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Unless your surname is Scrooge, everybody loves to celebrate the Holidays, and surprisingly enough, many large corporations offer their employees little perks to celebrate the Holidays.  I work for a telecommunications giant, and on Tuesday, December 18, 2007, the whole night crew, including the boss, were allowed to leave work two hours early, to enjoy breakfast together, as a team.  True-to-form, some folks asked the age-old question, "Why can't we just go home two hours early?" but that wasn't the idea that the company had in mind, as the idea was to "bond" together and do something off the job as a team.  Since I'm a card-carrying member of the Sacramento Breakfast Club, enjoying a breakfast with the whole team seemed like a good idea.  Since we spend at least 40 hours a week together, we're more like siblings than employees, as we work together, solve problems together, tease each other, fight with one another, laugh together, and keep the entire network running together.  

Photo:  From the outside, as well as the inside, Lyon's Restaurant is very attractive, even on a rainy morning.

Lyon's Restaurant, on Folsom Blvd. in Sacramento, CA, wasn't my first-choice of a breakfast restaurant, because my close friends and I prefer locally owned and operated restaurants, rather than chain restaurants, but Lyon's features very basic and uninspired "American" cuisine, and reasonable prices, and a meal at Lyon's is always a pleasant experience.  Another plus is that any item on their menu is available any time of the day or night, as Lyon's is open 24/7.  All Lyon's Restaurants, including the restaurant on Folsom Blvd. are spacious, clean, comfortable, and attractive.  If you're not a fan of surprises, you won't be surprised at Lyon's, as the decor is practically the same in every restaurant, the menu is exactly the same, and the wait staff seem to be produced from a cookie-cutter mould.  You'll never leave your comfort zone when you enjoy a meal at any Lyon's Restaurant.

Photo:  Two waitresses bring our breakfasts in record time.

Our boss had called ahead and made reservations for us, as there are 12 of us, including yours truly, the editor of this web site.  When we arrived, our table was ready, and it was a nice, big table, with comfortable seating for all of us.  Drink orders were taken, menus were produced, and then we got down to the business of deciding what we wanted to eat.  Lyon's breakfast menu is quite extensive, and features something for every taste, and when you factor lunch and dinner entrée, the selection is absolutely gigantic.  Although the cuisine at Lyon's is quite predictable, the breakfast menu features a few surprises, such as Joe's Special, Mediterranean Omelet, and Santa Fé Skillet.  When you order juice, you get a 12-oz glass at the price that many other restaurants charge for an 8-oz glass, which is a real bargain.  Lyon's is also known for their fantastic coffee, and your cup never runs dry.  

Photo:  The night crew, from left to right:  John Sweeney, Susan George, Kathy Sanchez, sticking out her tongue at the photographer, Shawn Harkins, Ken Hudson, DeAnn Harris, David Demario, Niki Morrisroe, Dave Wilding, Cyndi Barlow and Steve Fusick.

Predictably, our orders started to arrive only about 15 minutes after ordering.  For the 12 of us, it took two waitresses to deliver the goods, and they made a total of three trips.  That's quite an achievement, when you consider the fact that everybody's order included a main dish on a plate, and at least one plate containing toast, or for those of our crew who ordered a lunch entrée, a side dish for their soup or salad.  In the space of less than 5 minutes, we had been transformed from a bunch of coffee-guzzling, laughing, hungry folks, to team of happy diners.

Photo:  Even the web master, fellow night shift crew member and photographer, Eric Rench, can't escape the digital camera.

The boss and another member of our crew ordered lunch entrées, and everybody else ordered something from the extensive lunch menu.  Corn beef hash seemed to be very popular, as 3 out of 12 of us ordered it, but omelets, pancakes, scrambles and waffles were also ordered.  In my case, I ordered a Santa Fé Skillet, which consisted of cubed potatoes, topped by an omelet containing bacon, cheese and avocado slices, topped by red salsa and sour cream.  All members of our team enjoyed the meals, and it was nice to come together, as a group off the job, to be released from the constraints that restrain us at work.

Photo:  My attractive Santa Fé Skillet breakfast, with a cup of Lyon's delicious coffee.

Lyons Restaurant serves very basic, predictable, American-style food, in a comfortable, clean restaurant, at very reasonable prices.  The food is quite uninspired, without surprises or passion, but there is no reason not to love it, as it's surprisingly good, and there is something on Lyon's menu for any taste, at any time.  Lyon's Restaurant represents a good value and a good dining experience for anybody, at any time of the day.

Lyon's Restaurant
8865 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95826
916 361-0162

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