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Fine dining in the beautiful eastern Sierra city of Bishop, California doesn't get any better than Taqueria Las Palmas, assuming you're a lover of the best Mexican food east of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.


Photo:  Taqueria Las Palmas, in Bishop, CA, is located just off "the strip," as the Bishop locals refer to Main Street, which is actually U.S. Highway 395, which passes through the city.  As Bishop is a small city, safe and easy parking is readily available.

Photo:  It's a little past 6 in the evening on Monday, November 26, 2018, and we've arrived at Taqueria Las Palmas to enjoy great Mexican cuisine in Bishop.  My brother and I are the only diners present on this early Monday evening, and we have the restaurant to ourselves.  

Photo of the main dining room, as you enter the front door.  We love the decor, as it's very "Mexican," but it's very in keeping with the eastern Sierra region of California. The dining room is very Mexican and very "Bishop."

Photo:  The main dinner menu has something to offer for every taste.  Naturally, the restaurant serves Mexican cuisine, but if you were interested, they would be happy to offer a burger.  Burger... Nah!  We were interested in some of the best Mexican cuisine offered in the eastern Sierra region of California.

Photo:  After we placed our orders, I had the chance to wander around the restaurant, and really check things out. There is a back, semi-private dining room which offers fascinating decor, including a "G-scale" model train.

Photo:  I was able to get a peek into the kitchen, when the staff was busy elsewhere.  Not that I'm intrusive, but I always love looking into kitchens, as that's the heartbeat of any fine restaurant, such as Taqueria Las Palmas.

Photo:  Taqueria Las Palmas is known for their salsa bar, as it's known as the best salsa bar in the eastern Sierra Nevada region of California, and we weren't disappointed, as the salsa bar offers many varieties of in-house made salsa and hot sauce.

Mexican food, especially salsa, is associated with "heat," but that is really a myth.  If you're sensitive so spicy food, you're at home, as each sauce is labeled as "mild, medium or spicy" to help you in your selection.  No worries on our part, as Michael and I headed directly to the "spicy" side of the salsa bar and it definitely worked in our favor.

Photo:  Meet Elena, our friendly server, who brought our dinners to our table with a smile.  After placing our orders, our orders were ready in about fifteen minutes.  

Photo:  Your author, and my brother, Michael, grin for the camera, as Elena takes our photo, and we're ready to enjoy a delicious Mexican dinner at Taqueria Las Palmas, in beautiful Bishop.

Photo:  Michael ordered two tacos, from the main menu.  All combinations come with rice and beans, which always works well.  

Michael ordered carne asada tacos, which are served on two soft corn tortillas, similar to a taco you'd enjoy on the streets of downtown Mexicali.  Great tacos!

Photo:  My adventurous brother, always eager to spice up his life, heads to the salsa bar to add a bit more spice to his dinner.

Photo:  How could I resist ordering carne asada?  I couldn't, so my dinner featured carne asada, which was melt-in-your-mouth tender for the main dish.

As in all "Combinations" on the menu, my dinner included rice, refried beans and a small salad.  The sides definitely enhanced the main course and simply added to the delicious dinner.  Such great food!

I've been to all five sit-down Mexican restaurants located in Bishop.  I hate to label the "BEST" Mexican restaurant in Bishop, but if I'd have to "label" a restaurant as the "best..."  Taqueria Las Palmas comes close on top.

The salsa bar is unique, as there's nothing like it within a 100 miles or so, and the food is delicious!  The service is friendly, the dining room is comfortable, and the atmosphere is priceless!  Taqueria Las Palmas is your "go-to" restaurant for amazing Mexican food in beautiful Bishop, CA.

Taqueria Las Palmas
136 E. Line St. #B
Bishop, CA 93514
760 873-4337

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