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When you're exploring the wonders of the Eastern Sierra region of California, near Bridgeport, there aren't many dining options, especially for breakfast, as the area is sparsely populated, and a long ways from anywhere.  Yet, you don't have to worry, as Virginia Creek Settlement Restaurant, located just a few miles south of Bridgeport, is open every day for breakfast, and you'll love their food, and their rustic, western atmosphere.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Virginia Creek Settlement Restaurant is located on U.S. 395, near where CA. 270 heads east to take you to the ghost town of Bodie.  If you're visiting Bodie, it's your nearest source of food, but it's still a long 15-mile drive; much of it is gravel.  It's 7 in the morning on Tuesday, October 03, 2017, and after spending  couple of nights camping near Mono Lake, I'm ready for a good breakfast.

Photo:  As you walk inside the restaurant, the first thing you'll notice is how rustic the decor is.  The restaurant serves as the office of the motel and campground, that are on the property, and managed by the owner of the restaurant.  The two gentlemen are camping at the resort, enjoying coffee, and taking advantage of the free Internet access the restaurant and motel have to offer.

Photo:  Photos of the ghost town of Bodie are on the wall, along with many photos of Mono Country residents, from days gone by.

Photo:  To compliment the rustic decor, there are many funny signs and plaques, along with a few old fashioned lanterns.

Photo:  Great view of the rustic dining room, looking out from the entrance to the kitchen.  Owner Jimmy and his crew have already decorated the restaurant for Halloween, and it's only the 3rd day in October!  Note the fly rod, and the deer antlers, as the Bridgeport area offers some of the best fly fishing and deer hunting in California.

Photo:  The one-page menu is compact, but it covers all bases and offers something for every taste.  My de facto basic breakfast is eggs, potatoes and toast; if I'm really hungry - like today - I add meat.  I note the side choices include toast, English muffin, cinnamon roll or biscuits and gravy.  Cinnamon roll for me?  No way, as I never touch them! I just can't imagine anybody choosing a cinnamon roll over biscuits and gravy, but like I said, the menu offers something for every taste.

Photo:  After I placed my order, I wandered around, and found my way into the kitchen, where I found the owner of the restaurant, Jimmy behind the counter, and the chef hard at work, preparing my breakfast.

Photo:  My order arrives, as my friendly host, Jimmy, and the owner of the restaurant, brings my breakfast to me with a smile.

Photo:  I grin as I'm about to enjoy my delicious breakfast.  I'd been camping for two nights, enjoying cold pork and beans for breakfast, so I was ready for a decent breakfast.  My coffee mug is empty, but it was only because I was momentarily between refills, as Jimmy kept my mug full of delicious coffee.

Photo:  My wonderful breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage link, homestyle potatoes, and two fried eggs, over easy.  Such a great breakfast in the Eastern Sierra!

The food is amazing, the service is fantastic, and your host, Jimmy, will never let your coffee mug run dry from his wonderful coffee.  I love the food, and the rustic, western atmosphere is priceless.  If you're looking for good food in the wilds of the Eastern Sierra, look no further than Virginia Creek Settlement Restaurant.

Virginia Creek Settlement Restaurant
70847 U.S.-395
Bridgeport, CA 93517
760 932-7780

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