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The small town of Olancha, in the eastern Sierra Nevada area of California, has only one restaurant, which is the Ranch House Cafe.  But, if you have to pick a restaurant, or if you're dining in Olancha, and you don't have any other choices, Ranch House Cafe can't be beat, as they not only serve delicous food, but they dish up local character as well...

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  If you're in the mood for breakfast, or lunch in Olancha, Ranch House Cafe is the only game in town, but the restaurant is great, as the food is good, and the people are friendly.  It's just a little past 7 on Thursday morning, October 20, 2016, and I'm ready for breakfast.

Photo:  As the name implies, the decor is western, and everything about the restaurant is western.  I sat at the counter, so I could chit-chat with the friendly staff, and enjoy all of the hospitality this wonderful restaurant has to offer.  Don't you have to love the stool with the John Deere tractor seat?  I loved it, but I didn't sit on it.

Photo:  The walls of the restaurant sport trophies of many mounted animals, native to the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  Olancha is located in ranching and hunting country, and is a world away from what most people think California is all about.  

Photo:  Ranch House Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch only, and they are very serious about breakfast, as this portion of the breakfast menu shows.

Photo:  I have no complaints about the food, and service that Ranch House Cafe offers.  If you have complaints, this sign, which is one of the many signs that compliment the decor, pretty much says it all...

Photo:  I peek into the kitchen, when the chef isn't looking.  I love kitchen photos, but in California, you only get photos on the "sly" as most kitchens are off-limits for photographers, and "foodies" like me.

Photo:  My friendly server, Sylvia, brings breakfast to my place at the counter.  I arrived shortly after 7 in the morning, just after the restaurant opened, and Sylvia greeted me with a friendly smile, and gracious service.

Photo:  I just "had" to order eggs, home cooked potatoes, sausage, along with biscuits and gravy.  Note the biscuits and gravy are served together on a plate, along with butter, which is a rarity.  The whole combination worked fine with me, as I buttered the biscuit before I devoured it with the gravy.

Photo:  Thanks, Sylvia, for taking my photo, before I enjoy a superior breakfast at Ranch House Cafe, in the beautiful eastern Sierra town of Olancha.  Sylvia told me that she's been a Olancha resident for most of her life, which in my book, is a good thing.  Olancha offers the best of everything California has to offer, including four wheeling, deer and bird hunting, and four seasons of weather.  Not to mention... a great breakfast restaurant! Forget San Francisco, Las Angeles or San Diego, as Olancha is the "real" California, at least in my book.

Photo:  How can you argue with a breakfast like this?  Sausage, eggs over easy, home cooked potatoes, along with coffee, and biscuits and gravy on the side.  Combine this with friend service, and Olancha atmosphere, and you have a winning combination for a great breakfast.

Ranch House Cafe rates for a "10" in my book, if you're looking for a solid breakfast experience.  When you're in the mood for fine dining in Olancha, check out Ranch House Cafe.  Mmmmm.....

Ranch House Cafe
441 N. Hwy. 395
Olancha, CA 93549
760 764-2363

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