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The small town of Lee Vining, California, population 225 at the time of this writing, doesn't offer many dining choices, and there is only one sit-down, full-service restaurant in town, and that restaurant happens to be Nicely's Restaurant, located near the center of town, along U.S. 395.  Although Nicely's has a virtual monopoly on the town, the restaurant offers delicious, diner fare, great service, and very reasonable prices.

Photo:  Nicely's Restaurant is located near the center of Lee Vining, along U.S. 395, which serves as the main street through the tiny town of only 225 residents.  At the extreme left of the photo, you can see my white truck parked along unpaved 4th Street.  The eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains rise in the background of the photo. Parking is on the street, or a private lot to the rear of the restaurant.

Photo:  At 0730 on Friday, May 31, 2013, Nicely's dining room is packed!  Note the "old school" furnishings, straight out of the 1960's.  Nicely's Restaurant is the only sit-down restaurant in town.  I sat at the breakfast bar, in the center, background of the photo.  Photo was taken at the entrance of the restaurant.

Photo:  My shy, but friendly waitress, Ariana, smiles for my camera, after placing my breakfast on the breakfast counter.

Photo:  Ariana was happy to snap my photo.  Notice the vast array of Tabasco sauce, including chipotle, with is something that I crave.  After spending three nights and two full days four wheeling east of Mono Lake, it was wonderful to enjoy a hot, sit-down breakfast, and bottomless cups of delicious coffee.  Photo gives a good look at the dining room, where the furniture is a mixture of booths and tables.  When I dine alone, I prefer to dine at a breakfast bar, as it's near the kitchen, and I can mingle with the staff, and... even in Lee Vining, I can surf the web with my iPhone.

Photo:  Vegetarians would be proud of me, as I ordered a "meatless" breakfast, simply because I wasn't really hungry, but I was craving a delicious breakfast.  I enjoyed two fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, toast, and endless cups of wonderful coffee.  There is nothing fancy about Nicely's Restaurant, including the diner cuisine, but there's nothing fancy about me, so you can believe that I enjoyed my dining experience at Nicely's.

Nicely's offers a retro-diner experience, as it reminds me of many diners that I remember as a kid, back in the 1960's.  The atmosphere is "old-school," complete with naugahyde upholstery, pie display case, and Formica breakfast bar, and a menu to match.  However, I love it!

Nicely's Restaurant
U.S. 395 and 4th St.
Lee Vining, CA 93541
760 647-6477

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