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Death Valley National Park is noted for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the west, if you can stand the summer heat, and it's one of my favorite places to visit.  National parks are noteworthy history, or spectacular scenery, but most "foodies" will find national park restaurants either very crowded, overpriced, or just don't serve good food.  There's an exception to the national park "rule" when it comes to food, and that's Last Kind Words Saloon, located in Death Valley National Park.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Last Kind Words Saloon is located inside the Oasis Resort, near Furnace Creek, in Death Valley National Park.  The restaurant, and saloon, is also called Oasis at Death Valley Saloon.  I absolutely adore the fireplace, and the patio outside the restaurant.

It's just past noon on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, and it's a pleasant 95 degrees or so and it's time to enjoy a great burger!

Photo:  You can enter the saloon/restaurant from the patio, or through the swingin' doors, from the hotel lobby.

Photo:  The decor of this fine restaurant could be described as "breathtaking," as it features a main dining room, a small upstairs perimeter dining room, and is two stories tall.  The full-service bar is a great feature, as bartender/waiter Keith tends to the bar.

The saloon/bar/restaurant, along with the Oasis Inn underwent an extensive remodel in 2018, and is new, fresh and exciting!

Photo:  Looking down towards the bar, and the dining room, from the second story dining area helps to show just how large the new dining room really is.

Photo:  As you enter through the swingin' doors, the first thing you'll notice is the large bar, and friendly Keith doing bartender duties.  On this early Wednesday afternoon, I was surprised to see the restaurant nearly vacant, and most of the time, I had the bar all to myself.

Photo:  Lunch menu, at Last Kind Words Saloon features practically everything you'd ever want for lunch, if you can just get over the prices.  For me, the "Forty-Niner Burger" sounded perfect... until I looked at the price, and when "reality" sunk in, I ... well ... just ordered the burger, along with a $9.00 beer on tap.  

In reality, I sort of got "conditioned" to the prices of quality food in a National Park, due to my visit to the Awhahnee Hotel Bar, in Yosemite National park last week.

Photo:  Bartender and host, Keith, discusses college football with another diner.  During my visit, Keith and I chatted about many things, including the beautiful desert scenery, college football, food, and restaurants in general.

Photo:  In keeping with the western atmosphere of Death Valley National Park, the dining room features very western decor, including many cattle skulls and mounted animals.  Also, to enhance the western atmosphere, traditional country music was playing in the restaurant, which added to my dining pleasure.

Photo:  "Mr. Moose" advises you to leave your guns at the door.  Guns in a national park?

Photo:  Meet Keith, my host and bartender, as he delivers my "Forty-Niner Burger" to my seat at the bar.  The burger arrived in only about 15 minutes after I placed my order, and came without dressing of any kind.  The burger was "stand alone" delicious, and I only added a little mayonnaise for enhancement.

Photo:  Thanks, Keith, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy my delicious "Forty-Niner Burger," fries, and a draft beer.

Photo:  From the "Sandwiches, Burgers and Such" section of the lunch menu, I chose the "Forty-Niner Burger" along with fries for my lunch, and I loved every bite of it.  If you've ever wondered what a $21.00 burger and fries lunch looks like, now you know.  Today was a new milestone in my life, as before today, I'd never paid such a price for a burger and fries.  However...

The menu describes the "Forty-Niner Burger," as, "Third pound Angus patty, jalapeņo brioche bun, smoked strip bacon, sliced Cheddar, arugula and truffle oil."  Actually, my description would be a bit simpler, as I'd describe it as "a tall burger that's tall on flavor."

The burger starts with a third pound beef patty, that's cooked the way you order it cooked, in my case, medium, and sits on  a large, really fresh, jalapeņo brioche bun that's toasted, and rubbed with arugula along with truffle oil. The bun is actually studded with diced jalapeņo pepper slices for great taste, without any heat, so to speak.  The meat patty is topped with a couple slices of tender, juicy bacon, along with a generous slab of Cheddar cheese, melted to perfection.

That's not all, as the burger is garnished with fresh lettuce, tomato and red onion.  I was totally impressed as the meat, bacon, cheese and bun were warm, and the garnishes were chilled, which makes for an amazing burger taste sensation.  The mixture of hot and cold at the same time helps to make the "Forty-Niner Burger" a burger of true distinction, and a burger sensation to delight all burger lovers.  For $21.00... you expect a superior burger, and the "Forty-Niner Burger" won't let you down...

Rounding out the meal was a generous portion of fries, attractively displayed, standing up.  As an aside, if fries aren't to your liking, you can order sweet potato fries or a side salad instead.  I went with the fries, and I found them deep fried to a light golden brown on the outside, and white, tender and juicy inside, just the way a superior fry should be.  The fries arrived lightly salted, crispy, and, like the burger, were absolutely perfect.

My burger arrived, in it's juicy and delicious form, in about fifteen minutes after placing my order, which gave me enough time to sip, and enjoy my delicious beer. Any way you look at it, even considering the high "price of admission," this lunch was both delicious and amazing!

Oh by the way... the burger, fries along with the beer came to a total of $37.71, when you include the state sales tax.  My tip, naturally was extra.

Photo:  The "Forty-Niner Burger" defies all odds, as it's tall, big, juicy, and just plain DELICIOUS!  If you love burgers as much as I do, you've come to the right restaurant, at Last Kind Words Saloon.  Your meat, bun, bacon and cheese will be hot, and your veggies will be chilled, which help to make "Forty Niner Burger" a superior burger in every way.

Unlike many lesser restaurants located in national parks, your dining experience at Last Kind Words Saloon will be amazing, as the food is delicious, the staff is friendly, and the decor is very western, in keeping with the history of Death Valley, and all of Inyo County.  Last Kind Words Saloon is truly an "oasis" in the desert, and a great restaurant, in Death Valley National Park.

Last Kind Words Saloon
Hwy 190
Death Valley, CA 92328
760 786-2345

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