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Pollock Pines is a small town, nestled in the Sierra Foothills, 60 miles east of Sacramento, that isn't exactly a world-class dining destination, nor is it know for it's 5-star restaurants.  However, if you're in the mood to enjoy a wonderful breakfast or lunch, you need look no further than C & T's Restaurant...

Photo:  The date is Thursday, March 19, 2014, and I'm at C & T's Restaurant, ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast. C & T's offers patio dining, but on this morning in March, the temperature was rather chilly, so patio dining wasn't really an option.

Photo:  As you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted with a white board, which lists the daily specials.  In keeping with the rural atmosphere of Pollock Pines, it's very informal, so you seat yourself, as there is ample, comfortable seating.  Note the "Highway 50 roadhouse" ambiance, complete with highway signs, models of classic cars, and many photos of roadhouse scenes.

Photo:  The restaurant wasn't busy on this Thursday morning, and photo gives an idea of the comfortable dining. The open kitchen is at the extreme left of the photo, and you can watch as your meal is being prepared.

Photo:  Here's a sample of the breakfast menu.  Today, I decided to go "vegetarian," so I ordered 2 Eggs any style, at the top of the page.  Actually, I'm rarely, if ever, "vegan," but today I simply wasn't as hungry as I normally am.  Note that C & T's Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only, and breakfast is served at any time.  If you're a breakfast lover, such as I am, you will know that C & T's is serious about breakfast!

Photo:  Co-owner Tyna sits at the high counter, which I absolutely loved!  You can't really see in the photo, but C & T's is a favorite of local residents, and travelers on the way to Lake Tahoe who appreciate great food.

Photo:  My friendly server, Kathy, brings my plate of biscuits and gravy.  Nothing about C & T's Restaurant is fancy, not even the food, or the decor, but the food is "comfort food," solid, diner-style cuisine.  I love it!

Photo:  Thanks, Kathy, for taking my photo, as I pose with my meal.

Photo:  My breakfast of two eggs, over easy, O'Brien potatoes, and a plate of biscuits and gravy.  The eggs were cooked perfectly; that is a benchmark of a good breakfast.  The menu refers to the potatoes as "O'Brien potatoes," but they were essentially homestyle potatoes served with diced bell pepper and onion, golden brown on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  Ah, the biscuit was made in-house, and topped with country gravy, with lots of sausage chunks.  The breakfast was made even better by my C & T's mug that never ran more than half-empty of delicious coffee.  C & T's Restaurant serves an outstanding breakfast!

Photo:  My server, Kathy, along with co-owners Tyna and Charlie, pose for my camera, with my breakfast in the foreground.  Charlie told me that he and his wife, Tyna, have owned the restaurant for the last 10 years, after he retired from the Forest Service.  Charlie and I talked a bit about work, and being retired from "Corporate America," and I let him know that I'm retired A.T.&T., and he told me a lot of A.T.&T. employees visit, and their favorite lunch item is the Reuben sandwich.  A.T.&T. employees know how to eat, so, OK, that's on my things-to-do list, to pay a visit and enjoy a Reuben sandwich at C & T's Restaurant.

Photo:  Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  As mentioned in the previous photo, owner Charlie told me about how the AT&T outside plant guys loved the Reuben sandwich.  I'd been mulling over the concept of sampling C & T's Reuben sandwich for the last three weeks.  So, today, I decided to give the Reuben a try, to decide for myself.  I brought along my friend, former co-worker, and, like me, retired AT&T person, Sandy, to help me out.  Photo is taken at the entry to the restaurant, with the white board, listing the daily specials.  My friend Sandy is in the photo, along with co-owner Charlie, and our friendly server, Kathy.

Photo:  C & T's Restaurant features an open kitchen, that is visible to the dining room, so you can watch the chef at work.  I'm a sucker for restaurants with open kitchens, as I'm always interested in the "happenings" inside the kitchen.

Photo:  Yes, the photo is fuzzy, but my intentions are clear, as our friendly server, Kathy, brings lunch to our table.

Photo:  My friend Sandy ordered French Dip and fries.  Oh yes, it's good!

Photo:  I ordered the full, Reuben Sandwich, which is a favorite of the local AT&T outside plant guys.  The meal comes with fries or chips, and for a small extra charge, you can order batter-dipped, fried green beans.  Initially I ordered fries, but after conferring with my friend Sandy, I decided to GO FOR IT! and order the deep fried green beans.  What about the Reuben Sandwich, in regards to AT&T employees?  Hmmmmm.....

Photo:  Our friendly server snapped the photo of my ex-coworker, and friend of nearly 20 years, Sandy Beals, and myself.  Credential time:  Sandy and I both worked for AT&T for 30+ years, so we were well qualified to sample the Reuben Sandwich, and rate it, as per the AT&T standard.  But variety is the spice of life, so we sort of mixed and matched our lunches, so both of us, in the interest of science, got to sample everything, in order to give the food a scientific, and objective rating.  Alright, we both agreed the French Dip sandwich and the fries are good, standard, and definitely "comfort food," and food that you can love, and enjoy.  That being said, we agreed the Reuben Sandwich is superior, and the deep fried green beans are "to-die-for."  So, as two retired AT&T employees, we agree that C & T's Restaurant offers fantastic Reuben Sandwiches, and that the restaurant will continue to be a favorite of the local AT&T outside plant employees.  

C & T's features diner-style dining, in a clean, family-friendly atmosphere.  It's a favorite of locals, and travelers to Lake Tahoe who are "in the know."  If you're on the way to Lake Tahoe, and you're in the mood for an outstanding meal, C & T's Rest is THE place to stop in Pollock Pines.

C & T's Restaurant
6454 Pony Express Trail #37
Pollock Pines, CA 95726
530 644-0105

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