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Are you in the mood for aligator tacos?  Deep fried alilgator and coleslaw?  Or how about Lousiana-style gumbo? Live music, anyone?  A fun day for the whole family?  All the above, and more, can be found at the Gumbo Ya Ya Music Food Festival, held on the first weekend in June, in Woodland, CA.

Photo:  Saturday, June 06, 2015, I attended the Gumbo Ya Ya Music and Food Festival, in Woodland, CA, and since it's a bayou/Cajun event, there are many vendors who sell classic Louisiana fare.  When I say the alligator smoking on the smoker, I just HAD to pay a visit to Reed's Ribs and More, who's business is catering special events, such as this festival.  I was a bit hesitant to include this fine eatery in my restaurant write-ups, since they're only a "special event" operation, but what the heck, as they're friendly people, and they serve delicious food.  The lady at the right of the photo is admiring the smoked alligator.  The line forms as customers are waiting for alligator and frog legs.

Photo:  I asked the friendly pitmaster if he'd open the pit for me, so I could see the smoked alligator, and he was happy to oblige, and allow me to take his photo, along with his smoked 'gator.  When I asked him about his creation, he said it was smoked over charcoal for 12 hours.  Let's see, that would mean it was put into the smoker about midnight last night.  These folks have tenacity!

Photo:  Mr. Pitmaster remarked to me, "his time has come," refering to the alligator, as he begins to carve meat off his creation to be used in alligator tacos.

Photo:  The menu is as simple as can be.  Although not on the menu, I asked if I could have cole slaw with my fried 'gator nuggets, so the friendly staff provided cole slaw, on the side.

Photo:  Mr. smoked alligator, partially carved, after being smoked for over 12 hours!  This sort of reminds me of a "whole hog barbecue."

Photo:  When you're not enjoying 'gator, gumbo, gator or frog legs, there is continuous live music at the Gumbo Ya Ya Music and Food Festival.  I loved the live music, but I came for the FOOD!

Photo:  My order of deep-fried 'gator nuggets was ready in about five minutes, and delivered with a smile.  The restaurant was located in a tent, and you received your order through a little zip-up screen window, so photography was very difficult, hence the fact this gentleman's head is "cut off" in the photo.

Photo:  I proudly hold my deep-fried alligator nuggets and cole slaw, ready to enjoy an exotic, bayou-style lunch at the Yolo County fairgrounds, in Woodland.

Photo:  Deep-fried alligator nuggets, cole slaw, along with a dash of ranch dressing for garnish.  If you've never enjoyed alligator, it tastes similar to chicken, but with a slight "fishy" taste.  It's delicious!

Deep-fried alligator isn't a dish that you can find on many menus, but Reed's Ribs and More has it on their menu, as they are in the catering business for special events.  When you're in the mood to "take a walk on the wild side," check them out when you visit the Gumbo Ya Ya Music Food Festival, for delicious smoked, or fried 'gator!

Reed's Ribs and More
916 956-5098

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