference is in the size of the meat patty - and like the good eater I am, I went "Large." "Home Fries" are the standard side, but for an added nominal fee, the menu offers sweet potato fries, chili beans, soup-of-the-day, onion rings, or a side salad.  In addition for only $2.95, you can add a side salad, in addition to the side of your choice.  Since today was my first visit to Silver Dollar Saloon, I opted to go with the fries.

Since I went "Large," my burger started out with a half-pound patty of "Angus Certified" ground beef, cooked medium, as per my request.  Note that when taking my order, my friendly server asked me how I wanted my beef cooked.  The patty was placed on a large, freshly-baked Brioche bun, and topped out with melted cheese, sliced tomato, diced red onion, dill pickle slices, Romaine lettuce, and mayonnaise.  This is a BIG burger!  

The beef patty was perfectly cooked medium, and it was tender, flavorful, juicy, and absolutely perfect.  It was placed on top of a lightly toasted Brioche bun, which was lightly coated with mayonnaise, as per my request.  A slice of Cheddar cheese was melted on top of the meat, which was a pleasant surprise, as the menu didn't mention the burger included cheese.  The sliced tomato, onion, Romaine lettuce were amazing fresh, and the dill pickle slices... what can you say about dill pickle slices?  They all come from a jar, and you either love them, or your hate them.  In my case... there isn't a pickle in this world that I don't simply adore!

The ingredients worked together to make a simply AMAZING burger!  As with a superior burger, the meat, bun and cheese were warm, and the tomato, onion, lettuce and pickle slices were cold... that makes a taste sensation unlike NOTHING else this world has to offer!  If you love an amazing burger... you'll simply fall in love with the "Silver Dollar Burger."

Since today was my first visit to Silver Dollar Saloon, I went with the "Home Fries," and I'm glad that I did.  The fries were large, and were closer to the size of "steak fries," yet were long like regular fries.  The fries were perfectly deep fried to a light golden brown, and were neither salty or greasy, and the fries weren't skinned!  Oh yes!  There is nothing better in my world than a side of great fries, and these fries were a good as fries can get.

The chef that created this meal has talent, as my lunch of a "Silver Dollar Burger," with the included side of "Home Fries" is as good as it gets.  There is nothing more that I can say...

Photo:  Cross section of the "Silver Dollar Burger," which is most likely the best burger that the small city of Marysville has to offer.  Note the goodness, and the amazingly fresh ingredients.  When you're in the mood for an amazing burger, head over to Silver Dollar Saloon.

Photo:  Close-up of my side of "Home Fries," which are a cross between regular fries, and "steak fries."  Whatever the case, each fry was large, perfectly deep fried to a golden brown, with the potato skin left on, which is what I love. The fries were so large, that instead of dipping them in ketchup, I squeezed a "line" of ketchup on each fry.  I'm like a kid when it comes to fries, as I confess I love ketchup with my fries.

I drove 30 miles to enjoy Silver Dollar Saloon, as this amazing restaurant combines gold rush atmosphere, delicious food, fine beer, and friendly service into a restaurant that you have to experience to believe.  The food is absolutely superior, the beer is cold, and the friendly staff, along with your fellow diners will welcome you, and treat you like family.  Silver Dollar Saloon is a "must visit" for "foodies," and lovers of a superior burger, when you're enjoying the sights of historic downtown Marysville, CA...

Silver Dollar Saloon
330 1st St.
Marysville, CA 95901
530 743-1558

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