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Sunday, March 31, 3019, we took a two-hour excursion on the El Dorado Western Railroad from the small foothill town of Shingle Springs to El Dorado.  We enjoyed the trip by riding on 1920's vintage Fairmont gas maintenance of way cars, known as "speeders."

Photo:  E.D.W.R. #603 is on the head end of the consist, as it takes a break at the El Dorado station.  The consist consists of speeders #603 and #605, along with a m.o.w. car for two of the crossing guard crew to ride on, while the train is in motion.  On the way back to Shingle Springs, #605 will act as caboose, and it's engineer will revert to conductor.

Photo:  E.D.W.R. #605 is on the point, as the train heads back to Shingle Springs.  I'm riding in #603.

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