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When it comes to breakfast restaurants, I have nothing against chain restaurants, except, well... they're a link in a chain and every restaurant is nearly identical when it comes to decor and menu selection.  I savor a restaurant with character, both in decor and menu selection.  When it comes to character, I don't think any other restaurant in Elk Grove will beat Mel Dog's Cafe, as the restaurant definitely sports a healthy dose of character.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Mel Dog's Cafe is located in a business park, on the south side of Elk Grove, and offers plenty of parking. There are two tables for your outdoor dining pleasure.

Photo:  Monday, September 19, 2016 was the day we decided to dine at Mel Dog's Cafe.  We arrived around 9:30 in the morning to a lightly seated dining room.  Prior to today's visit, I had read Yelp reviews about this fine restaurant, particularly the interesting decor, including signs pasted on the ceiling!  When I read about the signs on the ceiling, I just HAD to visit this diner!  The television is tuned to our favorite morning show, Good Day Sacramento, which has featured Mel Dog's on their program.

Photo:  Just a few of the many signs that adorn the entire ceiling of the restaurant. There are all vanities of signs from local businesses, including real estate, stores, automotive repair, and even a sign from a local gun range.  I've never seen a ceiling like this before!

Photo:  Mel Dog's is open for breakfast and lunch only, so you know they're serious about breakfast.  Here's a portion of the breakfast menu.  I agonized over several choices, including the Biscuits and Gravy Platter, but I ended up ordering the Hot Link, as I wanted to add some spice to my morning.

Photo:  What do you think about the decor of the counter?  Colorful?  Americana?  I'd describe is as "decor with character."  But the decor definitely lends itself to "Roadhouse Americana" don't you think?  The window to the kitchen is near the left of the photo.  Besides colorful decor, Mel Dog's Cafe offers lots of charm, and it's the go-to diner of many Elk Grove locals.

Photo:  Our charming server, Jessica, delivers our breakfast with a smile.  This restaurant has lightning fast service, as our breakfast arrived in only ten minutes after ordering.  Jessica was very friendly, and made us feel very welcome.  We were seated at a table next to the window, which was quite pleasant.  To make this photo work, I had to break down and use my flash - which I detest - in order to overcome the natural lighting.  The restaurant is bright, cheery and airy.

Photo:  My wife, Sharlene, and I get ready to enjoy breakfast.  Thanks to our friendly server, Jessica, for snapping our photo.

Photo:  Sharlene decided to go with a "Joe's Special," which is her de facto breakfast of choice.  Joe's is a hamburger, mushroom, spinach and egg scramble, topped with melted cheese, and is a delicious breakfast choice.  Today she chose home style potatoes, and an English muffin.  The breakfast was HUGE, and I had to help her finish it.

Photo:  I agonized over several items on the breakfast menu, but I finally settled on "Hot Link and Eggs," as a hot sausage sounded good, on this Monday, where the temperature was due to rise to 102 in the afternoon, and set a new high temperature record for the day, in the greater Sacramento area.  

The sausage was quite spicy, but "some like it hot," and it was just the way I like it.  I was offered the choice of hash browns or home style potatoes, and I chose hash browns.  Eggs were cooked over easy, and my toast was sourdough; both are my de facto standards.  This breakfast was delicious, and left me quite full, although I managed to help Sharlene with her breakfast.

I you love good food, a "Cheers-like" atmosphere, friendly people, and "roadhouse-style" decor, Mel Dog's Cafe will be a restaurant of choice during your Elk Grove dining adventure.

Mel Dog's Cafe
9766 Waterman Ave.
Elk Grove, CA 95624
916 686-4615

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