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Florez Bar and Grill is a Sacramento, CA restaurant, and has been serving delicious Mexican cuisine in the Land Park area since 1981.  This wonderful restaurant features a spacious dining room, an "semi-outdoor" patio, full service bar, fast, friendly service, and some of the best Mexican cuisine you'll ever find in the greater Sacramento area!  As a bonus... menudo and pozole are served daily, and Florez Bar and Grill opens every morning at 7, so you can enjoy a delicious Mexican breakfast every day of the week.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Florez Bar and Grill is located in a small shopping center on South Land Park Drive, which is a beautiful section of Sacramento.  It's just after 1 in the afternoon on Monday, December 09, 2019, and my "foodie" friend and I have arrived for an authentic Mexican lunch.

Back on Friday morning, July 20, 2012, the now defunct Sacramento Breakfast Club paid a visit to Florez Bar and Grill.  Click on THIS HYPERLINK to relive our breakfast...

Photo:  You enter the restaurant through the large patio, which on this chilly December afternoon, is covered with large tarps, similar to a circus tent.  It looks like they're expecting a good size party, as the patio is set up for a large banquet.  To keep things warm, there are several propane heaters.  Despite the cheery surrounding, we elected to dine indoors.

Photo:  The main dining room is tastefully decorated with a mix of tables and booths, and is separated from the bar area by a low partition.  We chose to sit at in a table/booth combination, and my friend and dining companion, Adrienne, can be seen doing some texting at the center/rear, as I take the photo.

Decor is "uncluttered," attractive, and very comfortable.  With the exception of the Mexican national colors, you'd hardly notice you've entered a Mexican restaurant, except for the SMELL.  Oh yes... the  unforgettable SMELL of grandma's Mexican cooking...

Photo:  Florez Bar and Grill offers a full bar, with lots of great bar seating.  On this early Monday afternoon in December, the television monitors are tuned to a soccer game.

Photo:  Florez Bar and Grill opens for breakfast every morning at 7.  The "Desayuno," or... breakfast menu, features traditional Mexican favorites, and "north of the border" breakfast selections too.  There aren't many Mexican restaurants in the greater Sacramento area open for breakfast, but the menu at Florez's covers all the bases...

On the other hand, I simply could not resist trying Florez's menudo, as menudo is a stew that I've loved as long as I can remember.  So I ordered a "small" bowl of menudo from the breakfast menu as an appetizer.  I also considered a bowl of pozole, but as always, menudo won.

Photo:  Breakfast choices are available until mid afternoon - I really thought about breakfast - but we decided to order lunch, as it was a little after 1 in the afternoon.  This is the "Especiales" section of the lunch menu, which every selection looks great!  We decided on the "Chile Verde," along with the "Chorizo Chicken Tacos."

Photo:  As soon as we were seated, we were served a bowl of fresh tortilla chips, along with small bowls of red and green salsa, both equally delicious, and ice water.  When asked if we wanted anything else - before placing our orders - I ordered a pitcher of "Pacifico" beer, along with two frosted glasses.  I didn't even consult Adrienne, as I know her tastes.  Thanks, A.L. McGuire for the photo.

Photo:  Shortly after our pitcher of "Pacifico" beer arrived, my "appetiser" of a small bowl of menudo arrived, complete with diced white onion, cilantro, lemon wedges, and three warm corn tortillas.

Photo:  I absolutely crave menudo, as I've loved this amazing Mexican stew for all of my life.  Yes, a small bowl of menudo was a bit extravagant to include in our lunch, but I "caved in" and ordered a "small" bowl of menudo from the "Desauyno" section of breakfast menu, even though it was lunch time. I couldn't resist the temptation...  Photo doesn't show it, but there's a stack of fresh-from-the-kitchen, warm, corn tortillas rolled up in the blue napkin.

The menu states "Menudo Traditional," which is a good start.  It goes further on to list, "The best menudo in Sacramento!  A healthy potion of our chilie infused beef broth with tripe and hominy. Served with fresh cut cilantro, onion and your choice or corn or flour tortillas."  The menu didn't say anything about the wedges of fresh lemon, which make an outstanding addition to a wonderful bowl of menudo.

When it comes to stating that Florez Bar and Grill serves the "best" menudo in Sacramento... I'm not in a position to say what is "best."  What I CAN say is Florez serves the kind of menudo that your grandmother used to make, back home in the Mexican state of Sonora, and is definitely some of the best menudo that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in the greater Sacramento area.  This menudo is GOOD!!

The broth is simply amazing!  Broth is the foundation of the soup, and the broth at Florez is flavorful, spicy - not hot - seasoned perfectly, and I detected a little bit of seasoning sort of on the "sweet" side.  It's like the broth grandmother used to keep simmering on the back burner of her stove!  Add the juicy, tender beef tripe, hominy, along with onions, spices and, I can detect, lots of skill, care and love from the chef, and you've got a bowl of menudo that will tug at your hear strings!  Get this:  Florez Bar and Grill dishes up delicious menudo every day!  Florez' restaurant serves delicious menudo, and it's offered every day!  Muy sabroso!

Photo:  My "foodie" friend and dining companion, Adrienne is a novice when it comes to menudo, and she was both dazzled and amazed when I emptied my bowl of onion and cilantro into my "small" bowl of menudo.  That's the way it's done in Mexico, so that's the way I enjoy my menudo here.  She's never seen this before, and just HAD to take a photo! Thanks, Adrienne McGuire for the photo.

Photo:  You can get a peek into the kitchen, if you look carefully from the dining room.  I'm a "sucker" for kitchen photos, as I love to see where things happen.  The kitchen at Florez Bar and Grill is immaculate and superbly organized.

Photo:  Meet Carmen, our super friendly server, who brings our lunch to us with a smile.  Carmen provided great service and excellent conversation.

Photo:  Thanks, Carmen, for taking the photo of my friend and dining companion, Adrienne and I, as we get ready to enjoy our lunch.  That's a lot of food and drink!

We drank all of the beer, but we took food home in boxes, as there was no way she and I could eat all of that delicious food.

Photo:  Listed at the top of the "Especiales" section of the lunch menu, we ordered "Chile Verde," as both Adrienne and I love "Chile Verde," which makes a perfect lunch to share between two friends who enjoy good food, and each other's company.

The menu describes this wonderful dish as, "The best chile verde ever!  Chunks of lean pork sauteed in homemade green tomatillo sauce.  Served with corn or flour tortillas."  Like all items on the lunch menu, it comes with rice, beans and your choice of tortillas. We chose corn tortillas, as they're our favorite!

You get a large helping of the tender, marinated pork, and as the menu states, it's cooked in rich, spicy, in-house made tomatillo sauce, that makes this chile verde delicious.  The "spiciness" was just the way I like it, but it was a little too spicy for my friend, but she certainly managed to enjoy her share.  The meat was juicy, tender, and savory. The rice was simply delicious, and the beans... oh the beans!  You could taste the lard in the beans, which made them as authentic Mexican as the beans you find in Mexicali.  The beans were topped with melted cotija cheese, which added lots of flavor.  The small side salad was made with super fresh veggies, and topped with crumbled cotija cheese.  Such a great lunch choice!

Photo:  From the "Especiales" section of the lunch menu, we ordered "Chicken Chorizo Tacos," which is a variety of tacos that neither of us had ever seen before, so they were a must-order for us, as we're both adventuresome "foodies."  

The menu describes "Chicken Chorizo Tacos" as "Three Street Tacos filled with grilled chicken and chorizo.  Topped with caramelized red onion, fresh guacamole and cilantro.  Served with a roasted jalapeno."  The menu didn't mention anything about the small side salad and the lime wedges.  Like all lunch platters served at Florez Bar and Grill, this fantastic lunch choice came with rice and refried beans.

Mexican "street tacos" start with two small corn tortillas, each about the size of a DVD.  The tortillas were toasted, and then chunks of cooked, marinated chicken were added, along with chorizo.  What an award-winning combination!  If that wasn't enough, each taco was topped with caramelized onion, grilled jalapeno pepper, a HUGE scoop of guacamole, and topped with shredded cotija cheese.  These delicious tacos were so "loaded" with goodies that there was no way you could get your mouth around them without spilling something.  We really needed bibs, like babies wear, and we laughed as we enjoyed our delicious tacos, and the mess that we made.  It's all good, clean fun...

Like our "Chilie Verde" platter, the "Chicken Chorizo Tacos" arrived with a sides of Mexican rice, and some of the best refried beans that you can ever imagine!

Neither Adrienne nor I had ever enjoyed "Chicken Chorizo Tacos" until today, and we were both simply amazed at these tacos.  Grilled chunks of chicken, paired with mildly spicy chorizo make an outstanding combination, and when you add a couple of toasted corn tortillas, caramelized onions, topped with a mountain of fresh guacamole, and sprinkled with cotija cheese... you get a taste sensation that will make you smile for the rest of the day.  

As you can tell, we LOVED our plate of "Chicken Chorizo Tacos!"

Photo:  Adrienne spoons some chilie verde on to a corn tortilla.  She and I are friends, and "foodies," and along with good food, we enjoy each other's company.  When we go out to eat, we order different entrees and we "mix and match" so both of us get to sample everything.

Photo:  Adrienne "officially" ordered the "Chile Verde" and this is how her plate looked after she added the corn tortillas that came with lunch.  I helped myself to her plate, and she returned the favor from my "official" plate of "Chicken Chorizo Tacos."  Thanks, Adrienne McGuire for allowing me to publish this photo.

Photo:  Close-up of one of the "Chicken Chorizo Tacos," showing the mountain of goodness heaped on each taco. Both Adrienne and I loved the "Chilie Verde" but we went STONE COLD CRAZY over the "Chicken Chorizo Tacos!" Grilled chicken and fried chorizo, placed on toasted corn tortillas and topped with a mountain of fresh guacamole is a combination that can't be beat!  Check it out at Florez Bar and Grill!

My dining companion and I "mixed and matched" out lunches, and truly enjoyed our wonderful dining experience, the friendly service, and the amazing Mexican cuisine. We were served enough food that we each took home a box of leftovers to enjoy for dinner... such a treat!  

No wonder Florez Bar and Grill has been a Sacramento Mexican restaurant institution for the past 37 years... Here's to another 37 more years of service some of the best Mexican cuisine in Sacramento!

Florez Bar and Grill
5900 S. Land Park Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95822
916 429-6864

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