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Slash X Cafe is a biker bar, located a few miles south of Barstow, in the Stoddard Valley area of the Mojave Desert. Stoddard Valley offers spectacular off-highway activity for four wheelers, quad riders, dirt bikers, and anybody who enjoys off-highway recreation in the beautiful desert.  After a hard, dusty day of hitting the hundreds of trails that Stoddard Valley has to offer, park your Jeep in front of Slash X Cafe, and enjoy a delicious burger, and the coldest beer south of Barstow.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Slash X Cafe and Ranch is located about 9 miles south of Barstow in beautiful Stoddard Valley.  The restaurant sits on a 40-acre ranch, and the restaurant's management lets you camp, behind the restaurant, for free.  We were attending CA4WDC's 2017 Hi Desert Roundup, and base camp for the event just happened to be located behind the restaurant.  It certainly is great to be able to walk from your camp to the cafe, and enjoy a great dinner, and a beer or two without being worried about driving.

Photo:  It's late afternoon on Saturday, May 27, 2017, and we've spent all day running nearby four wheel drive trails with the Hi Desert Roundup event.  Even at this early hour, the restaurant is getting very busy.

Photo:  Talk about a rustic, country atmosphere!  I love the rustic decor, especially the hats hanging from the ceiling, along with the car parts and bicycle.  Slash X Cafe caters to motorcycle riders, and off-road enthusiasts of every variety, including those who love quads, dirt bikers, and four wheelers.  Stoddard Valley is administered by the B.L.M., and offers hundreds of miles of dirt trails, of varying degree of difficulty.  We had enjoyed a day of four wheeling in Darold's Jeep, on the "Achy Breaky" run at Hi Desert Roundup.

Photo:  Today is Saturday, the first day in Memorial Day Weekend 2017, and the restaurant had opened up the huge area in back, where they have shaded picnic tables, a covered patio, a bar, a stage for live music, and an outdoor kitchen.  Today, the outdoor kitchen wasn't in use, but outside was very busy, and patrons were ordering food from the restaurant to enjoy outside.

Photo:  The outdoor bar was busy this late afternoon.  Slash X Cafe serves beer and wine; they do not serve mixed drinks or hard licquor.

Photo:  Today, there was a performer singing classic country music, which is always the music of choice of bikers and off-highway enthusiasts.

Photo:  By early evening, when we were ready to eat, the restaurant, and the bar was packed.  You order your food, and pay for it at the bar, and we actually had to wait longer to order our food than it took to prepare our meal. Slash X Cafe was catering a special dinner for the nearby CA4WDC Hi Desert Roundup event, but we chose to order the "OHV Special," as we did the night before.

Photo:  A portion of the menu.  The menu is very limited, but since I love burgers, I was a happy diner.  Slash X Cafe is normally open on weekends and holidays for lunch and dinner, as most of the staff members have "day" jobs. Since it was a holiday weekend, the restaurant opened a 8:00 in the morning for breakfast, but our organized runs were leaving at that hour, so we didn't get the opportunity to enjoy breakfast at Slash X Cafe.

Photo:  We weren't the only diners enjoying burgers!

Photo:  My name was called, and our burgers arrived from the kitchen, with a smile.  Just like last night, we ordered the "OHV Special," as we loved the burgers, and we loved the $7.00 price for a great burger and fries.

Photo:  I'm ready to enjoy dinner tonight with my friends Darold Cooper, Robert Kipperman, and his dog Buddy. Robert had already eaten by the time Darold and I got around to order, so he and Buddy simply enjoyed our good company.

Photo:  From the "Desert Grub" menu, just like last night, I ordered the "OHV Special" cheeseburger and fries for a very reasonable $7.00.  Along with the burger and fries, I enjoy two beers this evening which cost more than the food!

The "Off Road" burger, as the menu calls it, is definitely "old school" and delicious.  The burger comes with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, sliced pickles, mayonnaise and thousand island dressing.  Everything about the burger was fresh, including the sesame seed bun.  The fries were cooked perfectly, and not at all salty or greasy.  After spending all day in the dusty outback, this burger and fries was just what I needed.

Now, let's go back to yesterday, Friday, May 26, 2017...

Since we were attending CA4WDC's Hi Desert Roundup, 2017, and base camp for the event was on the 40 acres of land in back of the restaurant, it was only logical that we enjoy dinner at Slash X Cafe.  Who wants to cook dinner when you're attending an off-road event, and you're camping in back of this great restaurant?

Photo:  The time is early evening, Friday, May 26, 2017, and my friend Robert and I are sipping on ice-cold beers, and enjoying the quiet evening.  Note the hats, cars and bicycles that decorate the ceiling.

Photo:  Looking up at the ceiling from our table in the center of the room, we see... hats, hats and more hats!

Photo:  As you walk in the restaurant, you grab a menu, grab a table, or a seat at the bar, and figure out what you want to order.  After you make your selection, you walk up to the bar, place your order, and pay for it.  You give the cashier your name, and after your order is ready, the kitchen staff will call your name, and you pick up your order. Since your food isn't served to you, no tips are expected, but they're appreciated.  Photo gives a peek into the small kitchen, as the bartender/cashier pours an ice cold beer.  Tonight, there we only four varieties of beer on tap, so I enjoyed a Coors Light, which did the job, but it's not my favorite brand of beer.

Photo:  After my name was called, I walked up and picked up or orders, from the friendly chef.  Both Robert and I ordered the "OHV Special," which is two cheeseburgers and fries.

Photo:  My friend, Robert Kipperman and I prepare to enjoy our delicious burgers and fries.  The galvanized pails are filled with napkins.  Note Robert and I are wearing tee shirts purchased at the event.

Photo:  The "OHV Special," includes cheeseburger and fries.  The burger was definitely delicious, as it was an "old school" burger, dressed out with cheese, onion, lettuce, pickle and thousand island dressing.  Delicious!

If you're a biker of a fan of off-road recreation, and you enjoy good food, great people and good times, park your bike and stop at Slash X Cafe to enjoy a delicious burger, and a cold beer or two.  

Slash X Cafe
28040 Barstow Rd.
Barstow, CA 92311
760 252-1197

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