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Brawley is a small city, located in California's Imperial Valley, just shy of 25 miles north of the Mexican border. Naturally, you'd expect to find Mexican cuisine, but even in a town like Brawley, a authentic Mexican breakfast, especially at an early hour, is not easy to find.  At Virginia's Casista, it you're up at 7 in the morning, and you're looking for an amazing breakfast, you've arrived at the right restaurant... errr ... casita.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Take your GPS readings with a grain of salt, as when I entered the address of this amazing restaurant, my GPS landed me at least a mile west, near the western outskirts of town, far from the actual destination.  GPS doesn't seem to know much about "Main Street" in Brawley, as I just happen to know it's divided 'east" from "west" by 8th Street, also know as California State Highway 111.

Virginia's Casita is located in back of the Cd. Plaza building, located at the intersection of 8th and Main Streets, in the "heart" of downtown Brawley.  Forget your GPS, forget your street address, as you just want to park in back of Cd. Plaza, and you'll find Virginia's Casita, located at the rear of the complex.

No problem with safe, off-the-street parking.  I have to admit that Virginia's is a little hard to find, but the quest is well worth the effort, as the food is delicious, and Virginia will welcome you as if you were a part of her family.

Photo:  It's mid Friday morning, December 28, 2018, and we're ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Virginia's Casita.  On this late December morning in 2018, we're still greeted with Christmas decorations.  

Not a bad idea, as we're camping at Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as Glamis, spending lots of time in the desert, enjoying the dunes via quads, but a great breakfast always comes in handy.

Photo:  The breakfast menu of Virginia's is both basic and extensive, depending the way you look at it.  Both American and Mexican cuisine is offered.  As much as Dan, Dennis  and I love menudo, we passed it by, as both my friends Dan and Dennis ordered omelets, and I went with a breakfast enchilada.

Photo:  Virginia's Casita is known for her teapot collection, and these teapots, along with others, decorate the counter of the restaurant.

Photo:  More teapots, surrounded by Christmas lights.  After all, it's only three days after Christmas, and the "lights are on" so they say....

Photo:  The dining room, as Dennis and Dan relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of Virginia's Casita.

Photo:  Meet Virginia, the owner of the restaurant, as she places a COMPLEMENTARY bowl of soup on the table.  Yes, soup, chips and salsa are FREE and are included with every meal.

Photo:  Delicious noodle soup, fresh, in-house-made tortilla chips, and oh-just-right salsa... all on the house.  Does it get any better than this?

Photo:  Virginia brings Dan's and Dennis' omelets to our table.  Virginia is a super friendly person, and such a joy to have for a hostess.  By the way, both English and Spanish are spoken at Virginia's Casita.

Photo:  Dan, your author and Dennis are ready to enjoy a great breakfast.  Thanks, Virginia for taking our photo.

Photo:  Both Dan and Dennis ordered "Chili Verde Omelets" which included home style potatoes, refried beans... or both!  Tortillas were served on the side.

Photo:  I was tempted to order a chili verde omelet, but instead, I ordered "Flat Enchiladas Con Huevos."  I ordered my eggs fried over easy, and they arrived on top of my enchilada.  Potatoes and refried beans, along with tortillas make the side dish.  This breakfast was simply amazing!  My friends said "you got the better of us" when my breakfast arrived, but I didn't hear any complaints from either Dan or Dennis about their omelets.

Back to Thursday, December 27, 2018, as I enjoyed breakfast the day before at Virginia's Casita.  

Photo:  Today is Thursday, December 27, 2018, around 0900 in the morning, and Virginia brings chips, salsa and ice water to my table with a smile.  Chips and salsa, along with a bowl of soup - a later discovery for me - is free, and included with the price of your meal.  Soup for breakfast?  Yessssss!!!! ... at Virginia's Casita in Brawley, CA.

Photo:  Virginia brings soup to the friendly couple that was dining at a table next to me.  On this mid-Thursday morning, the restaurant was lightly seated, and besides Virginia, there was only one other staff member, who was working in the kitchen.

Photo:  Virginia brings my order of "Machaca com Huevos," along with four tortillas, to my table with a smile.  Such a friendly hostess!

Photo:  I pose with a sly smile, as Virginia snaps my photo, after she's placed my amazing breakfast on the table. Keep in mind in addition to my full order of "Machaca con Huevos," I was treated to chips and salsa, along with a bowl of noodle soup.  I definitely didn't leave the restaurant hungry!

Photo:  My order of "Machaca con Huevos" along with fresh, in-house-made tortilla chips, salsa, and a rolled, toasted flour tortilla.  Such an amazing breakfast!

You will not meet a friendlier restaurateur in your lifetime than Virginia!  The "cutesy-poo" decor is... well... cute, the service is fast, friendly and amazing, and the food will make you come back again and again.

You will absolutely LOVE Virginia's Casita, in downtown Brawley, California.

Virginia's Casita
645 Main St.
Brawley, CA 92227
760 351-2386

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