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"Aviation Spoken Here" is posted above the entrance at the door to Voyager Restaurant, and it pretty well describes the atmosphere, as the restaurant is located at the Mojave airport, which is a "destination" for private pilots, lovers of airplanes, and also a final destination for many over-the-hill airliners... Aviation means great food, as pilots and lovers of airplanes know how to eat... Voyager Restaurant dishes up the kind of cuisine that keeps pilots, and lovers of great food, coming back for more.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, as sign anounces, "Aviation Spoken Here," and that's a good way to describe the theme of Voyager Restaurant, located along the flight line, and the control tower of the airport, in Mojave, CA.  It all works for me at 0710 on Thursday morning, May 24, 2018, as I am in the mood for breakfast, aviation, airplanes and more, as I "fuel up" to begin another wonder day of railfanning Union Pacific's Mojave Subdivision at Tehachapi Loop.  Breakfast lovers, and railfans are welcome!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, there are business cards posted on the wall, and lots of flyers announcing local get-togethers.  As a restaurant enthusiast, a.k.a., "foodie," I posted my business card on the bulletin board to compliment all of the other cards.

Photo:  The dining room is quite spacious, and it looks out to the flight line of the Mojave California Airport, which not only hosts experimental aircraft and offers every aviation service you can imagine, but hosts one of the largest aviation "bone yards" in the United States.  Voyager Restaurant has a window on all of the action.

The two gentlemen seated are local pilots as Krista, the friendly hostess, on duty this early Thursday morning, brings them coffee and lots of early Thursday morning "cheer..."

Photo:  If you like aviation and airplanes, along with an amazing breakfast, you've come to the right restaurant, as Voyager Restaurant features aviation decor and memorbilia...

Photo:  The breakfast menu featues everything a breakfast lover could of dream of.  Breakfast is taken seriously at Voyager Restaurant, as breakfast is served any time the restaurant is open.  Since today was my first visit to this fine restaurant, I went with the first choice on the breakfast menu, which seemed like a great place to begin.

Photo:  Voyager Restaurant was lightly seated on this Thursday morning, so I took a seat by the window, so I could admire the view.  The restaurant looks out to the flight line, where a Cessna 172 airplane basks in the warm morning sun.  You get a view of the aircraft boneyard that the Mojave airport is famous for, against a backdrop of the southern most end of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo:  Just before you enter the dining room, you can take a peek into part of the kitchen.  I'm a "sucker" for kitchen shots, but it's too bad I wasn't able to get a photo of the talented chef working his magic.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Krista, brings my breakfast to my table with a smile.  I'm glad I went with her recommendation about the potatoes, as they were some of the best home style potatoes that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Note the aviation theme of the dining room, and the two local pilots in the background.  If you love great food and aviation, you've come to the right place!

Photo:  Thanks, Krista, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy an amazing breakfast, with a great view of the runway and beyond in the background.

Photo:  My  breakfast choice : "The Nighthawk"  - which is military code name for the F-117 - of two eggs, country potatoes and toast, which was the first choice on the breakfast menu, and a good place to begin.

For starters, the eggs were perfectly cooked, over easy, which is my de facto style of choice for eggs.  When I order eggs over easy, I use them as a bench mark to judge the skill of the chef.  My eggs were cooked perfectly...

The menu offers a choice between hash brown or country potatoes, and my friendly server, Krista, mentioned that Chef Ricky's potatoes are special, so I went with country potatoes - or as the menu calls them "home fries" - and I'm glad I did, as I was totally dazzled and amazed by the potatoes!  The potatoes were cut into a variety of chuncks, from small to quite large, seasoned with the chef's secret seasoning, and fried to a golden brown on the outside, and a chewy goodness inside.  I opted for the optional onion and pepper slices to complete the package.  Krista was right about the potatoes, as they were some of the best fried potatoes that I've ever had the chance to enjoy!  Two pieces of sourdough toast completed my delicious breakfast.  I'm glad I followed Krista's recomendation!

I didn't get a chance to give the talented chef my compliments in person, but Krista promised me that she'd do the favor for me.

If Chef Ricky's perfectly cooked eggs, along with his amazing country potatoes don't give you the "wow" factor, maybe the view of retired airliners, or Krista's friendly service will... Anyway you look at it, if you're a pilot, railran, or anybody that loves a great breakfast, Voyager Restaurant in Mojave is the place to go...

Voyager Restaurant
1434 Flight Line #58
Mojave, CA 93501
661 824-2048

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