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Combine two TV screens, which are always tuned to your favorite sporting event, an arcade to keep the kids busy until your pizza arrives, delicious pizza, and a well-rounded salad bar... when you're in Bishop, CA, think of Pizza Factory, where you get it all, and a lot more...

Photo:  Pizza Factory is located along North Main Street in Bishop, and offers plenty of free parking, in the rear of the restaurant, and outdoor dining.  In my case, the restaurant was a short one-block walk from the motel where I was staying.

Photo:  The spacious dining room offers seating for large groups, and it's very clean and comfortable.

Photo:  As in most pizza restaurants,  you walk up to the order counter, scan the menu, place your order, pay for it, and in return, you receive a number.  Pizza Factory's menu is extensive, and offers pizza - naturally - as well as pasta sub sandwiches, and calzones.  They also have a complete salad bar... Why didn't I include a salad with my dinner on this Sunday evening, March 30, 2014?  I don't know...  Note the staff member tossing the pizza into the air at the left side of the photo.  Pretty cool!

Photo:  If you order a beer with your dinner, Mike, one of the friendly counter staff, will pour it from the tap into a frosted mug, and you take it to your table to sip until your pizza arrives.

Photo:  Like the rock song from the 1960's, "Secret Agent Man," they took away my name and gave me a number instead.  So tonight, instead of Eric, I'm "Number 8."  After paying for my order, I received a plastic number and a ice-cold mug of Budweiser beer.

Photo:  Pizza Factory features a well-equipped salad bar, although I've read reviews that it features packaged lettuce.  To me, that's a non-issue, as you can only do so much with lettuce.  You have your choice between one trip, "No Exceptions!" or multiple trips, for, of course, different prices.  I'm still wondering why I didn't purchase a "trip" with my pizza...

Photo:  My meal of a personal size cheese and pepperoni pizza, and a mug of Bud.  Pizza Factory has a motto that appears everywhere, and it reads, "We toss 'em, they're awesome."  Well said.

Photo:  After spending over a week in nearby Saline Valley eating canned food, I was tanned, and hungry for some real food.  Thanks to beer-and-counter guy Mike for snapping my photo.

Photo:  Close-up of my personal size cheese and pepperoni pizza.  As seen in the photo, the pizza was perfectly cooked, the cheese was melted perfectly, and it wasn't greasy.  When I picked up a piece, the cheese detached in strings, as a good pizza should, and the crust was firm, and golden brown on the outside, and chewy on the inside. I'm a fan of pepperoni, and the pepperoni was cooked perfectly.  Folks, this is great pizza!

I'm not a fan of arcades, as I'm not exactly a kid, but I love good pizza, and it was a pleasure to enjoy a mug of beer, and to watch basketball on TV, while waiting for my pizza to arrive.  Great pizza, a family-friendly, almost "sports bar-like" atmosphere... Pizza Factory, in Bishop.

Pizza Factory
970 N. Main St.
Bishop, CA 93514
760 872-8888

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