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There aren't many diners to choose from when you're coming off the slopes of Mt. Whitney into the small town of Lone Pine, that sits at the base of the famous mountain.  No, on this March morning I wasn't backpacking Mt. Whitney, but I was camping in nearby Panamint Valley, and I was looking for a great breakfast, so I made to drive to Lone Pine, to enjoy the fine cuisine of the Mt. Whitney Restaurant.

Photo:  Mt. Whitney Restaurant is located on Main Street in Lone Pine, which happens to be U.S. 395, as the highway cuts through the middle of town.  The Sierra Nevada mountains are in the background, and Mt. Whitney itself is obscured by the sign.

Photo:  The interior of the dining room as you walk in the front door.  Note the sign in the foreground, which is definitely a tongue-in-cheek description of the great service, and the wonderful food this restaurant has to offer.  I wouldn't know about the beer, as it's 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, and I'm here for breakfast. When I first arrived, the restaurant was practically empty, but an hour later, after enjoying a delicious breakfast, the restaurant was packed with hungry diners.

Photo:  Beneath the paining of Mt. Whitney, you get a glimpse into the kitchen.  To the left is the pie case, with a selection of bottled beers offered by the restaurant.

Photo:  Over the years, many movies, mostly western, have been filmed in and around Lone Pine, particularly in the nearby Alabama Hills, just west of town.  The restaurant is decorated with movie photos - many of them signed - from countless Hollywood westerns that have been filmed near town.  In keeping with the area, the decor is quite western, including a set of horns from a Texas longhorn bull.

Photo:  Meet Mitzie, my friendly server, who cracks up as I snap her photo.  Actually, I had a hard time convincing her that I wanted to take her photo, but in the end, she gave in with a laugh.  Mitzie gave me service with a smile, and kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee.

Photo:  Thanks Mitzie, for taking my photo, as I'm about ready chow down.  I didn't dine alone, as there was a life-size cardboard cutout of old-time western movie star Tom Mix placed behind me.

Photo:  Mt. Whitney Restaurant's breakfast menu offers many choices, but I homed in on chorizo and eggs, and that sounded spectacular.  Side choices include toast, biscuit and gravy or corn tortillas, so I broke out of the mold and ordered corn tortillas, and received for perfectly toasted corn tortillas.  Mitzie asked if I wanted salsa - duh - and she brought out a little cup of delicious in-house made salsa.

Check out the size of hash browns!  As you can see, they're fried to a golden brown on the outside, but the inside is chewy and yummy.  Naturally the eggs and chorizo were mixed together.  The tortillas arrived on a separate plate, but I put 'em on the hash browns, as that just seemed like the natural thing to do.  The salsa was heavenly.  This was a delicious breakfast!

Mt. Whitney Restaurant is a great diner, and is a favorite of locals, truckers, cowboys, and the many people who drive on U.S. 395.  The food is delicious, the decor is quaint, and the staff is friendly.  When you're visiting Lone Pine, I'd recommend a stop at Mt. Whitney Restaurant for a delicious meal.

Mt. Whitney Restaurant
227 S. Main St.
Lone Pine, CA 93545
760 876-5751

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