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Have you ever heard of the small northeastern California community of Davis Creek?  No, it's not exactly a "world class" destination, and most travelers on U.S. Highway 395 probably just whiz on through, and don't give the community a second thought.  However, if you love good food, and you're a lover of rural, eastern California roadhouses, and local hospitality, the Davis Creek Mercantile should be on your must-stop-at list.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Davis Creek Mercantile is a combination store, gas station, post office and restaurant.  The community of Davis Creek is located in extreme northeastern California, and has a population of around 100.  It's 1130 in the late morning of Thursday, June 22, 2017, and I'm headed in the restaurant to enjoy lunch.

Photo:  The rustic front porch and the entrance to the store and restaurant.  The porch is shady and inviting, and almost begs you to "sit a spell..."  The ice machine is important for the many hunters and campers who frequent the area, as its surrounded by the Modoc National Forest, which offers some of the best outdoor activities to be found in Californa.

Photo:  How long has it been since you've seen a telephone booth, that actually works?  I lifted the receiver to check for dial tone, and I was rewarded with dial tone.  The telephone set itself looks like a coin phone out of the mid-1970's.

Photo:  As you enter the building, you have to walk through the general store, as the restaurant is located in the extreme rear of the restaurant.  There are tables in the store for your dining pleasure.  By the way, the store stocks a variety of nearly everything, to keep the local residents supplied.  It's quite a drive to Lakeview or Alturas, especially during the winter.

Photo:  The restaurant doesn't have a printed menu, and customarily offers only one dish at each serving.  Today was "Taco Thursday," and every one of the local California Highway Patrol officers had managed to take their lunch at Davis Creek Mercantile.  Trust law enforcement to know good restaurants!  These officers were very happy and jovial, and when I mentioned to them that I was a visitor, they told me that I had hit the jackpot, as today was "Taco Thursday" and I was going to enjoy great tacos at a bargain price.  They also said this was the best restaurant between Lakeview, Oregon, and Alturas, 25 miles to the south.  These guys should know, as they're out every day, keeping the roads, and Modoc County safe.  Sounds good to me!

Photo:  Mr. Mule Deer looks over the restaurant.  The community of Davis Creek is located within the State of California, but the community has little in common with the core values held by most Californians, especially those who live in large metropolitan areas, such as the greater Los Angeles megatropolis and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photo:  I was greeted by John, the friendly chef in the open kitchen.  Today's offering for lunch was tacos, along with rice.  The restaurant is very informal, as you request how many tacos you want, and you're given your plate of tacos, with meat, and then you add your choice of condiments from the wide assortment.

You get your choice of flour or corn tortillas.  Naturally, I chose corn.  I received my plate with two corn tortillas, piled high with meat - seasoned ground beef - and a generous helping of rice.  Now it was time to add garnishes from the wide array, which included shredded cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, peppers, chives, cilantro, olives, bacon... yes, BACON, fresh salsa, and more.  You're free to pile on as many garnishes as your heart desire. That's my "dressed" plate of tacos sitting on the counter, as I snapped the photo.

Photo:  Thanks, John, for snapping my photo, as I lift up my plate before enjoying a delicious lunch.  No, the plate wasn't that heavy, although it was full, but I wanted to lift it high in order to get a good photo.

Photo:  My absolutely amazing lunch of tacos and rice for only $3.75!  Not only was the lunch delicious, but at that price, it was the "Bargain of the Century!"  No wonder Davis Creek Mercantile is a favor with local law enforcement! Considering the quality and quantity of the lunch, and the bargain-basement price, it's worth a drive from Anywhere, U.S.A. to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Davis Creek Mercantile.

Today for lunch, the restaurant was serving tacos, but the menu varies from day to day, and from hour to hour, depending on what they have on hand, the mood of management, and the taste of the locals, and knowledgeable travelers on the highway.  Barbecue for dinner is a frequent occurrence, especially on weekends, when the weather is good.  They fire up the wood-stoked smoker/grill, and grill steak, ribs, chicken, sausage and more, outside the restaurant.  Note to self:  Stop by during a summer evening to enjoy some barbecue.

This amazing restaurant is a favorite of law enforcement, local residents, truckers, and travelers on the highway. I'm not a local, but you can consider Davis Creek Mercantile to be a favorite northeastern California restaurant of mine.

Photo:  After you enjoy your delicious meal, you walk up to the cash register where friendly Mia greets you with a smile.  Davis Creek is very rural, and everything is on the "honor system" so you simply tell her what you had for lunch and pay for it.  As I mentioned, my hearty and delicious lunch came to only $3.75, so I popped her a $5.00, added a $1.00, told her to keep the change, and wished her a pleasant Thursday.

I've always felt that the locals know best when it comes to restaurants, and when you see every California Highway Patrol vehicle for miles around parked at the same place for lunch, you know you've hit the jackpot.  Such is the way it is at Davis Creek Mercantile.  The tacos are amazing, you can't beat the price, the quality, quantity, and the vast array of condiments.  Take a tip from truckers, locals, and law enforcement personnel, and stop by Davis Creek Mercantile, and enjoy some mouth-watering Davis Creek cuisine!

Davis Creek Mercantile
41942 Lakeview Hwy. (U.S. Hwy. 395)
Davis Creek, CA 96108
530 233-3758

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