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Monsoon Burger is a small chain of two restaurants, with one located in Fairfield, and the other restaurant located in the Natomas area of Sacramento, located near the inactive Sleep Train Arena, formerly known as Arco Arena.  I have had Monsoon in my "burger sights" for quite a while, but it wasn't until early Sunday afternoon, July 30, 2017 that I was able to pay a visit, and experience the joy of a Monsoon burger, and load my burger with fixin's from their one-of-a-kind burger fixin's bar... Oh, the joy of an amazing burger!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 2:30 in the afternoon on Sunday, July 30, 2017, and I'm ready to enjoy one of the best burgers to be found north of the American River at Monsoon Burger, in the Natomas area of Sacramento.  It's a blistering 100 degrees outside, and their shaded patio certainly looks inviting.

I rarely get over this way, but today, I was attending an RV show - not that I plan to purchase an RV - at the now-inactive Sleep Train Arena, formerly known as Arco Arena, which is definitely in a state of decay.  After touring various RVs for a couple of hours, one gets hungry for a burger... Monsoon Burger is a 5-minute drive, so it all works perfectly.

Photo:  As you walk in the front door, you'll see the menu on the wall to your left, along with the cashier/ordering station.  In the center of the dining room there is a long, "community table" with stools, while booths line the wall. The burger condiment bar, and the soft drink dispenser, are located to the rear.  The dining room is very modern, clean and comfortable.  Note the beer taps next to the cashier's station, as there are five beers on tap, plus many more available by the bottle.

Photo:  The menu is posted on the wall, and consists of many varieties of burgers, along with sandwiches, fish and chips, plus a lot more.  In the center of the menu is the "Employee Favorites" section, which I thought was rather interesting.  Before visiting this fine restaurant, I'd already surfed their web site, and pretty much decided on the "Spicy NOLA Burger," despite the fact that I normally order the flagship burger of a restaurant, when I visit for the first time.  The "Monsoon Burger" is the flagship burger, but I simply couldn't resist the NOLA.  Looking at the black board, I can see that my friendly counter gal, Laila couldn't resist the "Spicy NOLA Burger" either, as she chalked her name next to it.

Photo:  Besides making superior burgers, Monsoon Burgers has a burger fixin's bar, along with condiments, that you squeeze onto your burger.  More on the fixin's bar in a later photo.  Ketchup must be the most popular condiment, as there are two large containers of ketchup, and only one each of mustard and mayonnaise.  I never apply ketchup to a buger of any kind, but I love to use it for dipping, specifically for fries.  

Photo:  Just like a taqueria, you make your selection from the menu, posted on the wall, pay for your order at the cashier's station, and in return, you receive a number.  My number today was "39," and I joked to the friendly cashier, Laila, that I was "39 and holding," and that got a laugh out of her, as my gray beard really gives my age away.

If beer is your preference, there are several premium beers on tap, including one of my favorites, Stella Artois. What? ... no Mexican beer?  I guess you can't have everything!  Tap beer is available by the pint of the pitcher and since I was driving, I elected for a pint, as after I'd eaten an 8-oz burger and fries, I'd be good to drive.

My friendly cashier/beer server is Laila, who also is a fan of the "Spicy LOLA Burger."  Note the open kitchen, as you can see today's burger chef, Mateo, hard at work, making delicious burgers.  I love the small flame rising from the grill, which adds to the total ambiance of this wonderful restaurant.

Photo:  After my number was called, I photographed friendly burger chef, Mateo, as he delivered my "Spicy NOLA Burger."  Note the open kitchen and the unique grill, along with the buns toasting on the griddle.  The grill is round, and it slowly turns clockwise, as the burgers grill over the flame.  I've never seen a moving grill like this before.

Photo:  Mateo takes my photo, as I hold my "Spicy NOLA Burger" along with the plate of fries.  Note the sign on the wall in the background of photo, which leaves no doubt to where I'm enjoying a delicious burger on this late July Sunday afternoon.

Photo:  All of the burgers, including my "Spicy NOLA Burger," arrive very naked from the grill.  No worries, as the burger fixin's station is ready, and waiting for you to finish your burger.  My "Spicy NOLA Burger" was cooked to order, in my case, medium," and included a slice of cheese - pepper jack for me - along with a half Louisiana hot link.  The brioche buns are buttered and toasted on the griddle, which adds an extra layer of yummy flavor to the amazing burger.

Photo:  After dressing out your bun, the next stop is the amazing fixin's bar.  You can apply any and all of these fresh veggies and more to your burger.  I've never seen anything like this before at a burger restaurant!  I applied tomato, lettuce, onion and relish to my burger, and scooped up some olives to enjoy on the side.

Photo:  I chose to eat outside on this 100-degree July afternoon, as the shady patio looked like a perfect place to enjoy a superior burger, a cold draught beer, and watch the Sacramento world go by.  My burger doesn't look naked anymore, as I dressed it with lettuce, tomato, onion and relish.  I have two small cups of ketchup to dip my fries into, and olives to enjoy on the side.  Such a fine meal!

Photo:  Monsoon Burger is located in a new, upscale shopping center in Natomas, north of downtown Sacramento. I love to dine outdoors, and watch the world go by, and on this warm Sunday afternoon, I had the whole patio to myself.

Photo:  My delicious "Spicy NOLA Burger," fries, along with a couple of cups of ketchup to dip the fries in.  

The fries were simply amazing; they didn't need to be dipped into anything, as they were cooked perfectly, and not at all greasy or excessively salty.  The lunch included a MOUNTAIN of them, which is enough to satisfy a person like myself, who craves delicious fries.

The NOLA burger... in one word:  AMAZING!  You get a choice of a 6-oz or 8-oz patty - naturally, the 8-oz version costs a few cents more - and the chef will cook it to order.  When I get a choice, I always order my meat cooked medium, as I'm a middle-of-the-road kind of guy.  The meat was cooked perfectly, and the slice of grilled pepper jack cheese was melted on the meat.  Adding to the great taste was the half grilled Louisiana hot link, which not added taste, but a little spice to the meal.

I piled on veggies from the fixin's bar, and I would have added sliced jalapeno peppers except for the fact that I'd run out of room.  Eating this delicious burger required two hands, an open mouth, and a mountain of napkins. Simply a delicious burger!

I left Monsoon Burger with a smile on my face, a full stomach, and the knowledge of having enjoyed one of the best burgers in the Natomas area of Sacramento, and a job well done.

When you're visiting the Natomas area of Sacramento, and you're in the mood for one of the best burgers in the area, pay a visit to Monsoon Burger.  You'll truly enjoy your burger, and you'll ride a tidal wave of burger joy!

Monsoon Burger
4740 Natomas Blvd. Ste. #130
Sacramento, CA 95835
916 419-7970

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