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Fridays at work are usually a bit slower than other work days, and after working hard all week, we usually feel like treating ourselves to something special.  Last week, my friend, co-worker and fellow "foodie," Teri and I got on the subject of burgers, and I suggested that we pay a visit to Flaming Grill Café, as its one of the more popular burger joints in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento.  The idea sounded good to her, so early Friday evening (we work the evening shift,) July 29, 2011, we paid a visit to the Flaming Grill Café in anticipation of enjoying a meal of delicious burgers.

Photo:  It's tough to get a good shot at 1900 on a early July evening, especially when you have to shoot directly into the sun.  Photo shows that the restaurant is open to the street, which is very similar to a sidewalk restaurant in Mexico.  What is even more unusual is there is a sign that states, "Please wait to be seated," and as you enter the restaurant, a staff member will greet you and seat you.  I've never seen a open-to-the-street restaurant, who's primary fare is burgers, have a staff member seat you.

Photo:  Teri gets pointers from our waiter, as she makes her choice of a 1/3 pound Café Burger, with tomatoes and grilled onions.  The gentlemen in the rear of the photo are waiting to be seated, and they are waiting outside in the hot 98-degree Sacramento sun.  The swamp cooler, behind the waiter, kept the temperature manageable, but it was still quite warm inside the restaurant.  Hey, you're in a burger joint, a diner for cryin' out loud!  The photo provides a good illustration of the dining room decor at Flaming Grill Café.

Photo:  I was so impressed by the sheer size of the burgers, the massive amount of thick, steak fries, that I asked the gal to pause so I could photo this beautiful order of burgers, on the way to another diner's table.

Photo:  Beauty and the Beast prepare to enjoy burgers... Beauty is my friend and co-worker, Teri McCloud, and Beast is your photographer and author, Eric Rench.  Unfortunately, we had long overstayed our 30-minute lunch break, so instead of eating our delicious burgers at Flaming Grill Café, we had to get our orders boxed-up so we could take them back to work and enjoy our feast on company time.  While we were waiting for our burgers to be cooked, Teri and I each enjoyed a fountain Coke.  I don't know what they did to the Cokes, but my Coke was one of the best Cokes that I've enjoyed in many years.

Photo:  My $8.99 Bacon and Avocado Sirloin Burger.  The menu describes it as a 1/2 pound Sirloin patty with Swiss cheese, bacon and avocado.  The standard side dish is fries, but onion strings and other enhancements can be added and you pay only a nominal fee.  Teri and I love both fries and onion strings, so she ordered fries with her burger and I ordered onion strings, and we simply did a "mix and match."  That solves the mystery of why I have both on my plate... errr.... box.  Check out the thick, juicy bacon slices, the fresh avocado, the Swiss cheese, and as an unexpected treat, Cheddar cheese as well!  Condiments were very simple, as it was only a mayonnaise-based sauce, but who wants to cover up the taste of a delicious sirloin burger with mustard, or any other condiments?  Note the lack of lettuce, pickles or tomatoes, as this burger was what the menu stated, a "Bacon, cheese and avocado burger."  Simple.  To the point.  Delicious.

Flaming Grill Café enjoys a well-deserved reputation of serving quality burgers at reasonable prices, and we both agreed that they truly offer a great burger, delicious fries, and crispy onion rings, or as Teri put it, "onion strings." We plan to return when we have more time, so we can actually sit in the restaurant and enjoy their quality burgers.  Speaking of quality, anybody for a yak burger?

Flaming Grill Café
2319 El Camino Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 359-0840

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