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You want to know what a sweet deal is?  To have an outstanding restaurant, such as Don Quixote's Mexican Grill practically across the street from work, and about a three minute hike.  Talk about convieient and handy.... My friend and co-worker Teri and I have enjoyed many delicious dinners and lunches at Don Quixote's Mexican Grill.


Photo:  Teri and I work together, and we're friends, and share many common interests, including FOOD, as we're both "foodies."  So on this beautiful Thursday evening in mid-August, we took the short walk from work over to Don Quixote's Mexican Grill to enjoy a fantastic dinner of authentic Mexican cusine.

Photo:  It's been quite a while since my friend, Teri McCloud, and I have enjoyed a meal at Don Quixote's Mexican Grill - we refer to the restaurant as "Don Q's" - but late Tuesday morning, July 25, 2017, we were enjoying each other's company, and decided to enjoy a great lunch at Don's.  Note the "Lunch Special" on the blackboard, advertising two tacos, beans and rice for $6.95, and a drink for $1.00.  We couldn't resist ordering a special lunch...

Photo:  You place your order, and it's made before your eyes, made to order, from fresh ingredients.  What veggies do you want on your taco, tostada, or whatever you order?  You just tell the friendly person, and they'll build your dinner or lunch, to order, your way.

Photo:  My friend Teri grins, as she's ready to enjoy her delicious lunch.  she and I basically ordered the same lunch.  We work well as a team; as she poured the drinks from the dispenser, I grabbed the salsa and chips.

Photo:  My lunch of two carnitas tacos, garnished with onion, lettuce and cilantro, along with refried beans and rice.  Note the small tacos are on two tortillas.  The lunch is delicious, and you receive a generous portion of meat with your order.  My friend and I love this fine restaurant!


Photo:  This is the view of the restaurant, from the entrance.  You can walk up to the counter and place your order, either from the lighted menu above the kitchen, or from the printed menu.  You can also sit at a table, and a friendly staff person will present a menu and take your order.  Or, like we did, you can phone your order in, in advance, or place your order through their web site.  Anyway you look at it, Don Quixote's Mexican Grill offers comfortable dining in a spacious, friendly, and clean dining room.  It's early Thursday evening, August 11, 2011, and it's time for dinner at "Don Q's," as we call the restaurant.


Photo:  I called in our orders from work, and Teri and I busied out our phones so we wouldn't take any calls, told our co-workers we were leaving for dinner, and 10 minutes later, we arrived at Don Quixote's, and our orders were ready for us to enjoy.  It was my turn to pay, so the friendly counter gal is in the process of ringing up my order, as Teri holds my plate of carne asada tacos, with her order of a flour tostada bowl on the counter.  As I was paying for the order, Teri was kind enough to head to the drink/chip/salsa bar and grab our Cokes, a bowl of chips, and chipotle salsa.  By the time I'd paid for our order, she had drinks, chips and salsa ready enjoy.  Such a great friend and dining companion!


Photo:  My order of two carne asada tacos, with everything, refried beans, rice, a Coke and chips and salsa from the chips and salsa bar.  Good food!


Photo:  Your author, photographer and "foodie," Eric Rench, and his friend, co-worker and dining companion, Teri McCloud.  You already saw the photo of my delicious dinner... Teri couldn't finish her dinner, so she passed it over to me, and I finished most of it for her.  Bummer:  After enjoying such a delicious dinner, we had to go back to work and face another four hours of stupid phone calls, corporate guidelines, and a lot of stress.

Don Quixote produces great food at very reasonable prices, and the folks are friendly, and very accomodating.  We only get 30 minutes for dinner, so we called our order in advance, and ten minutes later, when we arrived at the restaurant, I simply had to say, "I'm Eric," and we were handed our plates of hot, fresh food, ready to eat.  We were able to maximize our time doing what's important: Visiting and enjoying great Mexican food!

Photo:  Don Quixote's is located less than a block from work, so we're able to keep up on what's happening around the place, especially since we walk by the restaurant every day on our walks, during breaks from work.  On Wednesday, August 31, 2011, Don Quixote's was having dollar tacos, in celebration of their anniversary at their location, so Teri and I couldn't pass up dollar taco night!  You order and pay for your tacos at the first station, move slightly to your right, and then you're treated to three girls making your taco to your order.  The girl on the left places two DVD-sized corn tortillas on your plate, and scoops your choice of meat filling onto the tortillas, and the second girls hands to plate to the third girl, who garnishes your order with whatever you want.  The dollar tacos include any and all garnishes, with the exception of guacamole.  At a dollar per copy, you're paying about the same price for a taco as you'd pay from a street vendor in Mexico!

Photo:  Teri watches as the taco girls make our tacos, right before our eyes.  You can imagine how many people there were in the restaurant tonight - who could resist the taco-deal-of-the-century - but the time from ordering to delivery time was less than five minutes... Don Quixote's Mexican Grill is a marvel in taco efficiency!

Photo:  We only get a half-hour lunch break, so Teri and I elected to order our tacos "para llavar" and enjoy them at the picnic table in front of work.  The evening was very pleasant, and we like to eat outdoors anyway... My friend, co-worker, and frequent dining companion, Teri McCloud poses with our order on the picnic table in front of work.  Between the two of us, we enjoyed five tacos, two all-you-could-drink Cokes, and unlimited chips and salsa, for slightly under $10.00!!!!  Don Quitote's does this once a year, so you could say that this is the deal of the year. Pardon the "noisey" photo, but the iPhone's camera is not the greatest in low-light situations, and at 2000 on this late summer evening, as it was nearly twilight time.

Photo:  Teri loves chicken, so she elected to order two chicken tacos, garnished with lettuce, diced tomatoes and cheese.  At a dollar a taco, I thought I'd splurge, plus, what the heck?  ... it was her turn to pay, so I ordered three tacos, which added up to three dollars!  Don Quixote's offers four varieties of meat, so I ordered a chicken, carne asada, and a chili verde taco... to paraphrase the great singer, Meatloaf, "Three Out Of Four Ain't Bad"  ... guess I botched that one, but you know what I mean.  I ordered every garnish, and as you can see, my tacos are loaded.  These tacos are a slice of taco heaven... simply delicious!  I had to fortify myself, as the next day, September 1st, was opening day of dove season, so I had an early calling in the fields and woodlands of Placer County.

Photo:  We go to "Don Q's" every couple of weeks or so, and this undated photo shows a delicious combination dinner I enjoyed of two chicken tacos, refried beans, and Mexican rice.  Of course there is a bowl of the obligatory chips and chipotle salsa.  This food is good!!!

Photo:  January 09, 2012.  Shortly after we checked in together at work, Teri sent me a text message saying that she left her dinner at home.  I texted her back saying that we we're like minded, as I had left my dinner at home too. So I texted her and said something to the effect of, "You want to go over to Wendy's and grab a salad or something when we go to dinner together?"  And she replied, "No, I was thinking along the lines of Don Q."  This was unplanned... I had brought my dinner from home.  I can't resist enjoying dinner at "Don Q," so I texted her back, "Well, I wouldn't want you to go there alone, so would you care for some company?" She texted, "I'd love for you to come along," so I texted back, "Thank you, M'am."  Enough said... done deal.  Teri smiles for the camera with her plate in front of her, the chips and salsa, fountain drinks, Coke, of course, and a little bitty portion of my plate in the foreground of the photo.

Photo:  Our complete dinner this Monday evening of my plate of two grilled chicken tacos, Teri's plate of a chicken taco and Mexican rice, fresh corn tortilla chips, salsa cruda, salsa chipotle - from their chips and salsa bar - and a couple of fountain drinks, Coke in our case, as Teri and I both love Coke.  I had planned on "Dutch treat," but Teri paid for this meal... it will be my turn to pay the next time we dine together.  We're good friends, and I love it!!!

Photo:  Here's a close-up shot of my two chicken tacos.  Each taco comes with two corn tortillas, and a plentiful serving of the best grilled chicken in Sacramento.  You get your choice of garnishes... I chose diced tomatoes, onions and cilantro, and the optional guacamole.  The guacamole comes at an additional price, but its worth it, and all you have to do is ask, and they'll spoon a lot of extra guac.  I spooned a lot of the guac off my tacos and Teri and I used the extra for a garnish for the chips.  Another delicious dinner at Don Quixote's Mexican Grill!

Another great dining experience at Don Quixote's Mexican Grill!  Teri and I will enjoy many more...

Don Quixote's Mexican Grill
2648 Watt Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821
916 481-3000

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