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I'm usually inclined to look for something exotic to eat when I'm visiting a town that I seldom visit, and I tend to look for something that reflects the tastes of the locals.  Perhaps that's why I decided to enjoy a very different breakfast at Mad Greek... But after a day of four wheeling in the Mojave Desert in the vicinity of the small town of Baker, CA, I wasn't in the mood for something exotic to eat, believe it or not, a cold, generic Subway Sandwich sounded pretty good to me.  I was in luck, as there was a friendly Subway restaurant just down the street from the motel where I was staying.

Photo:  Subway is located in the Food Court in Baker's only shopping center.

The Subway outlet in Baker is located in a small strip mall, on the main street in town, known as Baker Blvd.., which used to be Highway 91 before the coming of Interstate 15.  When you walk into the restaurant, it's so new that you can almost imagine that you're smelling fresh paint, but instead, your nostrils perk up to the enticing smell of freshly baked bread.  Just like any other Subway, the menu is placed above the counter, and after you make your choice, the person behind the counter will make a fresh sandwich for you.  I read somewhere that when all things are considered, there are about 2,000,000 possible combinations to Subway sandwiches - sort of like an edible Rubik's Cube... but for me, I just like plain ol' roast beef, with all of the trimmings...  

Photo:  This girl and her dog, Benjamin, were waiting outside the restaurant, and she appeared to be taking quite a few photos, with a film 35 mm camera!  Her little dog gave me a priceless expression.

Photo:  Baker's Subway Sandwich is modern and very clean.  The menu is the same as any other Subway outlet, but the friendly service is unique to this restaurant.

Early Tuesday evening, March 17, 2009, I placed my order for a foot-long roast beef sandwich, on freshly baked Italian bread, trimmed with provolone cheese, jalapeno peppers, red onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce and olives, and garnished with honey dijon mustard and mayonnaise.  The gentleman behind the counter, Nemo, was very talkative and friendly, as he prepared my order, he asked me why I was taking so many photos.  I explained to him that I'm a four wheeler by day, and a food critic by night, and that I planned to review the restaurant and publish the review on the World Wide Web.  That seemed to satisfy his curiosity, and he even allowed me to take photos of him, as he made my sandwich.  I really appreciate cooperation from folks, as it makes my job so much easier, as I don't have to duck down into the "stealth mode."  

Photo:  Nemo places ingredients in my foot long sandwich.  The sandwich was made to order, composed of very fresh ingredients, and was delicious!

Photo:  The sandwich is made, and Nemo wraps it up, so I can take it back to the motel room to enjoy later.

It always strikes me as funny the way people are so camera-shy.  I'm not a fan of asking folks for their photo, as then they usually will give me a silly grin, or strike an unnatural pose; I prefer to catch people doing the things that they naturally do.  So when you get a guy like Nemo, who not only cooperates, but acts naturally, even if he made me a lousy sandwich, I'd give the restaurant a rave review.

Photo:  Nemo, the guy behind the counter, was a little out of his element when I produced my camera, but after I told him what I was doing, he warmed up to my photography.  Thanks Nemo, for your photo and for making such a delicious sandwich!

Photo:  My roast beef sandwich, with all of the trimmings, is ready and waiting for me.

I took the sandwich back to the motel room, and immediately ate the first half of it, and saved the rest for later, after I'd had a few brewskies.  The sandwich was Subway-delicious, as it was made out of freshly baked bread, and all other ingredients were fresh and delicious.  The sandwich was made by a very friendly guy, and it was made exactly the way that I'd ordered it.  For the small price of only $5.00, I'd say that my foot-long Subway sandwich represented an outstanding value.

So go ahead, take the plunge, and love every bit of your Subway sandwich...

Subway Sandwiches
72363 Baker Blvd.
Baker, CA 92309
760 733-4505

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